Folks wanting to take the plunge if Mexico is on their vay-cay destination list may not want to pass up on a hotel that offers plenty of opportunities to do just that. The Punta Caliza is the ultimate for casual swim buffs, especially since the outdoor pool is literally everywhere on the premises. The aquatic facility is so prominent, you can literally take a dip right outside the door of your suite.

Punta Caliza (meaning "Limestone Point") was planned that way to make the pool the centerpiece of a visitor's stay. The boutique resort situated on Isla Holobox, an isolated crescent-shaped island just north of the Yucatan Penninsula that's part of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, has 12 rooms, all of them with walk-out access to the pool as well as smaller, more private swimming facilities. The architecture is painstaking minimalist that makes the surroundings stylish but not distracting.


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The look of the building, which opened in 2018 was a passionate labor of love for artist and hotel owner Claudia Munoz, who designed the spot with her family and architectural firm Estudio Macías Peredo. The red cedar that comprises most of the materials for the structure came from trees on the Munoz property, which the family bought after falling in love with the island when they first visited it in 2008. The wood, which is prominent in each suite, fit the minimalist aesthetic look that Munoz was seeking, to find a way for the hotel to blend in with the natural surroundings.

Because the pool is so ubiquitous, supervision is understandably difficult. To that end, the hotel doesn't allow children under 12. Rooms vary from as low as $240 US a night based on double occupancy. Extra guests booked into the same room will be charged an additional $30 US.

Punto Caliza was also designed with laid-back, rustic consumers in mind, so don't expect much in amenities besides the pool. But the hotel is minutes away from the island's main beach, where you can take in more of the island's relaxing vibe. How relaxing? Isla Holobox is so laid back, cars are rare. The best way to get around is on foot, bike or even a golf cart.