There are many restaurants and bars out there dedicated to pop culture and the most recent to join the ranks of the fame-inspired is McFly's Pub, which opened earlier in August for take-out orders. The pub, located in For Worth, Texas, pays some serious homage to The Back to the Future series, featuring themed decor as well as a drink menu that even Marty would approve of. While the pub definitely exudes Back to the Future vibes, the artist who worked on the pub's murals, Jay Wilkinson, says that the pub is also near an airbase, giving the pub a dual-theme.


Fans will have no problem falling in love with this space, which features the best moments and characters from the Sci-Fi movie series in full, vibrant glory. There's nothing like taking a seat at the bar and having Doc (played by Christopher Lloyd) looking back at you with his famous, frazzled, wild look, and even the chairs are emblazoned with an 80s-style McFly logo. To say that this is going to be a top-notch place for locals to chill would be an understatement, as even the neon sign outside says, 'Your Neighborhood Pub.'

The Decor

The pub, owned by Kelsy and Casey Smith, features a wild array of 50s-themed decor, making visitors feel as though they've stepped back in time at a local dive. In one word, according to Dallas Morning News, it can be described as 'eclectic,' featuring bold inspiration in all the best ways. In addition to the 50s vibe, this pub also features a plethora of clocks to go with the notion of time-travel (all the better to yell "Great Scott!" mid-drink), vintage suitcases masquerading as awesome lights, ceiling fans made of propellers, and even a mock-up of Marty - in the form of a mannequin - that has become a permanent fixture on the roof. All the nods and echoes of Back to the Future are clearly evident in this pub, making it so much more than a local hangout.

With co-owner Casey Smith having a background in construction, it seemed like a no-brainer to come up with something equally as epic and satisfying as his first overhaul, which was a DIY music venue and an art gallery called The Where House. While the once-condemned-house-turned-party was closed back in 2014, it seems that McFly's Pub is here to stay with a diverse and dynamic atmosphere.

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The interior of the bar also has some personal touches such as Smith's photos from New Orleans post-Katrina and additional things from The Where House. On the walls, visitors can see incredibly depictions from the movies, all done by Jay Wilkinson, who was actually able to get Christopher Lloyd to send a personalized video message to Smith, who called the co-owner an "interesting wild thinker," not unlike the scientist that Lloyd portrays in the Back to the Future series. Lloyd also told the owners to "watch out" because it's possible that the actor himself might even stop by to experience some time-traveling magic.

The Experience

While the decor and overall environment of the pub are truly unique and an experience in itself, the magic definitely doesn't end just short of the bar. After taking a seat at one of many personalized pub chairs, visitors can have their choice of a whole list of Back to the Future-themed cocktails. McFly's is serving traditional beer and wine in addition to series-inspired drinks such as The Martini McFly, which is similar to an Old Fashioned but served up in a martini glass.

Another fun drink is The Gigawatt Shot which, of course, is blue - featuring blue Curacao with Malibu rum and tequila. The drink list also pays tribute to Eric Stoltz, who was to take the role of Marty before Michael J. Fox starred in it, with a drink named after the actor. Last but definitely not least, The Great Scott is the ultimate tribute both the film and everyone's favorite character - this drink has Johnny Walker Black, orange juice, simple syrup, and is garnished with a mix of lemons and limes... We're pretty sure that Doc would approve.

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Guests should know that for the time being, the pub is following proper social-distancing rules and has guidelines in place. Currently, they're open for to-go orders after being unable to open as planned in June. While it's not possible to time travel back to a time before quarantining was a thing, fans of both the movie series and McFly's can still support their opening and spread the word about this electrifying new addition to Fort Worth.

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