Hate on it all you want, but McDonald's food still continues to be some of the most sought-after quick meals. And not just in the U.S. McDonald's are booming around the globe, and with each new installment comes a new opportunity for McDonald's to add onto its questionably high-calorie food menu items. One such location that continues to surprise foodies with their food options is the McDonald's in Japan.

Now, if you are from Japan or have spent a considerable amount of time there, these McDonald's foods won't seem outside of the norm. But to those in other sectors of the world who have grown tired of McDonald's basic Big Mac and Oreo McFlurry, look at exotic McDonald's food selections with mouths watering.

Thinking about taking a trip to Japan? These 10 awesome McDonald's foods that you can only get in Japan just make be the motivation you need to finally book that ticket.

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10 10. McPork

This simple addition was a hit at McDonald's location in Japan. The pork patty sandwich is covered in garlic and black pepper sauce, which lettuce to add some texture. Taste testers say it is a unique blend of salty and sweet, with the size being comparable to the atypical breakfast sausage patty. The wrapper is, oddly enough, written in English so that hungry guests can easily spot the brown-plastic wrap McPork sandwich.

9 9. Teriyaki Burgers

The Teriyaki McBurger is actually a staple in Japan. This sauced-covered meat-lovers sandwich is comparable to your typical McDouble, except instead of beef patties, this one is made with a pork patty. If you get it as-is, the patty will be dripping in sweet-tangy sauce, accompanied by mayonnaise and lettuce. As of 2019, there are even more teriyaki options at Japanese McDonalds; they also serve the Chee Chee Teriyaki McBurger, Teriyaki Chicken Fillet-O,  Gran Teriyaki, and the Hee Hee Teriyaki McBurger“

8 8. Shrimp Filet

If you already enjoy McDonald's Fish Filet, then perhaps you will be brave enough to try Japan's Shrimp Filet concoction. Seafood served as fast food institutions is already a questionable option, but there's a reason why this is on Japan's menus-- people love it! It's called the Ebi-Filet over there, and the sandwich is comprised of a shrimp-stuffed patty, topped with a delicate blend of coleslaw, nestled between two sesame seed buns.

7 7. German Sausage Chicken Sandwich

This cultured-snack is inspired by Germany's popular mix of meats. This sandwich is seasonal in Japan McDonald's, but the anticipation is comparable to North America's McRib phenomenon.

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This German-themed burger is jam-packed with a piece of fried chicken, a pork sausage patty, and a sauerkraut topping for an extra zesty flavor.

6 6. The Full Moon Cheese Tsukimi Burger

This is another seasonal favorite only served at McDonald's in Japan. The Full Moon Cheese Tsukimi Burger is inspired by the harvest moon festival called tsukimi. This festival is held in Japan and Vietnam on August 15th according to the lunar calendar when there will be a full moon at night. So, naturally, this sandwich is only served during the autumn season.

The sandwich is simple when it comes to ingredients, but it definitely has the power to fill you up. The standard beef patty is met up with cheese and a large egg patty, which is supposed to represent the full moon.

5 5. Mega Muffin

Talk about the breakfast of champions. Although America did away with its Super Size options, Japanese inhabitants are still putting up the challenge. This Mega McMuffin is just your standard breakfast sandwich, made with two English muffins, a sausage patty, egg, and cheese. The Mega McMuffin, is a mammoth of a sandwich are twice the size of its originator.

4 4. Chocolate Fries

Now, let's get to the weird stuff. People are known to dunk their fries into strange dips; anything from ketchup, mayonnaise, to ice cream. Generally speaking, when it comes to fries, nothing is off limits. It seems that McDonald's in Japan wanted to test this theory by serving up chocolate french fries at their locations.

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And apparently, they're a hit! The chocolate sauce will change colors depending on what holidays are coming up (green and red for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween), making them a festive treat. If you're not a chocolate fan, they also have Ume (Sour Plum) Fries, which is a sour pink mix they serve on top of McDonald's classic fries.

3 3. Cheesecake McFlurry

If there is one thing that other countries can learn from Japan's McDonald's menu, its that cheesecake-flavored anything will always be in popular demand. Whoever thought to include a Cheesecake McFlurry onto Japan's food list needs a raise. This McFlurry is citrus and cheesecake infused ice cream blend that is only available in Miyazaki during the summer.

Now if only this delicious ice cream design would make its way to America.

2 2. Sankaku Choco Pie Black

There aren't many chocolate food options when it comes to McDonald's in North America. That's why Japan's Sankaku Choco Pie Black is such a hard-hitter. This flaky pastry oozes with a warm chocolate filling that is guaranteed to be the envy of any chocolate-lovers dream. The chocolate filling has a bit of almond, giving the entire dessert a unique crunchy surprise.

1 1. Pineapple Pie

Move over apple pie, there's a new pastry-stuffed dessert in town. American's are partial to the gooey cinnamon and apply infused baked goods at their location McDonald's, but this pineapple pie could be a hot contender. It's made up of the same sugary sweet mold as the staple apple pie, but obviously, it has a pineappled-filled center instead. The rick pineapple filling pairs surprisingly well with the turnover. Most reviews rave that this pie is cooked to perfection, with no oily residue, and perfectly crusted ends. These Japanese locations aren't stingy about their fillings either, as this pineapple pie is said to be loaded with the hot, sweet goodness.

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