We all want that getaway from the real world, and the beach provides a great place to do that. But do you really want a bunch of kids running around, ruining your romantic escape? Probably not. Kids can be great, but if you do not have them, you do not want to spend time with other people's kids. And if you have your own kids, the beach is so much more enjoyable without them.

This list of 25 beaches that are not kid-friendly covers everything from beaches that are difficult to take kids to (think super secluded beach) all the way to beaches where kids are not even allowed (think adult-themed party beach).

Beaches are great, with white sands and crystal turquoise waters. Many of these beaches are protected, so they have outstanding beauty both on and around the beach. The locations of the beaches on this list vary widely, from Europe to South America, and so the type of beach and surroundings are different enough that you will want to visit each and every single one of them.

So, send the kids to grandma and grandpa and pack the sunscreen. We are taking you on a worldwide tour of the top 25 beaches that are not places to take your kids.

25 Anse De Flamands, St. Barth

St. Barth's may be a popular destination for honeymooners and couples, which makes it enough of a reason to not bring kids. But, Anse de Flamands is a little farther away from the resorts so you get a little more privacy here, which can be a welcome relief when you are on your honeymoon or even just escaping from the rest of the world with the love of your life.

Anse de Flamands is known for its white sand and beautiful green foliage, which will provide you with a perfect contrast of sun and shade. With crystal clear waters that are inviting you to just rush right in for a swim, there is nothing to hate about Anse de Flamands beach.

Yet, you are not so far away from the rest "civilization" that you cannot get back in a few minutes' time to grab a drink or dinner. But when you are out there with your love and there are no kids around, you are not going to want to go back for any reason. So, pack a picnic lunch and dinner before you head out in the morning to Anse de Flamands for the kind of beach fun that you would not want kids observing anyway.

24 Hedonism II, Jamaica (What Goes On At Hedonism II Stays At Hedonism II)

The name "Hedonism II" just sounds like a place you would not want to take your kids, and you may not want to go there yourself either. However, this is one of the top beaches for adult-only fun, and it is located in Jamaica. The alcohol is free-flowing and some of the beaches are "bare", so what goes on at Hedonism II pretty much stays at Hedonism II. Specifically aimed at couples that are looking for the ultimate escape, this beach area really lets you show your true colors when it comes to enjoying yourself. There are themes at the resort related to some of the steamiest romances or, for the less adventurous, more modest accommodations. While the resort has swim-up bars and pools, it is the beaches that really see all the action. The white sands of the Caribbean never looked as good as they do in Jamaica, and when you throw a bunch of beautiful people into the mix, you surely have one of the best beach parties in the area. But as indicated, this is definitely an "adult only" place, and people are going to be doing their "adult only" thing. So, do not even think about bringing kids with you...ever.

23 Playa Rincon, Dominican Republic

Away from the bustle of the resorts in the Dominican Republic is a beach called Playa Rincon. It has been voted as one of the top beaches in the world by leading travel authorities. The beach itself is four kilometers long and surrounded by 600-meter cliffs and palm trees.

To get there, you will want to rent an ATV or jeep because it is quite secluded. And that is what makes Playa Rincon so ideal for adults to visit—the seclusion. While there are no rules governing taking your kids to this beach, it is frowned upon pretty heavily.

No one can force the kids out, but with the level of seclusion out there, do not be surprised if some of the couples on their honeymoon get to "adult only" business. But instead of people watching, you are going to be watching the waves roll across the crystal water against the white sands and taking the time to enjoy the sun. You are at the beach after all, and that means that you are on vacation. Let the problems of the world melt away with the sunlight and sand and water, especially if those problems include kids, since you intentionally left them back home.

22 Desire Riviera Maya Resort, Mexico

The Desire Riviera Maya Resort in Mexico is definitely "adult only" and "couples only." And if those are not reasons to leave the kids at home, then clothing is optional at the Desire Riviera Maya Resort. Everything about the experience at this beachside resort is aimed at couples looking to have a good time together without their kids. From the opportunity to enjoy sensual couples massages to a menu of fantasies to participate in, you know you are going to have a good time at this beach with your lover. There are a number of activities to participate in, such as swimming and sports, with all of them aimed at keeping the party going all day. Into the night, there is a nightclub and party atmosphere at this private beach. As with all beaches in Mexico, you can expect clear blue water lapping against white sandy beaches. This is the atmosphere of a vacation and getaway from reality. But this is definitely a great "adult only" alternative to some of the other beaches of Mexico, a place for you to enjoy being in love and partying with the love of your life. The beach is only for couples, so you will not find random hookups here. But, there are certainly no kids at Desire Riviera Maya Resort.

