McDonald's is easily the world's most famous and popular fast-food chain. There are more than 35,000 restaurants in the world and the number keeps growing. Regardless of where we are in the world, McDonald's always feels familiar. Even the healthiest individuals treat themselves to a Big Mac every once in a while - it's the ultimate comfort food, whether we like it or not. Some countries have their own special menu items and prices vary, but everything else is essentially the same anywhere we go.

While we all know their menus, we don't know much about the employees who serve millions upon millions of customers a day. To find out what their reality is like, check out these 15 strict rules that McDonald's staff have to follow.

15 Toilets Are For Customers Only, Or Else!

Especially those who have traveled know why we (also) like to flock to McDonald's: to use their restrooms. However, staff is not allowed to let anyone who is not a customer use it, especially not after the restaurant has already closed. Even celebrities are not an exception.

14 Since Staff Doesn't Wear Gloves, They Have To Wash Their Hands Religiously

According to their policy, the staff has to thoroughly wash their hands at least once every 30 minutes. It's up to management to enforce these rules. When staff doesn't like their managers, they will be sloppy with this rule out of spite. Apparently, it happens quite often.

13 Always Being Nice Is Really Hard At McDonald's

Regardless of how rude their customers are, McDonald's staff always have to be respectful and nice to them. You're thinking: same goes for every restaurant, right? Well, McDonald's has its fair share of spoiled or cranky customers, so it's especially hard to keep a happy face while working there.

12 Never Call Ronald McDonald 'Ronnie'!

This unusual rule is one among many weird marketing tricks that McDonald's enforces. While we can understand that Ronald McDonald is not allowed to be seen in nightclubs (yes, that's an actual policy), the issue with calling the famous clown Ronnie doesn't really have an explanation.

11 Staff Can't Eat On The Clock - No Exceptions

When you work with McDonald's food all day, chances are you won't even want it anyway. But still, it's probably really hard trying to resist fresh French fries every once in a while. An employee was once caught eating a single fry, and she had to go.

10 They're Not Allowed To Give Free Food Under Any Circumstances

Even though the internet is swarming with 'McDonald's hacks' on how to get free stuff, staff is not allowed to give out free food. Bullies who try to get a free cheeseburger should probably think twice: the same nice employee who can't say no might get fired because of them.

9 Not Every McDonalds Has The Same Rules

As a corporation that has restaurants in more than 100 countries, the same rules do not apply everywhere. Similarly, some countries have their own menu items that you cannot get in the States. It turns out that McDonald's is not the same all over the world, and the same goes for employee policies.

8 Restrictions Regarding What Kind Of Pants To Wear

When people get a job at McDonald's, they're provided with all the uniform except for pants. Those cannot be leggings or ripped jeans, of course. In some countries, they took the dress code into their own hands. The photo shows girls in Taiwan who dress as maids.

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7 Artificial Nails And Nail Polish Strictly Prohibited

Those who like to show their character through exquisite manicure can say goodbye to a career at McDonald's. If you want to work there, you got to keep your nails short and all-natural. And rightfully so, since every decent restaurant respects the same rule.

6 Staff Has To Keep Their Cool When A Celebrity Walks In

No one is immune to McDonald's. Yummy burgers and fries lure in even the biggest celebrities. When that happens, staff cannot stop and ask for a selfie. They have to be professional so as to not offend the customer and to keep the line moving.

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5 They Can't Decline A No-Salt Order, But It Infuriates Them

It's a well-known fact that if you want your fries super fresh, you have to ask them to give it to you before they salt it. Staff can't stand this request because it complicates their workflow. Besides, the sheer amount of customers guarantees that there's never ever stale fries around.

4 Staff Can't Serve People On Foot And Bicycles At Drive Through

When people see a huge line inside, they often want to try their luck at the drive-thru. Sadly, cyclists and pedestrians will get declined there. Since it's a fast food restaurant, waiting lines are never that long, so it's best to just go inside and wait for your turn.

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3 Employee Discounts Only Valid On A Workday

Some locations give staff a free meal and others give them 50% off so they can munch on McDonald's during their break. This perk is only available on workdays, though. Maybe it's better that way, otherwise all the staff would end up having a very unhealthy diet.

2 Tips Have To Go Straight Into The Ronald McDonald Donation Box

No one tips at McDonald's, even though it's a restaurant. But sometimes, it happens anyway. And when it does, employees are not allowed to pocket that money, they have to put it in the Ronald McDonald donation box. If the managers are cool, they will look the other way, though.

1 Staff Can Only Eat Their Lunch In The Designated Break Room

You'd think that the designated break time is yours to spend however you'd like. Well, not at McDonald's. They have to eat their food in a designated area for employees. They can't simply take a walk around the neighborhood while eating their hard-earned burgers.

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