When something happens that cannot be explained by scientific or natural laws, we call it a miracle.

Us not being hospitalized by the amount of caffeine we consume is a miracle. (We say this as we drink our third cup of coffee for the morning.) Still, miracles are happening around us every day, every second.

Let’s get serious for a moment. Miracles are important. Some people might scoff and say that miracles aren’t real and that there is always some kind of logical explanation that will disprove the magic of the moment. But in today’s world, where bad news and tragic horrors are happening left and right, it’s important to believe that miracles can, in fact, happen. It’s important because miracles are synonymous with hope and we all need a little hope in our lives.

People travel the world to try and capture their own miracle. There are thousands of places that claim that you can be magically healed of all your illnesses and ailments if you visit them. Some are definitely just making some cash by taking advantage of naïve travelers. But there are actual places that are locations of phenomena that cannot be explained. We’ve gathered up a list of places around the world that are incredible in various ways, magical and not. From sites of unexplained wonders to areas that are just good for your body and soul, here are 20 hidden centers known for incredible phenomena.

20 Basilica At Knock – Knock, Ireland

“Knock knock”

“Who’s there?”


“Knock, who?”

“Knock, Ireland!”

Please don’t hate us. We tried our best, but writing jokes are not our forte. Anyways, each year, over 1.5 million people visit the Knock Shrine. The story goes back to 1879. One rainy night, Mary Beirne saw three figures standing in the gable of the church. Other people gathered around, and all claimed that the three figures were Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, and Saint John the Evangelist. The witnesses stayed around the apparition reciting the rosary. Since then, a number of miracles have occurred here. One woman, Marion Carroll, visited the church when she was suffering from multiple sclerosis. After leaving, all her pain went away. Her story was even sent to the Vatican for confirmation. People even visit the shrine when they have financial issues. One man went to the holy area and prayed to the Virgin Mary asking for help with his financial problems. Soon, all his issues were resolved and he gave thanks to Mother Mary and the Knock church.

Other people have come forward and claimed that their ailments were healed after visiting the Knock Shrine.

From sores, brain tumors, cancer, and even financial problems, the shrine has helped many people.

19 Bath - England (Waters That Cure)

It’s a bit ironic that for the longest time, but people in Europe thought that bathing was unhealthy. It’s true! People thought that bathing would carry diseases into their bodies and would rarely wash themselves. To cover up any issues of smells, they would wear heavy perfumes, oils, and bags of scent herbs. It’s even been said that Louis XIV only bathed twice in his entire life (eww). The reason why this is ironic is that before all of this, the Romans had already created bathhouses. Using incredible technology for that time, the Romans used aqueducts and various tools to build bathhouses that were situated around natural hot springs. They believed that the water was holy water and could cure them of various ailments. People would drink the water in hopes of being cured. They would also throw talismans into the water, cursing people that they disliked.

Then why did people stop bathing? There could be many factors. People thought that the water was the cause of illnesses and an invitation for immoral activities (at least the church did). Thankfully, they’ve wisen up since then.

The Roman Baths still stand today and are a popular tourist destination. While you cannot bathe in the original baths, you can still enjoy soaking waters that come from the original source. The water is heavy in minerals that are beneficial to the body. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your miracle here.

18 Bear Lake - Romania (The Largest Heliothermal Salt Lake In Europe)

This is one of the most incredible lake creation stories that we’ve ever heard (actually, it’s the only one). In 1875, a salt mine collapsed in on itself. It was then filled with water from rainfalls and surrounding streams. The result is a unique salt lake in the heart of Transylvania. It is also the largest heliothermal salt lake in Europe and gets its name from the bearskin shape that it forms. (We kind of see it. Maybe if you tilt your head a bit.) Due to its unique creation, the lake has a very interesting phenomenon going on. Fresh water flows into the lake from several streams.

The water doesn’t mix with the salt water and stays on top, acting as an insulator for the water below. The salt water below retains the heat from the sun. So when you step into the lake, the water is cool on top but warmer as you go deeper. The opposite of what happens in most bodies of water.

Bathing in the lake is regulated during certain times so that the water and heat can balance out. Still, thousands of people visit every year to take a dip in the lake. The water is said to be beneficial for a variety of ailments. People go to the lake for treatment for rheumatism, neurological, gynecological endocrine, and metabolic diseases. There are even rumors that the water can help cure infertility!

