The greatest getaway is just hours away on an island and municipality off the Eastern Coast of Mexico. And while many have heard about the wonders and dangers of Mexico, Cozumel is relatively safe with a very low crime rate. Unlike Cozumel’s neighbors where tourists and locals flock in numbers in order to party like it’s 1995, join in on action-filled beach volleyball games or visit homemade and designer shops, those that visit Cozumel are greeted with a more relaxed atmosphere with stretches of untouched nature that can be found along the shores.


Most importantly, Cozumel is relatively similar all year round with only a small decline in the rainy season which spans from December to May, but what’s a little rain really when you’re visiting the wonders of a new destination. Unfortunately, with the peak in tourism and the incredible reviews that Cozumel has attracted, it is also one of the busiest destinations in Mexico - including having one of the biggest cruise ports, creating large groups of people by the beach.

However, there is one beach that stands out from all the rest around the state of Quintana Roo (where Cozumel is,) where it can also be difficult to find a beach chair to relax on and that is the wonders of Paradise Beach - the name says it all.

Live The Unforgettable Experience Of Paradise Beach, Cozumel


Paradise Beach is a beach like no other. From the outskirts, it may look to some like a small all-inclusive resort, as it is home to various shops, dining hotspots and even has a heated in-ground pool that overlooks the beach. This private pool even has its own lawn chair and private villas, but no sand at all. In fact, the pool is completely surrounded by marble tiles.

A hop, skip and a jump is where the beauty and magic all begin, where one can in-close themselves in the true serenity of the world - the beach. With fresh white sand, Paradise Beach might be a touch crowded but it’s all for a good reason. Right off the coast of Cozumel’s coastlines lies the world’s second-largest coral reef system and ecosystem, being outranked by Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The Mesoamerican Reef runs from the Gulf of Mexico to the coast of Honduras but is exceptionally clear around Cozumel, and primarily, Paradise Beach. This is where you will find reserved lawn chairs with no bodies to occupy them, as divers come from near and far to be able to check off diving in Cozumel off their bucket lists.

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For the more experienced divers, or even those looking for a great snorkeling adventure, Cozumel is home to a large number of corals, sponges, tropical fish, and sea turtles. However, we highly recommend not removing any of these sea creatures from their habitat in order to take the most Instagram-worthy selfie. Tours can be purchased directly from the all-inclusive resort, the cruise ship or from locals on the beach that are willing to deep-sea dive and explore the cliffs of the seabeds with anyone looking for a little adventure after they’ve relaxed on the beach.

Back on land, Paradise Beach is booming with activities for everyone. Families or those looking for a good time are welcome to explore the beach and indulge themselves in the amusement park-style attraction of Chankanaab Park which includes nature walks, crocodile exhibits, sea lion shows and a sandy playground for the children. Best of all, everyone who visits Chankanaab Park is also greeted with a buffet lunch by the beach.

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Packages are always available through your local or international tour guides, including those that come with an all-you-can-eat option and inflatable water games. It is important to be aware that the tap water in Cozumel is not safe to drink and therefore, beach-goers should stock up on their bottled water before heading out to a day under the scorching sun.

If adventure and activities are not your thing, it is strongly recommended to simply RELAX when visiting Paradise Beach. The white sandy beach and crystal blue waters is exactly what the doctor recommended, a little Vitamin Sea. Popularly, many visit the small bridge that simply touches the floor bed of the sea from the beach to create a stunning and miraculous picturesque moment for you to always remember. The local restaurants that are set up along the beach have also received rave reviews about the quality and freshness of their foods, as well as inexpensive cocktail menus to keep the vacation vibes going.

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