A man recently tried to get almost 100 spiders past airport security in French Guiana, but his attempt was unsurprisingly thwarted.

The last 20 years have seen airport and flight security get a lot tighter, and quite rightly too. While on the surface it can personally be quite annoying, you appreciate it when you realize it is all for our own safety. There is a method to the madness that is not allowing passengers to have more than 100 ml of liquid in their carry-on, and also to letting strangers inspect our shoes.


When security is checking bags and patting us down, they're naturally looking for something that might cause harm to others. Weapons, explosives, that kind of thing. What they won't be expecting to find is a tarantula. They definitely won't be expecting to find almost 100 of them. However, that happened at Cayenne-Félix Eboué Airport in French Guiana recently.

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Agence France Presse reports that a man attempted to smuggle 88 spiders onto a flight. The haul included 38 adult arachnids, 50 adolescent ones, and a bunch of egg-filled cocoons to boot! When caught out as he attempted to board his flight to Paris, the Polish gentleman simply replied that he is "passionate about insects." Obviously not that passionate as technically, spiders aren't insects, they are arachnids.

Shockingly, it technically isn't illegal to travel with tarantulas according to TravelPulse. However, as you might imagine, the process is heavily regulated. We don't know for certain, but we'd hazard to guess the man above was not adhering to the strict rules of spider transportation when he was caught out with his dozens of live tarantulas. Even more shocking is that this incident isn't isolated, and similar situations have unfolded relatively recently.

Last year, one man tried to smuggle 70 live finches through JFK by placing them inside hair rollers. Earlier this year, another man was stopped by airport security for having four live kittens stuffed inside his pants. How he expected to get away with that last one is anyone's guess. The lesson here is don't try to smuggle live animals. There are certain hoops you need to jump through to travel with them, and all of the above should be enough proof that those rules are there for a reason.

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