17 Beitou Hot Springs - Taiwan

When we visited Taiwan, the only thing in our minds was eating as much food as we physically could. What we didn’t know was that Taiwan was also famous for natural hot springs. Taiwan is in a unique position over the Eurasian plate and Philippine plate, so there are geothermal hot spots scattered throughout the country. One of the most popular areas to visit natural hot springs in Taiwan is Beitou. Beitou is only a short train ride away from the main city, Taipei. When you arrive, the entire area is littered with different hot springs. The largest spring is closed off to public access, although you are welcome to look at it. The water in this spring gets up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit! Not exactly what we would call bathwater temperature. The area used to let you take an egg and boil it in the water for fun. They have since then quit this practice due to health and safety issues.

Anyways, there is no shortage of other springs to choose from. One of the most popular is probably Beitou Public Hot Springs. The entry fee is cheap and the water comes directly from the natural sulfur hot spring. There are several pools and you’re supposed to work your way from coolest to hottest and then a brisk plunge into an icy pool. We didn’t even get both feet into the hottest one before we called it quits. People visit these springs for the many beneficial properties. The waters will help prevent and treat diseases such as arthritis, heart failure, diabetes, and dermatosis, to name a few.

16 Our Lady Of Guadalupe – Mexico City

This Marian shrine has a fascinating beginning. On December 9th, 1531, Juan Diego saw a vision of Mother Mary. She asked him to help her ask the local bishop to build a sanctuary for her. When Juan Diego first approached the bishop, he was turned away. Again and again, the bishop refused to believe him. On the fourth time, Mother Mary sent Juan Diego back to the bishop with a cloak full of roses that she had made bloom in the middle of winter. When Juan Diego opened the cloak, the roses had transformed into an image of the Virgin Mary.

The first miracle that was performed was that Juan Diego’s uncle was completely healed of his illness. The second miracle was the image of Virgin Mary on the cloak. The cloak is made out of cactus fiber and should have deteriorated within a few years. However, 500 years later, the clock is still as vibrant as when it was first created.

Today, thousands of people make the pilgrimage to the shrine where the image is hung up. They pray for help and salvation from the Virgin Mary. Some people even make the pilgrimage on their knees. The current caretaker of the shrine says that miracles happen at the shrine every day. People are cured of their disease, people who are crippled can walk again, and hundreds more. Do you believe that these miracles can happen? Why not visit and decide for yourself?

15 Dead Sea - Open To Thousands Of People Who Come To Seek Relief

Although it is called the ‘Dead Sea,’ this place is not as ominous as it sounds. In fact, the Dead Sea is one of the world’s first health resort. The Dead Sea is a salt lake located in between Jordan, Israel, and Palestine. The name comes from the fact that plants and animals cannot live in the water and the area around it due to the high salinity.

The water is actually almost 10 times saltier than the ocean!

You won’t die if you swim in it. In fact, it is quite the opposite. People travel from all over the world to visit this area for its health benefits. The low elevation of the area, which equals greater atmospheric pressure, combined with the reduced ultraviolet rays and mineral content of the water, equals many health benefits. The area is used as therapy for those suffering from psoriasis, osteoarthritis, and cystic fibrosis.

There are many products out there that claim it uses ingredients from the Dead Sea. Mud masks are extremely popular. Unfortunately, this natural wonder is receding at an alarming rate. Preservation protocols have stepped in to try and preserve this landmark. The lake is still currently open to the thousands of people who come to seek relief and hopefully will continue to do so.

A fun feature of this lake is that you cannot sink in it. With such a high salt content, people are naturally buoyant in these waters. Guess we won’t be needing our unicorn floaty after all!

14 Hamat Gader – Israel (If You Can Get Over The Egg Smell, The Benefits Are Worth It)

These incredible waters have been used for medicinal purposes since the Roman times. The baths were initially built in the 2nd century and have been attracting people since then. It is Israel’s largest and oldest spa complex. The water contains a 4.7% concentration of sulfur which is linked to some health benefits. Temperatures can get up to as hot as 120 degrees in these waters. It might take you a moment to get over the rotten egg smell caused by the sulfur, but you’ll adjust. The benefits are worth it. People come to these waters to seek release from joint pains, rejuvenating their skin cells, reduce blood pressure, and more.

The area has become so popular that they’ve turned it into a resort. There are pools, waterfalls, and Jacuzzis that you can relax in, all of course using the natural spring water.

There are also treatment rooms where you can enjoy being pampered with various spa treatments. Oddly enough, the hot springs have another attraction, crocodiles. Before you freak out, the animals do NOT swim alongside you in the waters. No, there is a large reptile farm that is next to the spa area. The farm includes crocodiles, alligators, and caimans. If anyone needs some help on dry, scaly, skin, it would be those beasts! (Yes, we think we are rather funny.)

