A man on his way back from Jamaica spent three months in jail earlier this year after airport security believed his jars of honey to be liquid meth.

None of us want to go to jail, and thankfully, most of us won't. You have to commit a pretty serious crime, or repeatedly commit a bunch of not so serious ones in order to wind up there. However, what if we end up in jail even though we've done nothing wrong? Perhaps we've been framed or falsely imprisoned.


You might think that kind of thing is reserved for the movie world, but not necessarily. A man traveling back from Jamaica late last year was kept in jail for three months after he did nothing wrong. When passing through airport security, Leon Haughton had three jars of honey he had bought in his native country taken from him by airport security, reports CNN.

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When security returned, Leon was arrested. That's because the honey taken from him had tested positive for liquid methamphetamine. When told this, Leon revealed that he didn't even know what methamphetamine is. Also, that he had bought the honey from a roadside vendor in Jamaica and certainly wasn't trying to smuggle drugs. Nevertheless, he was taken to a county jail where he would spend the next three months of his life.

The claim from officials is that a drug-sniffing dog was alerted by the honey, and two tests carried out on it after that showed it contained a controlled substance. However, a confirmatory lab test showed that there was indeed no meth at all, and it really was just honey inside the three bottles. So why was Leon kept in jail for three months, and what happens now?

Well, Leon was kindly offered his honey back, which he refused. Considering he lost two jobs and his credit was destroyed while he was in jail, the wrongfully accused man is looking for a little more than honey in the form of compensation. Leon promises that there will be lawsuits regarding this case after he was put through hell for doing, well, nothing wrong at all.

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