McDonald’s might be a universal brand but the dishes on offer at the fast-food restaurant are vastly different depending on where you are in the world. Keep reading to find out what McDonald’s looks like in these five countries.

Japan: Seafood Burger And Corn Kernels

Japanese food is one of the world’s most popular cuisines. The first thing that many western travelers want to do when they visit Japan is indulging in authentic local dishes, which can look quite different from westernized Japanese food that you might find in the United States. But having McDonald’s in Japan is also a rite of passage for any traveler thanks to the unique menu options.


This photo shows a few interesting items that you wouldn’t normally get at your local McDonald’s. Ebi, or shrimp, is a popular ingredient in Japan, so it only makes sense that an Ebi Burger is on the menu at McDonald’s! Along with a side of fries, this meal also comes with a cup of corn kernels and a Kiwi Shake instead of a Coke or chocolate milkshake.

At the McDonald’s in Japan, you can also find delicious items like the teriyaki burger, the famous fried Shaka Shaka chicken, the German Sausage Chicken Sandwich, and the Black Squid Ink Burger, among many other distinctive menu items.

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South Korea: Bulgogi Burger

Translating to “fire meat”, bulgogi is a staple in Korea. The thin slices of meat that are marinated to perfection and grilled on a griddle pan or barbecue are also incredibly popular among western travelers. It comes as no surprise that the McDonald’s in South Korea celebrates this local delicacy by making it into a burger.

Bulgogi burgers are unique to South Korea so it’s definitely worth trying it when you get the chance. Pork is the meat of choice in the bulgogi burger, but the star is the sweet sauce used to give the burger a distinct flavor. There’s also an egg in there somewhere, so it kind of resembles a McMuffin and is about the size of a Big Mac.

The Korean McDonald’s menu also has a range of interesting side dishes, including Curly Fries and Corn Chowder. There’s also a McChicken stuffed with mozzarella sticks for the cheese lovers out there.

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Philippines: McSpaghetti


It’s safe to assume that nobody actually visits McDonald’s with a craving for pasta. But that doesn’t mean McDonald’s in the Philippines isn’t offering this totally rare menu item to its loyal customers. The McSpaghetti probably isn’t the best spaghetti you’ve ever eaten, but it’s worth ordering just to say that you’ve eaten spaghetti at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s in the Philippines has several universal menu items that you’ll find at any McDonald’s, but it also serves up a few exclusive dishes. Good news if you’re not much of a burger person: they offer several fried chicken dishes that come with rice or spaghetti instead of a burger bun.

When it comes to desserts, McDonald’s in the Philippines has a couple of items that would entice any sweet tooth, including the chocolate-covered soft-serve known as the Chocolate McDip, and the strawberry alternative called the Strawberry McDip.

India: Maharaja Veggie Burger

With such a significant portion of India’s population being vegetarian, it makes sense that there are plenty of plant-based options at McDonald’s in India. The patty in this Maharaja Burger is made from a selection of meat-free ingredients including corn, while the burger is filled with red onion, jalapenos, and vegetable cocktail sauce.

There are quite a few other vegetarian dishes available too, as well as those inspired by authentic Indian cuisine. These include the McSpicy Paneer, made with Indian paneer cheese and the McAloo, which features a patty made with potatoes and peas. There are also wraps that are made using naan bread, like the Green Chilli Aloo Naan, and several spicy rice bowls.

Due to religious beliefs in India, beef does not dominate the menu the way it does in McDonald’s overseas. Instead, those menu options which do have meat in them are often made with chicken or pork. Other burger fillers include hash browns, bean patties, and cheese.

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Italy: A True McDonald's Feast

Italy is a mecca for foodies, and the last thing that many want to do is waste a meal on McDonald’s when there are so many delicious Italian foods to eat. But the McDonald’s in Italy is as generous and creative as you’d expect it to be. If you have enough time on your Italian trip, it’s worth eating there for just one meal to try some of the rare menu items.

There are several Italian-inspired items on the menu, including deep-fried and stuffed olives, fried cheese and bacon balls, chicken salads, and simple slices of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. The dessert menu also features a quintessential Italian favorite: crunchy bread with Nutella.

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