13 Hot Springs At Esalen - Big Sur, California

Who knew that the United States had its own hot spring resort? Not us! Located in Big Sur, California, these waters were first discovered by the Esselen Indians over 6,000 years ago. According to archaeological evidence, it seems that the Esselen Indians were drawn to the hot springs for their healing properties. Later, a man named Thomas Slate visited the waters to seek relief from his severe arthritis. He ended up staying in the area and built a home so that he could continue to use the waters. The area became known as the Slates Hot Springs and more and more people came to visit who suffered similar afflictions. Today, the springs are open not only as a place for physical healing, but also spiritual.

The retreat focuses on the mind and body connection. Numerous workshops use yoga, meditation, massage, and more to nurture the body and mind. When you visit the retreat, you can relax and allow your body to recuperate. Whether it is via a soothing whole body massage or just soaking in the mineral-rich waters while looking over the ocean, you will definitely find some healing here.

12 Misasa Onsen (Radioactive Waters!)

We’ve already mentioned several hot springs from around the world. For the most part, they are quite similar to each other with rich mineral waters that sooth and nourish the body. However, this next location is popular for an extraordinarily unique and slightly dangerous reason. The Misasa Onsen is one of the most famous hot springs in Japan. The reason why it stands out from the other thousands of hot springs in Japan is because it contains a high concentration of radon. Radon is the radioactive product of decaying radium. Yes, that’s right. These waters are radioactive. The doses of radiation are extremely low and ‘supposedly’ cause no harm. In fact, the spring claims it does the complete opposite.

It is said that bathing in these waters improves the metabolism, strengthens the body’s immunity, boosts the body’s antioxidant function, and is also anti-aging. People visit these waters to treat their bronchitis, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, arthritis, liver disorder, and many more ailments. The spring is also useful for just curing some good old fashion stress and exhaustion.

It seems difficult to believe that anything that is radioactive would be beneficial to the body. However, some surveys have shown that the population around this area has a 50% lower cancer mortality rate than the national average! If this isn’t enough to bring back bath time into popularity, we don’t know what will! (maybe bath bombs)

11 Sanctuary Our Lady Of Lourdes - Lourdes, France (Nobody Can Explain How These Miracles Are Happening)

Every year, over six million people pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. The reason is that in 1858, Bernadette Soubirous saw a beautiful woman dressed in white standing outside of town. Over a series of 18 visions, the woman was revealed to be Mary, and she was asking for a chapel to be built. In 1862, the bishop delivered a verdict saying that Bernadette indeed saw the Virgin Mary and more people came to visit the chapel. During one of the 18 visions, Bernadette fell into a trance and began digging with her bare hands at the site. Eventually, water appeared and turned into a spring.

It is said that the water has curing properties, and since then, people all over the world come to drink and bathe from it.

Cases of cancer, blindness, nervous disorders, and paralysis have all been cured by these waters. Nobody can explain how these miracles are happening. The water has been tested multiple times, and there are no unique properties about it. Regardless, every year, there are actually medical miracles happening. This city has become the third most important Catholic pilgrimage after Rome and the Holy Land. We can’t explain it, science can’t explain it, but there is something real happening in this tiny city.

10 Machu Picchu - Peru (Powerful Healing Energy)

These mystical and ancient ruins sit on the top of the Andes Mountains. They are composed of temples, houses, and baths and used to be the home of the Incans. There is something about this location that draws people in. It is a place of power, and you can feel the resonance in the air. The Incans chose to make their home here because the location was prime for astronomical observations. There was a sacred stone, the Intihuatana, that marked the sun’s position and indicated days of celebration. There is a legend that by placing your head on the stone, it will open you up to spiritual enlightenment. The site is also known for its powerful healing energy. It sits between three peaks of power and thus creates an energy triangle. Sitting in this area is the perfect place to meditate. There are numerous tours led by spiritual teachers that will guide you through the ruins. There are quiet areas that you can sit and hold your hand out to the sun and feel the vibrations running through you.

The entire city was built to capture and harness the sun’s rays to provide spiritual enlightenment. Every year, thousands of people visit these gorgeous ruins to experience the healing powers of the sun.

9 Mount Mitchell - North Carolina (Energy So Intense It Is Difficult To Walk Through)

Imagine the world crisscrossed by invisible lines of power. Sitting on top of these lines are various monuments that have been built over the centuries. Throughout time, people have recognized that some regions of the earth emit an aura of power. In response, they’ve built monoliths, temples, and monuments upon these areas. If you look at some of the monuments in the world, such as the pyramids, Stonehenge, and Moai, they fall along a similar line. These lines of energy have been dubbed as ley lines.

