There are many amazing restaurants in Washington D.C. A top tourist destination, the nation’s capital has a variety of eclectic restaurants that would satisfy any foodie.

Recently, five new restaurants were added to the already extensive list of Michelin-starred spots in the city--the perfect reason for travelers to plan a trip this summer and have a taste of the best D.C. has to offer.

A Much Anticipated Opening

Jônt is a new spot garnering two Michelin stars. Chef Ryan Ratino of the popular restaurant Bresca is at the helm creating dishes with amazing ingredients and unbeatable technique. Meant to be an immersive, intimate dining experience that breaks with tradition, this tasting menu is sure to be as dynamic as it is delicious.

  • Location: 1904 14th St. Washington, DC
  • Hours: Open for dinner service Wednesday-Sunday, reservations available on Tock, or call (202)-773-9989
  • Prices: Tasting Menu starts at $305/person (16 courses)
  • What To Try: The menu is a tasting menu that changes on a revolving basis. Call ahead for details on dietary accommodations.

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A Unique Concept

Cranes is a new addition to the Michelin one-star club that defines itself as “unbound by geography.” Experimenting with Spanish kaiseki (the intersection of Spanish and Japanese cuisine), D.C. Chef Pepe derives the restaurant’s concept from ‘tapas,’ a concept meant to bring diners together, with his experiences in Singapore. The result is a creative combo that is contingent upon exceptional food and beverage pairing.

  • Location: 724 9th St. Washington, DC
  • Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12 PM-9 PM, Friday & Saturday 12 PM-10 PM. Reservations avalaible on Resy, or call (202)-525-4900
  • Prices: Six Course Omakase (chef’s selection) starting at $95/person, tapas prices vary by season and availability. Lunch bento omakase (available 12-2:30 PM Mon-Fri) $35/person
  • What To Try: For those who want to choose their own adventure (rather than the six-course omakase), try a selection of tapas including the short rib bao buns ($13) and the shrimp and squid tempura ($18)

A New Stateside Arrival

El Cielo has locations in Medallín and Bogotá that are well-known for their amazing tasting menus; however, the Michelin one-starred location in D.C. hopes to take that reputation to the next level with Chef Juan Manuel Barrientos’ flair for the dramatic. The restaurant’s tasting menu is ‘a tribute to Colombian cuisine,’ that, in combination with the signature ambiance, hopes to create a dining experience that transports diners straight to Cartagena.

  • Location: 1280 4th St. NE Washington DC
  • Hours: Wednesday-Friday 4 PM-11 PM, Saturday 12 PM-11 PM, Sunday 4 PM-11 PM. Reservations on Open Table or call (202)-569-9855
  • Prices: Tasting menu starts at $228/person (22 courses)
  • What To Try: The menu is a tasting menu that changes on a seasonal basis. be sure to call ahead to discuss any dietary restrictions.

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Globally Influenced Flavor

Rooster & Owl is a new one-star addition run by the husband and wife duo Yuan and Carey Tang, whose menu is chock full of everything from Asian-inspired flavors to European flair and everything in between. Meant to be comfortable, intimate, and a social experience, diners at Rooster & Owl can expect a seasonal, locally sourced menu.

  • Location: 2436 14th St. NW Washington DC
  • Hours: Kitchen opens at 5 PM Tuesday-Saturday. Reservations can be made on their website or by calling (202)-813-3976, Tuesday-Saturday between 2-5 PM
  • Prices: Four-course menu starting at $75/person
  • What To Try: Though it is a tasting menu, diners have their choice of four different items within each course. Vegan and gluten-free diners will love the Watermelon Poke, while fans of fresh fish will want to try the Branzino (also gluten-free).

Contemporary Valencia In D.C.

Xiquet, helmed by chef Danny Lledo, is known for its incredible paella; but that’s just one small part of what makes this Valencia-inspired menu so special. Awarded a Michelin star after only being open for one year is no small feat—but Xiquet earns its cred through its Mediterranean hospitality that is second to none, and its fresh, locally and internationally sourced ingredients.

  • Location: 2404 Wisconsin Avenue NW Washington DC
  • Hours: Tuesday-Friday 5 PM-10 PM, Saturday 12 PM-10 PM, Closed Sundays and Mondays. Reservations are available through Tock or by calling (202)-913-4671
  • Prices: Seven courses starting at $125/person, Ten courses starting at $175/person, beginning August 2021 the restaurant will be offering a 2-hour, 14-course tasting beginning at $210/person.
  • What To Try: The menu is a tasting menu, so be sure to call ahead or check their website for menu options, dietary restrictions, and accommodations. Current options include Llengado de Dover (Dover sole) and a white asparagus soup with smoked English peas. Be sure to try the famous paella, now offered as Arrós del Senyoret (with lobster and cuttlefish).

With the addition of five new Michelin-star restaurants to its already well-known dining scene, Washington D.C. is a must-visit spot for any foodie looking for adventure and unique, quality experiences that go above and beyond traditional dining.

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