There are plenty of ways to enjoy travel in the modern era, and you won't find too many people who would dismiss the idea of hopping on a train or plane and discovering a whole new world of possibilities either at home or abroad.

As reported by AP News, a recent study from Skyscanner has indicated that a potential new craze on the block could well be micro-escapes.

The Facts & Figures

The report in question indicated that in 2019, the most popular type of trip was slow travel which received 27.4% of the vote. Then next came micro-escapes, which came as a surprise to many, clocking in at 24.6% - with JOMO receiving 21%.


The lack of a distinctive gap between the three was notable, to say the least.

What Is A Micro-Escape?

The standard definition of a micro-escape is a short, affordable and convenient break usually taking place across a few days as opposed to a full week, with the latter being defined as slow travel where you feel the need to connect with any given destination.

Micro-escapes remove all that and force you to explore wherever it is you're heading, enjoying an enhanced and euphoric experience in the process.

Why Take A Micro-Escape?

It has been suggested that micro-escapes can greatly reduce the stress levels of individuals who feel as if they're being too overwhelmed both at work and in their personal lives.

They don't have to take as much time off, they can make the most of their weekends, and they can generally just explore new ideas and horizons that they previously considered to be unattainable.