Somehow, these straight lines are filled with some kind of power and electromagnetic energy. Mount Mitchell in North Carolina sits upon some of these lines. In fact, the summit of this mountain is a convergence point for several ley lines.

People who hike to the top say that they can feel the energy in the air. There are even some parts of the mountain where the energy is so intense it is uncomfortable to walk through. It is said that this area can cleanse you of all negative energy and many people swear by the healing energy of the area. Regardless if you believe in it or not, there is a weight in the air in this area. Is it power? Or is it just gravity? The only way to find out is to go yourself!

8 Myvatn – Iceland (Water Is Useful For A Variety Of Health Ailments)

If you understand the law of physics, then you will be familiar with the idea that energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. If you keep this law in mind, what comes to mind as the greatest explosion of natural energy? The key word is ‘explosion,’ and the one we are thinking of is a volcano’s explosion. By adhering to this law, it only makes sense that an area formed by the volcanic activity will have a wealth of energy coursing through it. This holds true to Myvatn in Northern Iceland. This incredible location is stunning to see with its icy blue waters and surrounding landscape. Although the water is a milky white, it isn’t cold. Quite the opposite, these waters flow up from a stream that is more than a mile underground. The waters are full of sulfur and silicate. The minerals that teem in this water are useful for a variety of health ailments, particularly any issues with asthma. Even if you don’t have any medical issues, this incredible lagoon should still make it on your travel list. With the steam rising off the milky water, it offers a fantastic view and experience.

7 Okinawa, Japan (People Live Longer)

There are specific areas of the world that have been labeled as a Blue Zone. These regions are areas where people live much longer than the average human. There are several Blue Zones around the world, but one in particular stood out. Located in the southernmost part of Japan, Okinawa is also known as the city of immortals. People who live in Okinawa have less cancer, dementia, heart disease, and other medical issues. The women of Okinawa have the longest lifespan than any other women on the planet.

So what is that that gives these people the elixir of life? It all comes down to a few specific things—social relationships, plant-based diet, staying active, and gardening. It may sound odd, but the combination of all of these clearly work if we look at mortality rates on these islands. Okinawans have healthy social relationships. Everyone has a close circle that they know they can always depend on during difficult times, so they have less stress. Okinawans eat primarily vegetables such as tofu and sweet potatoes. With each meal being high in nutrients and low in calories, most people are very healthy. Okinawans also know the importance of being active. And with living on such gorgeous islands, it isn’t hard to take a walk every day. Finally, gardening their own vegetables and medicinal herbs is a fantastic way to lower stress and get active.

So, if you’re looking for a vacation that will relax you and soothe your soul, you should try Okinawa. Even a few days on these beautiful islands will have you melting the stress away from your body. Just make sure you adopt the Okinawan lifestyle!

6 Pamukkale Hot Springs - Turkey (Beautifying Properties)

It is hard to believe that this stunning place is a natural formation. Pamukkale means ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish. The white compositions are said to have been piles of cotton that were left out to dry by giants, hence the name. The actual reason why the area is strikingly white is because of the copious white limestone that is left behind by flowing water. Over time, water rich in calcium dripped down the mountainside, leaving behind deposits of calcium. They formed stalactites and pools. The result is a stunning natural hot spring that looks like it came from a movie.

These springs have been used for centuries, and the waters are said to have healing and beautifying properties. People who have visited these springs say that it helps against asthma, high blood pressure, circulatory issues, chronic disorders, and even helps with the skin and eyes.

There is also a legend that bathing in these waters will make you more beautiful. The story is that a girl, who no one wanted to marry, tried to commit suicide in the pools. However, she survived the fall, and the water transformed her into a beautiful girl. A passing Turkish lord saw her and fell in love with her. Sigh, don’t we all wish that would happen to us?

5 Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre Shrine, Quebec (Healing Powers)

If you visit the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre Shrine in Quebec, you might be a bit puzzled by the sight of all the crutches leaning against the basilica. The reason why there are so many crutches is because people leave them there after they are healed. The basilica is dedicated to Saint Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary. During a harsh storm, sailors on a ship prayed to Saint Anne. They swore they would build a chapel for her if she delivered them safely from the storm. When the sailors landed, they erected a shrine dedicated to Saint Anne. Later, a full church was constructed. When the chapel was being built, a man who was suffering from rheumatism placed three stones on the foundation. Instantly, he found himself free of all aches and pains. More and more people followed after, each seeking their own healing miracle. Those that came in on crutches and braces would walk out without them, choosing instead to leave them behind as a testament to the healing power of the church.

