McDonald’s is everywhere in the world and when someone thinks of fast food, more than likely, they are thinking of McDonald’s. The golden arches have served billions of people and have locations in over 120 countries in the world, making them a true global powerhouse in the fast food industry. And while they may have started in the United States, that hasn’t stopped McDonald’s from bringing their tasty fries and burgers to foreign nations.

But McDonald’s is also aware that different nations have different eating habits, so they have come up with some unique, surprising and very weird creations in different countries that wouldn’t be found on a typical McDonald’s menu in the United States. Everything from seafood, to weird combinations, to changing up classic desserts and dishes by using local ingredients, McDonald’s has tried their best to offer the locals, whoever that may be, something they will enjoy.

Unfortunately, there are a few things that shouldn’t be on the menu and are too weird to eat. Check out these creations by McDonald’s from around the world and decide for yourself if they would be an option on your menu when pulling up to the drive-through window or looking for that late night snack or quick dinner on the way home.

26 Would Try: Bacon, Macaroni And Cheese Toastie

McDonald’s took grilled cheese to a very strange new level with the macaroni and cheese toastie. It’s exactly what it sounds like, with macaroni and cheese backed between two pieces of toast.

And then, of course, as if the calorie count wasn’t high enough, they added bacon to the mix to complete the sandwich.

It’s available only in China at the moment, but it does look kind of tempting. Not something to dismiss right away, although, pasta in a sandwich is a little weird.

25 Too Weird: The Black Burger

Generally, in food preparation, seeing black isn’t a good sign. It usually means something is rotten or going bad. So, McDonald's choice to make their buns black seems kind of odd, to say the least, and not appealing at all.

The Black Burger is a regular burger from McDonald's, except the bun is dyed black for some unknown reason.

They do this by using squid dye to color the buns. I’m sure there is nothing wrong with the burger, but it just doesn’t seem appetizing to eat a black hamburger bun. Food is about all the senses and visually, this one doesn’t stack up.

24 Too Weird: Sweety Con Nutella burger

Maybe it’s the name that puts us off here, but the Sweety burger is actually a dessert, and in Italy, it is called Sweety con Nutella.

It has the shape of a burger, but instead of a uniform slab of beef in the middle, it has a big gooey center of Nutella hazelnut and cocoa spread.

According to The Verge, it’s small, but still packs over 256 calories per serving. It makes sense for chocolate lovers in Europe, but over in the United States, it may be a little tough to stomach a ‘burger’ made of Nutella spread.

23 Would Try: McCurry Pan

The McCurry Pan is McDonald's twist to offer a vegetarian meal in India, a place where they eat plenty of curried meals.

The curried vegetables come in a cream sauce and then are put in a bowl made of bread, so you can eat the bowl.

According to The Week Magazine, it was first served at the Amritsar, India restaurant, which was the first vegetarian McDonald's in the world, which shows that McDonald's is at least willing to give the locals what they want and adjust their menu accordingly.

22 Too Weird: McShrimp

How about instead of the tasty McDonald's fries you order a side of shrimp? That’s right, you can add the properly named, McShrimp, to the side of your meal in Russia, which comes breaded and deep fried, so maybe it’s good, but we can’t see it being as good as the fries.

And it would seem like an odd combo to ask someone for. “Would you like shrimp with that?” Doesn’t have the same ring to it as fries, and it’s more seafood at a fast food chain, which could be off if not cooked right.

21 Would Try: Chicken McDo with Spaghetti

The Chicken McDo with Spaghetti is a weird combination for any menu, let alone McDonald's, but it is very popular in the Philippines.

It’s essentially spaghetti with sauce and then a chicken drumstick that has been coated in breadcrumbs and fried.

It’s almost like a chicken park dish, just without throwing it all together and topping it off with a lot of cheese. According to, it catered to Filipino tastes, as rather than vegetables, meat is preferred to be served with sweet seasoning. And it only costs $2.80 USD to purchase.

20 Too Weird: Gratin Croquette Burger

The Gratin Croquette burger has been around since 1993 in Japan, and is only available as a limited time item. Think the McRib, but for the Japanese. But unlike macaroni and cheese, this fried pasta dish, which consists of fried crab macaroni croquette between two buns is a little far.

It’s hard to think of those two going to getting well, and McDonald’s isn’t really the place you want to be getting crab meat from in the first place, and according to Sora News in Japan, prawn is now an option as well.

19 Would Try: Poutine

This might not be the weirdest thing on the list, as poutine is a very popular Canadian food, but hasn’t taken hold in the United States just yet.

It’s fries with cheese curds and gravy.

For those who love McDonald’s fries, they just got taken to another level altogether. The exception, according to Eat This, it contains 30 grams of fat and over 1,000 milligrams of sodium. And then they went and added maple-flavored BBQ sauce and bacon bits in 2015, because at McDonald's, everything needs bacon.

18 Too Weird: McLobster

Canada had it right with the poutine, but then they went out of bounds with the McLobster, Canada’s version of the McRib.

This lobster roll sounds good until you remember you are eating fast food and something such as a lobster should not be cooked quickly and left to sit.

According to the CBC, however, that wasn’t the reason McDonald's stopped offering the roll, but more because they were being priced out by the cost of lobster. McLobster was costing $11.99, making it one of the most expensive on the menu.

