Say what you will about McDonald's but these fast-food conglomerates serve some pretty tasty meals. Whether you're a Big Mac eater or a McFlurry binger, McDonald's is a source of comfort food in over 119 different countries. In places like Israel, travelers may be surprised to find that their menu is slightly different from the staple food choices seen in McDonald's restaurants.

McDonald's in Israel offer a few differences that set them apart from McDonald's 40,000 other restaurants around the world. They are considered to be one of the aseptic fast food restaurants by dedicating their food options to a Kosher diet. Salads are a prominent item on their menu, whereas things like milkshake have to be specially requested (they're not even on the menu). Besides being one of the only McDonald's whose menu isn't listed in English, there are some awesome McDonald's foods that are only offered in Israel.

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10 McKosher

Kosher meals are considered to be food that aligns with the beliefs of Jewish culture. Israel's McDonald restaurants are the few that offer only Kosher beef in their restaurants. This means that there are no cheeseburgers available in Israel as the dairy add-on does not fall in line with its Kosher policies. In addition to its premium meat, however, Israelian Mcdonald's are the only ones in the world that barbeque their meat using charcoal instead of frying them.

9 Big America

In 2012, Israel McDonald's launched its unique series of burgers to represent America's largest cities. The Big America option offers unique burgers that represent New York, Texas, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, and Broadway. Each patty has about half a pound of beef, but that's where the similarities end. The Big Texas is served with barbeque and pickles while the Big New Yorks adds red onions and french dressing.

8 McKebab

The McKebab pays tribute to local food fare in Israel. In place of the traditional sesame seed bun, this meaty sandwich is wrapped inside a tortilla. It is supported by mouthfuls of lettuce and tomatoes, with a bit of onion for extra zest. The tortilla is made out of laffa (or Taboon) bread which is a baked flatbread. About 80% of Israel's McDonald foods are locally sourced, giving them a tasteful advantage to other fast food chains in their neighborhood.

7 McWings

Much to the envy of Americans, McDonald's in Israel offers McWings in lieu of its traditional McNuggest. Foodies have raved about this addition, despite the fact that it is priced a little more than other menu items. Customers will find that they can order these wings in the same method as the McNuggets, so that you won't feel limited to how many McWings you can consume. The McWings were previously offered in other countries, but have since been discontinued.

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6 Israeli Salad

A traditional Israeli salad is made up of finely diced tomatoes, onion, cucumber, and bell and chili peppers. The lettuce is just as delicately chopped and it's a dish served often in Israel. Because of this, McDonald's opted to include this cultural dish in its restaurants. As a part of its Kosher mantra, Israeli McDonald's food choices tend to provide healthier options to its customers. They have over fifteen salad options all together in Israel compared to America's lowly five options.

5 Onion Rings

Onion rings are big in America, but you'll only find them at McDonald's in Israel. Onion rings can be ordered as a substitute for their fries. This upgrade makes your McDonald's meal pricier than the standard that frequent customers have become accustomed to. However, it's the perfect place to give them a test run in case you want to ask for your own batch at your local McDonalds (they can be specially requested in other parts of the world).

4 Mexican Mac Royal

Because there isn't any cheese in Israeli McDonald's foods, they try to spice up their burgers with creative alterations. One idea is the Mexican Mac Royal. Instead of cheese, this burger comes with a side of guacamole to brighten your tastebuds. It also comes heavily encumbered with a secret sauce dubbed the "MacRoyal Sauce." As per usual in Israel, the Mac Royal is served on a sesame bun with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles.

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3 McRoyal

Not to be confused with the Mexican Mac Royal, the McRoyal has a signature taste of its own. The McRoyal is a substitute for the typical Quarter Pounder burger. The McRoyal is served in other countries, but the key difference is the use of cheese. In Israel, the burger is made with staple McDonald's ingredients such as onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. Of course, these burgers are leaner than your standard beef patty from McDonald's, so you won't feel the guilt when you bite down into this delightful sandwich.

2 Cornsticks

Cornsticks can be ordered throughout the day at McDonald's in Israel, but they are more popular as a breakfast item. They actually come paired with carrots in a Happy Meal, with the carrots acting as a hearty dessert option (really, the carrot is considered a sweet). Cornsticks have a polenta base that is then deep fried to perfection. Cornsticks are also typically served on top of salads so that you can get the best of both worlds.

1 MyMac

The MyMac is a special offer that allows Israeli customers to build their own McDonald's sandwich. They offer all the typical condiments that customers love, but here you can choose which meat to pair with them. You can choose to load up on a McDouble with guacamole and onions, or you can get a McChicken with ketchup and onion rings. The options are endless. There are even a few signatures sauces available for your MyMac, a few of which can only be found in Israel. And despite their Kosher preferences, with the McMac, you can choose to add cheese in between your lean beef patties.

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