The United States of America is comprised of several individual entities, known as states.  These states each have their own culture and way of doing things, with every single one acting differently from the next. It has even been said that every state has a distinct personality, relating to certain traits as humans do.

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This is why the states can be matched with a particular MBTI®, which, in turn, could be the same as your own. The traits and food selections of the area are indicative of its specific personality profile, allowing us to relate to a state on a personal level. Keep reading to find out which state you are based on your MBTI®!


Texans are loud and direct, like an ENTJ. They are not afraid to tell you how it is or stand up for their rights. Their charisma is enhanced by their southern Texan twang, drawing the ears of listeners.

Texans are known for their stubborn attitudes, like ENTJs, choosing to stand their ground rather than give in to a new way of doing things. Sometimes they can be seen as ruthless in the way they deal with their cattle, but they need you to understand that it's all part of the job.


The state of Utah is like an INTJ in how they are both so open-minded. It is where the Sundance film festival is located, a convention for the great minds of film-makers to convene and discuss new ideas.

Their well-known fry sauce and apple beer are as strategic as any INTJ, targeting two food items loved by all Americans. This state is also confident because not everyone can climb the high mountain ranges they offer or bike the precarious trails, but an INTJ would do it in a heartbeat.


Ohio is as supportive as any ISFJ, especially when it comes to their sports teams. The Ohio State Buckeyes are a staple in the Ohio sports diet, as enthusiastic fans fill the stadium. ISFJs are as loyal as any Ohio sports fan, especially when it comes to watching the Browns.

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They have continued to cheer them on despite consistently losing over the past several years, and with Baker Mayfield, their luck may change. This state may take things too personally, especially in terms of their sports rivalries, but ISFJs understand because they are the same way.


ESFJs can relate to the state of Maine because of its practical nature. They are known for their seafood, because they take advantage of their close proximity to the ocean. They understand lobster is the best way to support their economy and they take this very seriously, considering they have their very own Lobster Institute.

This state also warms the soul (like any ESFJ) because the scent of pine fills the air, which is the scent of several homey candles that soothe our minds with their warmth.


California and ESFPs understand one another, as they both crave the spotlight. The state is bold as it sets new trends and creates the basis of new ideas, a trait any ESFP can appreciate.

As it's the performer capital of the nation, this state is known for its showmanship, harbouring several ESFP personality types within its borders. This city is easily bored, as the public flits from one celebrity to another. The state is original and unique, boasting a people who are considered to be a different breed, just like ESFPs.


Florida is a haven for any ENFP because of its relaxing nature. This state is where several retired individuals have winter vacation homes to enjoy the rest of their life, an attitude mirrored in the way that ENFPs choose to spend their time.

It is a popular tourist destination, attracting crowds from across the nation and beyond. ENFPs can relate to all of these aspects as well as the energy associated with the state. Disney World is found here, and this personality group could think of no better way to spend their time than hanging out with friendly Mickey Mouse.


Minnesota is an artistic place to be, similar to the personality of an ISFP. This state is overly competitive, as you can see by the creation of the Mall of America. They had to outdo every other mall by creating that huge complex, crushing their enemies as well as any ISFP.

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The people are passionate --like ISFPs-- about their boats, with one boat being registered here for every six people (more than any other state). They are artistic, inventing several useful things which ISFPs enjoy, including Scotch tape and Bisquick.


Wyoming has the lowest population in the entire United States, an interesting parallel with the low number of INFJs who exist. This state is extremely private with its minimal population, mysterious to any outsiders, like the personality of an INFJ.

Wyoming is also passionate about fighting for female rights (showing that same spirit INFJs possess), being the first state to grant women the right to vote and electing the first female governor. The state's motto is even "equal rights," which INFJs would be championing right along with them.


INFPs relate to Louisiana for its idealistic nature. Hurricane Katrina hit this state pretty hard, but the people refused to back down from the challenge. They have continued to rebuild and remain optimistic despite the large challenge they face, as dedicated to their state as any INFP.

This state is creative, like INFPs, when it comes to putting on a Mardi Gras celebration. Louisiana makes the holiday into an enviable party and any INFP would be glad to be there.


Tennessee is as original as an ESTP,  home to Nashville, the country music capital of the world. Artists from around the nation travel to this state to begin their careers as music legends, taking a huge risk as they leave their families behind.

ESTPs are sociable, like this state, as the people who reside here attempt to make casual conversation with you wherever you go. Tennessee is as bold in its radical ideas, just like an ESTP is when they push the boundaries accepted by society.

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