10 Of The Coolest Museums In Mexico

When traveling somewhere, tourists are always tasked with figuring out what they want to do while there. For some people, going shopping and visiting restaurants is on the travel bucket list, while some visitors like to simply relax on a beach or by a pool. For others, taking a walk through a museum is the number one thing that they want to do.

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There are all kinds of museums around the world. Some are dedicated to art, while others are devoted to history and culture. In Mexico, there are a ton of museums around the country that are dedicated to just about anything that a viewer could want to see. Whether it's the home of a famous artist or a museum dedicated to the afterlife, Mexico seriously has it all. To see some of the coolest (and strangest) museums around Mexico, keep reading!

10 Mask Museum

The Mask Museum is located in San Miguel de Allende. This museum isn't dedicated to the Halloween type masks that we pick up in stores and end up throwing away after the holiday is over (or that some iconic WWE wrestlers like Rey Mysterio like to perform in). This museum is open by appointment only, as it's located in the home of the owner and collector. If you're someone that really loves art and culture, it can't be missed.

The Mask Museum is a small, private museum that is owned by a private collector. This collector owns a large collection of masks from all over Mexico that have been used in cultural ceremonies.

9 Museo Frida Kahlo

Also known as "The Blue House," Museo Frida Kahlo was once the home of famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. This house served as the hub of Kahlo's creativity and was the place where she spent her life. Today, her former home is a museum for visitors to see her art, learn about her life, and experience her home as it was when she lived there.

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Whether you're someone who loves art, is interested in history, or just loves Mexican culture, visiting the Museo Frida Kahlo is a must. It's located in Mexico City and was made into a museum in the 1950s shortly after Kahlo's death.

8 Museo Nacional De La Muerte

Museo Nacional de la Muerte is a name that translates to "National Museum of Death." This museum is one that is completely dedicated to Mexican culture's view of the afterlife and how it impacts their celebrations, their lives, and their beliefs.

This museum is located in Aguascalientes and was opened in 2007. From sugar skulls to funerary art, everything to do with death in Mexico's colorful and unique culture is on display in this museum. It's a unique way to experience the beliefs and culture of Mexico.

7 Museo De Las Momias De Guanajuato

The name of this museum, which is located in Guanajuato, translates to "The Mummy Museum of Guanajuato." This museum is completely dedicated to mummies - but not the kind that you might be thinking of seeing in Egypt.

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These bodies are ones that were naturally mummified by the elements, either because of an extremely dry climate or because of being left in the extreme cold. Now, they're on display at this museum.

6 Gran Museo Del Mundo Maya De Mérida

A big part of the history of Mexico involves the Mayan people. Although the Mayan civilization is one that feels like it's way back in the past, it's still alive and well in Mexico, where people celebrate the history of the area and the people who lived there centuries ago.

In Mérida, the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya is a museum dedicated to the Mayan people. This museum has a massive collection of Mayan artifacts for people to look at and learn about while visiting this museum dedicated to the people.

5 Museo Internacional Del Barroco

The Museo Internacional Del Barroco is a museum located in Puebla, Mexico, which opened in 2016. Even though this museum is a relatively new one, as far as museums in Mexico go, it's still a really popular one that should definitely be on the bucket list of any traveler.

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This museum is dedicated to Baroque art. If you're an art-lover, visiting the massive collection of Baroque art at this museum is definitely a must. Even if you're not, the unique architectural style of this museum is something that visitors just have to see.

4 Casa De Los Venados

We've already touched on the house of famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, but Kahlo isn't the only important artist in Mexican history. Casa de los Venados is a privately-owned museum located in Valladolid, dedicated to folk art created by Mexican artists throughout history.

This museum is located in a traditional Mexican home and is full of over 3,000 pieces of traditional Mexican folk art. For people that like art but want to experience something a little different than the most well-known Mexican artists like Frida Kahlo, this art museum is definitely one to visit.

3 Museo Dolores Olmedo

Dolores Olmedo was a Mexican businesswoman, musician, and philanthropist. Olmedo was best known for being a close personal friend to Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Today, her home is a museum located in Mexico City.

There are multiple buildings located on the property and a huge collection of art. Although a lot of Frida Kahlo's art is located in the museum at her former home, there are also dozens of pieces on display in the Museo Dolores Olmedo.

2 Museo Del Tiempo

Opened in 2009, the Museo del Tiempo is a museum located in Mexico City. The name of this museum translates to "Museum of Time" and this is a pretty fitting name for this museum. The Museo del Tiempo is a museum that is completely dedicated to the history of measuring time.

For people that are looking to take a tour through a really quirky museum dedicated to something that impacts our everyday lives, this museum is definitely one to take a trip through. From ancient ways to measure time to fashionable watches and quirky clocks, this museum has it all.

1 Museo De La Ballena Y Ciencias Del Mar

The name of this animal-based museum translates to "Museum of the Whale and Marine Sciences." For people that are animal lovers and want to learn more about life under the surface of the ocean, this museum is definitely one to put on your travel bucket list.

This museum has a massive collection of whale skeletons and is dedicated to teaching visitors about the large and majestic creatures that live under the sea. This museum is among the most unique ones in Mexico and can't be missed by visitors.

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