The beautiful East coast state of Georgia does not lack when it comes to beautiful coastlines. Many of the beaches are characterized by pristine white sand, turquoise water, and endless blue skies. With most of the beaches hidden on isolated islands, one can enjoy all the scenery without interruption from crowds. For starters, these are the most beautiful beaches in the Peach state worth exploring.

10 Sea Island Beach, St. Simons Island

The five-mile beach at Sea island beach club is a sight to behold. The soft white sand, beautiful waters, green grasses, and bright blue sky are some of its most appealing characteristics as well as its less crowded spaces. Visitors can simply sit in front of the beach to enjoy the peace and scenery of this beach or enjoy activities ranging from golfing, and dolphin-watching to horseback riding, kayaking, sailing, and fishing.

9 Cabretta Beach, Sapelo Island

Located on the hidden Sapelo Island, Cabretta beach is a great place in Georgia to enjoy a relaxing tropical and seaside vacation. Visitors who can board the ferry to get to the beach will be met with views of picturesque views of dry trees, endless stretches of sky and water, and soothing white sands. All these combined with the strange atmosphere surrounding this beach make it feel like an entirely different planet. But its remoteness and isolation do not prevent it from offering visitors activities to enjoy such as - kayaking, birdwatching, and fishing. The sunsets here are also amazing and strangely satisfying.

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8 St. Andrew Beach, Jekyll Island

St Andrew Beach is arguably the best beach on Jekyll Island. The calm water and the soft sugar-white sands are the most appealing qualities of this beach but the surrounding vegetation makes it even more scenic. At St Andrew Beach, visitors can watch wildlife, lots of birds, and water activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing.

7 North Beach, Tybee Island

North Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Georgia. Its abundant sand and refreshing water draw in a huge number of locals from Savannah making it best suited for those who want a more vibrant atmosphere. While it can get crowded at the North beach, it is still more quiet compared to the nearby South beach which means one can still enjoy some quiet time here. While swimming is a must-do thing here, the beach also presents activities such as - deep-sea fishing, airboat rides, paddleboarding, and surfing. In addition, lots of birds come here to relax and feed making it a great place for bird watching.

6 Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island

Driftwood beach presents a unique shore landscape characterized by stunning dried tree branches and trunks, beautiful stretches of soft sand, crystal clear waters, and bright skies. The beach is a great place for watching sunsets, stargazing at night, or just walking along the shore during the day, and there’s more. Visitors often spend their time here hanging on the beautiful tree trunks and branches along the beach and also taking beautiful pictures. The surrounding driftwood forests are also available for exploration on horseback or foot.

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5 Cumberland Island National Seashore Beach, Cumberland Island

The beach at Cumberland Island National Seashore is best suited for those seeking scenery and untouched shorelines. The beach consists of soft and untouched white sand, beautiful grasses, and an endless view of the sky and sea. It turns out that birds and wild horses love the peace and scenery here too so visitors will have opportunities to see these creatures along the shores as well as lots of seashells besides the sunsets are also mesmerizing.

4 Glory Beach, Jekyll Island

Glory beach is one of the numerous beaches located on Jekyll Island and also one of the most popular in Georgia. Like many other beaches on the island, Gory beach is endowed with soft white sand, and beautiful skies. The beach is generally uncrowded making it a great place for those seeking to read a book, watch the sunset or just relax along the shores. Birdwatching and swimming are some of the things to do here besides just strolling on the spacious beach shore.

3 East Beach, St. Simons Island

Located on Simons Island, the east beach is a vast shoreline of amazing scenery characterized by several miles of soft sand suitable for both walking and biking. Being the public beach of St. Simons Island, one would think the beach is crowded but surprisingly, only a few people are usually seen here so relaxation is a nice thing to do here. The beach also has a lineup of water activities visitors will enjoy some of which include - fishing, biking, birdwatching, and kitesurfing. Swimming is also a popular thing to do at the east beach although rip currents are common so swimmers should have this in mind before jumping into the water even though lifeguards are usually present.

2 Black River Beach, Tybee Island

Many beaches in Georgia are best suited for those seeking to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and Black River beach is no exception. This beach located on the southern part of Tybee Island is a great place to set up some beach chairs and enjoy the scenery while relaxing or reading a book. The long stretches of soft sand and the quiet atmosphere particularly make it more peaceful than other beaches on the island. Visitors can begin by taking a stroll along shore before proceeding to kayaking or swimming in the water and finally wrapping up the day by watching the beach’s amazing sunsets.

1 Upper Tanyard Creek Swimming Beach

Upper Tanyard Creek Swimming Beach is an adventurous and beautiful shoreline located in Bartow County. The beach is characterized by pristine sand, surrounding lush forests, and crystal clear water. Besides offering opportunities for swimming, boating, and strolling the soft sand, there are also lots of opportunities nearby for some exciting outdoor activities such as - camping, hiking, and golfing.