Some new restaurants in Singapore have earned themselves Michelin stars this year, but the country can no longer boast a three-star establishment.

There are different awards in different walks of life that are considered the epitome of certain professions. Actors are all trying to win Oscars, football players are gunning for the Super Bowl, and musicians would love nothing more than to win a Grammy. When it comes to chefs and the restaurant industry, getting yourself a Michelin star is the ultimate goal.


It's a system that is recognized around the world and if you are lucky enough to be officially deemed a Michelin star restaurant, then customers know that they are in for the very finest of dining. This week, the Michelin Guide Singapore for 2018 was announced. We have all the newcomers and other news on who's in and who's out when it comes to Michelin stars in Singapore courtesy of Channel News Asia.


Firstly, the bad news. Singapore is no longer home to a three Michelin star restaurant. Joel Robuchon Restaurant left the island-city last month and none of the two Michelin star restaurants made the leap up to the next level this time around. There are still five which fall into the two-star category and Julien Royer, the chef-owner of Odette which is one of the five, believes that there will be three Michelin star restaurants in Singapore once again next year.

There are still 34 one Michelin star establishments to check out in Singapore too, five of which are newcomers, and you can take a look at the whole list right here. Two hawker stalls have also retained their one-star status for the third year running. They have the impressive record of being able to offer the cheapest Michelin star food in the entire world.

Speaking of money, that is one of the five things restaurants are judged on by Michelin. The five criteria are value for money, consistency, the projection of the chef's personality in their cuisine, cooking techniques, and quality of ingredients. Most people likely think that it is simply the fanciest and most unattainable of restaurants that make the cut, but the list of winners in Singapore is proof that it is quite the contrary.

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