While the fact that it's February means that springtime isn't that far behind, many people are still curled up inside wondering how many layers to wear once they step outside their front door. When summer seems like it'll never be here, it's the perfect moment to think about booking an all-inclusive resort.

There are many places that have warm weather that have these types of resorts, and Mexico is one of the most popular. When it seems like each one offers nice pools and beaches and comfortable rooms, how do you pick one? This is where Trip Advisor comes in.


These all-inclusive resorts in Mexico have the best Trip Advisor reviews.

Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun Offers Guests A Variety Of Experiences

Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun has a 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor and is in the "Excellent" category. There are 12,118 reviews on the site. Looking at the amenities offered at this resort proves that it would be an awesome place to stay in Mexico. There's an ATM, guests can get their clothes ironed, and there's a salon as well as a spa. The hotel also offers "special diet menus" which is good news for travelers with allergies. There are also a total of eight infinity pools.

One Trip Advisor review praises how "classy" the resort is and continues, "Live Aqua hotel is a place where you can stay the whole week and have a different experience each day. There are so many restaurants and bars at the hotel that you can have a new dining experience each night. The pools are beautiful and big but they also have a private feel because of the cabanas and size of the pool."

It seems that travelers love coming here as you can relax as much as you want or have a bit more fun than that. Another review continues along those lines and says, "Also, during the day, you can find casual BBQ poolside or a nice oceanfront Azur restaurant for lunch. They have multiple pool options, including quiet, as well as the party pool, with music and a DJ on Saturday."

A few guests commented that they loved the resort's Hidden Garden restaurant which serves Thai food. Another guest says that there was Italian food as well and someone would make sushi each evening. As we can see from the photo on the left, the sushi looks really high quality. And as we can see from the photo on the right, this looks like a truly relaxing place to sit and enjoy a delicious dinner.

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El Pez Colibri Boutique Hotel Is a 2019 Travellers' Choice

Out of 1,212 reviews, El Pez Colibri Boutique Hotel has a 5.0 rating on Trip Advisor and is also in the "Excellent category." Located in Tulum, Mexico, this resort has some different rooms. There's Sea View King Rooms, Sea Front King Rooms, and also Luxury Cabanas. Since it's a boutique hotel, there are only 20 rooms in total.

One review explains that this is a relaxing place and that there are a few restaurants around: "You can take a cab to the main part of the hotel district. There are still plenty of restaurants, pharmacies, etc within a 5 min walk but you're not in the heart of the hotel zone. It could be a good or bad thing." This sounds great because when you're looking for an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, you probably want somewhere to really unplug. Trip Advisor mentions four nearby restaurants that offer Italian, American, and Mexican food.

A couple who stayed at this resort enjoyed the food and staff. They wrote, "Our room was one of the more affordable options, so it was not huge, but it certainly fit our needs. The restaurant was way above our expectations and the complimentary breakfast is out of this world. We took full advantage of the 2x1 happy hour drinks which were unique and delicious." They continued that "the best part was the staff."

You'll definitely feel like you're at a very fancy place if you stay here. One guest commented that they loved the welcome cocktail and the staff will also leave coffee outside the door of your room, which sounds lovely.

Deciding on which all-inclusive resort in Mexico to book? These two look like lovely vacation spots and have also gotten the best reviews on Trip Advisor. Whether you love the idea of eight infinity pools at Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun or love the boutique hotel in Tulum, either one would be a great destination.