Everyone knows that the coastlines of the Pacific Northwest are stunning. This holds equally true for Canada's island-studded segment of it. Canada boasts the southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia - reachable by ferries from Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle. These islands are beautiful pieces of paradise and are ideal for visiting. They are only thinly populated and most have only limited development, keeping them pristine and the perfect place for a quiet getaway.


One of these stunning islands is the picturesque island of Mayne Island. There are several stunning islands to choose from in the Gulf, but one doesn't actually have to choose. If one has time, consider island hopping through the islands. Another stunning island that's well worth visiting is the beautiful Salt Spring Island.

About Mayne Island

  • Highest Peak: 255 Meters or 837 Feet
  • Population: 995

The Gulf Islands of which Mayne Island is a part are known to have some of the warmest climates in all of Canada and are classified as a sub-Mediterranean climate. The winters are mild and damp while the summers are warm and humid. These islands are so picture perfect and relatively warm, that the BBC even called them "The Forgotten Hawaiian Islands Of Canada."

The largest ferry operator around here is BC Ferries and they provide connections to all the main islands. They service the island with ferries leaving from Tsawwassen (that is, Vancouver), and Swartz Bay (that is, Victoria). Another option to get to the island (as well as the other islands in the Gulf) is by SeaAir Seaplanes who operated scheduled floatplane services from Vancouver downtown and the airport to Mayne Island. One can also take islands to the southern Gulf from Seattle.

To check out the pricing and schedules of the BC Ferries see here.

  • Note: Due To The Covid-19 Pandemic, One Should Check Up-to-Date Information To See What Is Operating And Open

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Mayne Island is about midway between the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. One can visit the island for day trips but it is definitely perfect for longer getaway stays. For those wishing to stay for longer, there are many bed and breakfasts around the island as well as a campground.

  • Provincial Parks: Unlike Other Southern Gulf Islands, There Are No Provincial Parks

Accommodation On The Island

The island is quaint and slow-paced. Here are some of the accommodation options for those seeking to stay on the island:

The Mayne Island Resort

  • Rooms: Oceanview Rooms With Private Baths In A 1912 Inn
  • Beach Cottages: Also Offers Fully Equipped Waterfront Beach Cottages
  • Dining: Has A RestaurantAnd Patio Dining With Stunning Views
  • Seal Beach Cottage
  • Situated: On 22 Acres of Secluded Pristine Forest
  • Offers: Beautiful Waterfront Views - Steps From The Beach

The Blue Vista Resort

  • Offered: 9 Fully Equipped Cottages And Studios Of 1 or 2 Bedrooms
  • Pets: Pet Friendly
  • Open Season: Year-Round

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Wind In The Arbutus

  • About: Cozy, Private, And Self-Contained Little Cabin
  • Pets: Pet Friendly
  • Open: Year Around

The Coastwater

  • Style: High-End Style Home With a Comfortable And Relaxing Atmosphere

This is only a sampling of the accommodation options on offer. For a fuller list and will links to their websites with seasons and pricing, see here. One can also read about the campground on the island here.

Mayne Island Activities

Staying on Mayne Island is all about relaxing and venturing into the grand outdoors. Here one is on a sleepy little island with only basic amenities (don't expect any shopping centers or much past a general store here). While staying here indulge in the grand outdoors with activities like boating, hiking, kayaking, camping, and wildlife viewing. Kayaks can be rented on the island - including from the Mayne Island resort.

The West Coast is famous for its spectacular marine wildlife. While on the island keep one's eyes peeled for sea lions, whales, and killer whales (aka orcas). They can often be seen swimming off the coast. Skywards scan for the iconic bald-headed eagle. For a guide to whale watching in nearby Puget Sound by Seattle see here.

  • Hiking: There Is A Very Easy 0.9 Mile or 1.5 Kilometer Loop Trail From Bennet Bay To Campbell Point (The Island Is Too Small For Big Hikes)
  • Historic Lighthouse: At Georgina Point Is The Historic Lighthouse That Was Built In 1885
  • Reserve: There May Not Be a Provincial Park Here But There Is The Gulf (Also A Great Place For Spotting Killer Whales, Harbor Seals, and Seabirds)

Relax and unwind while on this beautiful little island. Enjoy the basicness of the infrastructure and the slow pace of life. Rent a kayak and watch out for the majestic marine wildlife that populates this stunning piece of coastline.

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