17 Would Try: MegaMac

If you ever thought to yourself that the classic Big Mac wasn’t enough, well you’re in luck, especially in Korea, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates, as McDonald's introduced the MegaMac, which could be called the Big Mac squared.

Instead of two patties, it has four, and according to Eat This, if you can finish the entire thing you will have put away 736 calories, 44 grams of fat, 1,420 milligrams of sodium and 109 milligrams of cholesterol. Still, it’s the classic Big Mac just juiced up, so we’ll give it a try.

16 Too Weird: Mashed Potato Burger

Have you ever had a bacon double cheeseburger at McDonald's? Have you ever thought to yourself, “this burger needs some mashed potatoes in it”. Well, don’t worry, because McDonald's thought of that for you.

When in China, they decided to put, mashed potatoes on top of the two patties in the burger and tried to say it was a ‘manly burger’.

That was their marketing ploy to get people to buy it. Some things just don’t go together, and mashed potatoes on a burger is a good example.

15 Would Try: Ovomaltine McFlurry

The container is round, the lid is round, why don’t they call it roundtine? Ok, bad Seinfeld jokes aside, there is nothing gold about a McDonald’s McFlurry made out of Ovaltine.

But in Brazil, that is exactly what they do, making it with the chocolate Ovomaltine powder.

Add in some chocolate sauce and some chocolate chips and it’s definitely a weird combination that could taste good, considering it’s just all chocolate and ice cream, which you can’t really go wrong with.

14 Would Try: McNoodles

When someone thinks of McDonald's they probably aren’t looking for a big bowl of stir-fry, but in Austria, that is exactly what you can get in the properly named McNoodles.

The limited time only bowls were McDonald's attempt to appeal to the Hindu population, according to the Daily Mail, and as a way to offer something for vegetarians, as the bowls came with vegetables and salad, chicken pieces and either sweet and sour or curry sauce.

A good choice by McDonald's in order to expand their food to other groups.

13 Too Weird: Matcha Oreo McFlurry

McDonald's has many different kinds of McFlurry ice cream varieties, with their classic being the Oreo version. It’s simply crushed Oreo in vanilla ice cream. Nothing weird about that. And during St. Patrick’s Day, they have a mint flavored one that is green.

But in Japan, their green McFlurry isn’t the mint version, it’s green from green tea.

The Matcha Oreo McFlurry is their normal Oreo McFlurry but with green tea added and mixed together. An odd combo to say the least.

12 Too Weird: Taro Pie

If someone were to grab Taro Pie in China, they might think they are about to eat a hot apple pie, as the shape is pretty much the same as you would find in the United States for McDonald’s classic apple pie.

But in China, they use taro root as the filling, which has a purple color to it, and tastes a lot like sweet potatoes.

Not exactly the dessert someone is thinking of at the end of their meal and we’ll pass on it for that reason.

11 Would Try: Big Spicy Paneer Wrap

McDonald's is tapping into the local food again with this Big Spicy Paneer Wrap, which is found in India. Considering they eat a lot of veggies, this wrap perfectly fits their diet, and includes, according to, tender paneer with a crunchy batter and a bed of veggies and seasonings, completed with a line of creamy sauce, mustard and melted cheese.

That actually sounds pretty good and if you can’t eat chicken, it’s the next best thing to grab on the go, with a little bit of kick in it for flavor.

10 Too Weird: McNürnburger

The only thing ‘burger’ related in this McDonald's dish is the bun, but would anyone expect anything less out of the Germans to come up with a hamburger that is made of sausages?

McDonald's took bratwursts and served them in a bun with mustard and onions.

The McNurnburger only had a three-month run, however, which isn’t all that crazy. Why would they use a hamburger bun for sausages when there are sausage buns to begin with? There is no chance those sausages stay in place while someone eats them.

9 Would Try: Samurai Pork Burger

First, to note, the Samurai Pork Burger was introduced in Thailand, which is odd because samurais are from Japan.

But with that out of the way, McDonald's took out the regular hamburger patties and replaced it with a pork one, and it also comes with teriyaki sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions, and mayo.

This would easily catch on in the United States, as BBQ is a way of life in some southern states, and with the right sauce, this would fly off the menu no problem.

8 Too Weird: Pineapple Oreo McFlurry

Once Again, McDonald's is adding to the Oreo McFlurry, but this addition will be more one-sided than the 'pineapple on pizza' debate. McDonald's in Columbia has made the Pineapple Oreo McFlurry, which is a blend of Oreo and pineapple filling to create this debate riddled ice cream dessert.

Some people may actually like pineapple as an ice cream dessert, more than a pizza topping, and according to First We Feast, it is very popular in Latin America. But McDonald's needs to stop touching the classic Oreo McFlurry.

7 Would Try: McBaguette

For a sophisticated McDonalds experience, try the French McBaguette. Instead of a typical bun, the French went with a soft Baguette, which makes it feel a little less like fast food, and more like something you would sit down for.

According to The Daily Meal, McDonald's in France are known for being some of the most sophisticated with their food options, as even French cuisine doesn’t take time off even for fast food. I wonder if you can ask for a glass of McWine to go along with it?