Although this fast-food giant is known for its burgers and fries, McDonald's eaters have been begging for alcohol to be added to its menus for quite some time. McDonald's is a popular spot to hit for light night drinkers, so why not just combine the two together? Well, now you can at a select few McDonalds restaurants around the world that now serve alcohol.

Unfortunately, the option to substitute fountain drinks for an ice cold beer is only available in European countries. And despite Chipotles and Taco Bell's success serving margaritas and wine, none of these McDonald's locations are serving liquor-based beverages. But if you're looking for a nice, hoppy, refreshing beer to wash down your Big Mac, you can visit one of these ten Mcdonalds restaurants around the world that serve alcohol.

10 10. France

The locals refer to it as McDo and they're no strangers to pairing beers with their Le P'tit Moutarde. The beer is typically served in a clear plastic cup, though some locations can opt to serve bottled beers. The beer will vary depending on which location you visit since the restaurants are able to pick and choose which alcoholic beverage they want on their menu.

9 9. Germany

German McDonalds was the first to incorporate beer into their menu. They started doing this in 1971 and haven't looked back since. It makes sense considering Germany beer culture is quite large. You can order a German Mekkes or whatever brew they might have on tap to go right along with a Hamburger Royal TS. Big Mac. McDonald's in Germany are also known for their other unique menu items choices like the option to sip bubble tea or to indulge in the glorious McRib all year long.

8 8. Spain

Cerveza, or beer, is immensely popular in Spanish culture. While other McDonalds alcohol-friendly locations are few and far between in other countries, they are pretty standard in Spain. You can choose to enjoy your frothy beverage in a plastic or glass cup and can choose from a small collection of local lagers. Mahou isn't the most popular beer in Spain, but next to their new Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger, it's pretty satisfying.

7 7. Belgium

Belgium has a couple of mouth-watering sandwiches that are served perfectly with a cup of beer. The Belgo Burger is a go-to with its duet of beef and bacon, combined with Belgian Maredsous cheese, and topped with roasted onions and cocktail sauce.

Or you can even have a beer with their Croque McDo, a hamburger, ham, and cheese concoction. And of course, there is nothing wrong with sipping on a Belgian lager while shoveling spoonfuls of a McFlurry down your gullet.

6 6. South Korea

South Korea is the newest member of the alcohol-approved McDonalds family. They started to starve their premium fast food burger competition by adding beer to their menu at the Seongnam location (near the country's capital of Seoul). However, you can only upgrade to a cold draft if you order the Signature Burger, which is their premium gourmet burger that can be customized by the customer.

5 5. Greece

Mcdonald's beers aren't just available at the local spots in these European countries, either. Many McDonalds airports offer this refreshing beverage so that weary travelers can try their first McBeer from the jump. Heineken bier is served at every single McDonalds in Greece. Try it with their Greek Burger, an interesting variant of the Big Mac. It's served on pita bread instead of the traditional burger bun and is drizzled with tzatziki sauce for that extra zest.

4 4. Italy

Think you could handle a Big Mac while double fisting two full brewskies? Well, you can try it out at any McDonalds in Italy. Italian McDonalds is known for their vast burger choices, so it seems only fitting that they are one of the few to offer beer as a beverage alternative.

Rather than a Big Mac, get the full Italian McDonald's experience by ordering a Crispy McBacon, a McItaly, or even the Sweety, a special Nutella burger only served in Italy.

3 3. Czech Republic

Pilsner Urquell is a local favorite brew that can be found at any participating McDonalds in Czech Republic. It's a simple, light pilsner that will help cleanse your pallet so you can enjoy the McCountry sandwich. This behemoth of a sandwich features a long pork patty, raw onions, mustard, and curry sauce. If that doesn't excite your taste buds, try a Urquell alongside a McSmažák, which is a fast food variation of the smažený sýr, a popular Czech cheese sandwich.

2 2. Austria

Austria actively promotes its McBeers. In 2016, they actually gave away six-packs of beer from Ottakringer Brewery in time for the Euro 2016 men's soccer tournament. They wanted to help bring the stadium experience to those watching from home. So long as customers ordered 20 euros (around $22 USD) worth of Mickey D's food, soccer fans could leave with a free six-pack of beer. This came easy considering Austria offers a McBox Dinner set. This family-inspired offering includes 20-piece McNuggets serving, two Big Macs, two regular cheeseburgers, four medium fries, and four fountain drinks. It's meant to serve four people, though beers may have to be ordered in addition to this offer.

Other than that, beer is a pretty standard option at McDonalds restaurants throughout Austria.

1 1. Portugal

In Portugal, beer is a common substitution for those looking for something a little bit stronger than a Coca-Cola. You can get a McBeer in any McDonald's restaurant in this country, even if you get a combo meal. Sagres is a popular choice since it comes from a local Portuguese brewery. Its primary sales come from its pale lagers, similar to a Heineken, who actually bought the brewery in 2008. Portugal's Mcdonalds are famous for their soups, but a beer would be better off paired with their McBifana. It's a McD's take on a traditional Portuguese sandwich which is made up of two steamed pork patties in between two slices of crispy bread.