10 One-of-A-Kind Meditation Experiences

Meditation is all about attention and awareness, and there are a variety of tools and techniques that exist and that can be used in order to clear one’s mind, destress, and reach new heights in new ways.

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Mindfulness meditation, spiritual meditation, focused meditation, movement meditation, mantra meditation, transcendental meditation… The 10 meditation experiences that are listed out below are unique ideas for doing it all and more. From peaceful structures and calming sounds to healing waters and practices that have been around for centuries or that just became trends, keep these in mind, when it comes to clearing the mind!

10 Copa del Sol

In Careyes, Mexico, the Copa del Sol (which translates to Cup of the Sun) can be found. This larger-than-life bowl-shaped structure was created by Gian Franco. It is a piece of architecture. It is art. It stands out, as it sits on a cliff above the water. And it can be entered into, in order to enjoy a peaceful time like no other. Acting like a giant meditation bowl, this formation reflects sound and light in a beautiful way, and The Real Housewives Of Dallas were even recently seen here.

9 Beach Meditation/Sound Bath Healing

Another way to utilize the water during a time of reflection is with beach meditation and/or sound bath healing. Many places and professionals offer sessions that involve going to the beach (alone or with a group) and letting the waves wash away stress, pain, struggles, and pressures. Many find the sounds, scents, and sights associated with oceans to be peaceful, and there are some associated health benefits with these tropical and beachy spots. Some practices out there even just focus on visualizing this scene, in order to help bring about relaxation.

8 Blue Lagoon

Geothermal seawater, with its healing and soothing powers, can be experienced in at Blue Lagoon Iceland. This unique and gorgeous water is created due to the combining of ocean water and freshwater, and it is filled with algae, silica, and minerals. This place also offers a Lava Spring, a sauna that is warmed up by the dry heat of hot rocks and numerous treatments, suites, and restaurants that are all built around luxury and tranquility.

7 Frankincense/Myrrh

Frankincense and myrrh are resins that are commonly used to help make incense and perfumes, and they are mostly known to due a bible story; wise men were said to have brought these items as gifts for baby Jesus, and today, people may opt to use them during meditation and yoga classes. 

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They are said to be quite relaxing, and many classes during and/or around the holiday season, the winter solstice and the end of the year will feature these essential oils, as a way to promote unwinding even further.

6 Hot Springs

Several locations around the world offer up hot springs, which are said to be filled with more healing and soothing powers, and Hot Springs, Arkansas is a top destination in this field. As its name suggests, it has several natural hot springs, so it has become known as a spa town. There is even a section here called Bathhouse Row, which features eight bathhouses that are full of charm, history and one-of-a-kind methods that help guests loosen up and even feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and so on.

5 Hotpod Yoga

Yoga can be a form of meditation, and a one-of-a-kind way to experience this is through Hotpod Yoga; it is a pop-up inflatable that can be anywhere and everywhere, providing a yoga space like no other. These little pods get super hot inside, allowing people to burn more calories, increase flexibility and get rid of toxins. Plus, everyone will literally be sweating their worries and cares away and emptying their minds in a space that is way more interesting than a normal room or gym.

4 Osho Meditation Resort

There are a variety of retreats where people can meditate and more, such as the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India. Like many similar spots, it features gardens, a sauna, and meditation spaces, but it also offers up a basketball court, a nightclub, and a salon, so that people can clear their minds or just enjoy their clear schedules. 

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Furthermore, everyone who goes must wear a maroon robe, since it is believed that this creates a collective energy and unifying atmosphere.

3 Qigong

There are different times of meditation, such as moving meditation, and an example of that would be qigong; this practice focuses on coordinated movements and breaths, and it is done for healing and relaxing, as well as for recreation and exercise. It is said to help cultivate qi (pronounced chi and translated to life energy), so many people turn to this. There are, of course, teachers and classes that specialize in qigong, and those who are looking for yet another unique way to meditate can be sure to consider this.

2 Digital Detox Retreats

The Digital Detox Retreats are the first of their kind; their tech-free personal wellness retreats require attendees to set aside their phones, internet access, clocks and so on in exchange for daily yoga, sustainable meals, art/writing workshops, and guided meditation. This is a tech-driven world, but an event like this forces people to put it all out of mind for a bit, in order to focus on growth, creativity, wellness, and mindfulness.

1 Labyrinths

Labyrinths are like mazes, except there is no puzzle to figure out. Instead, these are made up of one path that leads to the middle. A labyrinth can be used as another type of moving meditation, as people may visit in order to walk, unwind and/or find one’s self. These structures may be lined with rocks, made out of hedges or drawn into the sand. They may only cover a small area, or they could be miles long. The purpose is always the same: to provide an additional way to meditate.

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