It may be a complicated story to believe, but how else would you explain the number of people going in crippled or ill and walking back out completely recovered?

4 Sedona, Arizona (Healing Energy Flow)

As we’ve mentioned before, there are invisible lines of power that crisscross the earth known as ley lines. In specific areas where the ley lines cross, a vortex is formed. Vortices (the plural of vortex) are powerful energy centers and Sedona, Arizona has several spots. There are four significant vortices in Sedona—Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, and Boynton Canyon. These locations are often marked with lush landscapes and, interestingly enough, trees with whirled trunks. The trees grow in a spiraling formation, following the spiraling energy field. These vortices have played a significant role since the Native Americans who used these centers for sacred ceremonies.

Today, thousands of people head to these hotspots to experience the healing energy flow. Several companies will guide you to these locations and take you through a meditation or yoga class.

When you walk through these areas, you can feel the earth’s energy thrumming against your skin. People feel recharged, inspired, and uplifted after visiting a vortex. There are a variety of alternative healing practices that use the flow of the earth’s energy to help heal.

In addition, there are spas that use indigenous materials and energy to help refresh your mind and body. We don’t know about you, but a red clay mask while looking across a stunning landscape will help heal a lot of ailments for us.

3 El Santuario De Chimayó – New Mexico (Miraculous Healings)

El Santuario de Chimayó had a mysterious beginning when a half-buried crucifix was found miles away from the nearest church. The cross was dug up and brought to the church, but somehow disappeared in the middle of the night. Somehow, the cross reappeared in its original location. Again, the cross was dug out and brought to the church, and again it disappeared in the middle of the night. On the third such occasion, the message was finally received. This was a sacred spot. The cross was left where it was found and a shrine was built.

After reports that miraculous healings were occurring, the chapel expanded into a larger church. Inside the church is a small well where thousands of people scoop up handfuls of red soil. They take the soil and rub it on their bodies and some even go so far as to eat it. You may be thinking this sounds bizarre, but people believe that the dirt here can cure diseases. The belief runs so strongly that people will walk miles to worship at this church. Some people will come bearing heavy crosses while others will arrive on their knees. All come in hopes that the chapel and its dirt will cure them.

Does the miracle dirt actually work? Tests show that there is no special component in the soil for there is definitely something happening at this site. The hordes of pilgrims are proof that there is something at this church that draws people in.

2 Terme Di Saturnia – Italy (Why Not Try To Cure Your Allergies?)

For centuries, mineral-rich water has flowed through those hollows, creating natural hot springs. Legend has it that these stunning natural pools were formed when Jupiter and Saturn fought and Jupiter threw lightning bolts at Saturn. The bolts missed and instead hit the earth, creating the formations. Located in Tuscany, Italy, these springs were initially thought to be portals to hell. At first, people avoided the waters for fear of being transported to hell. However, the lure of the healing waters continued to draw in many people and as such, the Terme di Saturnia came to be.

The water is full of sulfur, carbon, sulfates, and bicarbonate-alkaline earth. Due to its popularity, a wellness and spa center has set up next to the springs. People can come here and enjoy the luxury spa. The water is fantastic for people suffering from skin allergies and respiratory illnesses.

The water is continuously pouring forth from an underground spring. Over 500 liters of water comes out per second, so the entire pool is continually refreshed every 4 hours. If you’re not interested in using the spa facilities, you can still go into the waters and enjoy a soak in the nutrient-rich waters.

1 Uluru – Australia

You’re probably familiar with this national landmark. Ayers Rock is the second largest monolith in the world. What you might not be as familiar with is its original name, Uluru. The formation was given the name Uluru by the local Anangu people who lived around it. When a surveyor, William Gossem saw the rock, he renamed it Ayers Rock in honor of the Chief Secretary of Australia. Although its official name has been changed to Uluru/Ayers Rock, many people still refer to the monolith as Ayers Rock.

Regardless, Uluru has been a place of importance for the Anangu people for centuries. To them, the rock is sacred. Different areas of the rock are used for important ceremonies, and healing is one of them.

People who have visited the site say that they can feel the resonance of the earth here. There is a certain weight to the air and a power that vibrates through them.

After visiting this place, many people say they leave feeling refreshed and more connected to the earth. However, although it may be tempting, don’t take anything from the site when you go. Many people have sent packages containing bits of the formation back, claiming that as soon as they took it, bad luck rained down upon them (scary).