21 Playas De Palomino, Colombia

The beaches of Colombia are known for being some of the finest in the Caribbean, if you know how to get to them. And Playas de Palomino is no exception to this rule. With a long expanse of white sand beaches and turquoise water, you are sure to enjoy every moment at this beach.

Playas de Palomino is one of the more secluded beaches in Colombia, which makes it perfect for a getaway without kids, yours or other people's.

There seems to always be a party going on at this beach, ideal for those that love to get down and dirty on the sand. If dancing and partying are not your style, there are a couple of good places to eat away from the beach. That way, people are not cluttering up the beach with their food and trash. Playas de Palomino is close enough to civilization that you can easily get back to the real world. But it is far enough away that the real world will have a hard time following you down to the water. So leave your problems behind you or leave them at the airport. Just enjoy yourself down on the beach and remember that the kids are not your problem this weekend.

20 Plage De Tahiti, France (Playground For The Rich And Famous... Without Their Kids)

Plage de Tahiti is a popular celebrity destination that also happens to be a "bare" beach. Located in the middle of the French Riviera region, visitors are welcome to enjoy the beautiful sand and turquoise water that is only possible in this region of the Mediterranean. But do not bring your kids to enjoy this beach with you. They are not welcome under any circumstances. This is definitely an "adult only" kind of place, being nude beach and all. The beach is one of the finest on the French Riviera, with impeccable sand and water so clear that the waves themselves are clear. This really is the playground of the rich and famous. And with close access to the rest of the region, you are welcome to take advantage of all that the region has to offer. That is, if you can get away from Plage de Tahiti. You may go with the best of intentions, but people watching is something different at this beach, especially when you do not need to worry about your kids pulling you down to the surf to go look for crabs. Beach-going reaches a whole new level at Plage de Tahiti, not just with the caliber of beach, but the quality of the patrons of the beach.

19 Smuggler’s Cove, Greece

Do your own smuggling at Smuggler’s Cove in Greece. Just make sure you are not smuggling your kids in. Now on to the island of Zakynthos.

This beach is accessible only by boat, making it a perfect escape from the world. And because of that, you are going to need to bring everything you will need for your stay because the only way to get supplies is to go back to the mainland.

Smuggler’s Cove is probably most famous for the shipwreck that is there, which adds an air of mystery to any visit to the beach. The white sands surrounded by high white cliffs make for a great photo opportunity for couples seeking to smuggle a few romantic moments into a trip to Greece. While this is not a completely secluded beach, there are chances to get away from the rest of the people for a moment or two with each other, especially if you dare to climb up the cliffs that overlook the beach. From up there, you can see nothing but water surrounding you, and the sense of isolation will build. But remember, you can always head back to the mainland on the next ship that pulls into the cove, unless Smuggler’s Cove takes another ship to a watery grave.

18 Playa El Torn, Spain (Plenty Of Room For Everyone... Except For Kids)

Playa El Torn has a mile of pristine beach backing up against a pine forest. And it is a beautiful beach that is regularly cleaned and paroled to keep the litterers away. The forest is perfect for hiking through for views of the water. But the dunes are where the real action is. At this "adult only" beach, there are no kids in sight, and the size of the beach makes for plenty of personal space for all beachgoers. Playa El Torn is a protected beach in Spain, which is why it is so clean and tidy. Because of the state of the beach, one would think that it would be crowded at all times, but really, there is plenty of room for anyone and everyone, except for children, though. There is no room for them. So, when you want to take it all off and get away, consider visiting Playa El Torn on the coast of Spain. There are no accommodations on the beach, but there are plenty of options nearby, so you can make your trip as extended as you would like it to be. Playa El Torn may not be the most famous naturist beach in the world, but it's probably one of the better options.

17 Praia Do Pinho, Brazil

Brazil may not be known as a haven for naturist beaches, but there happens to be one called Praia do Pinho that is pretty awesome. But

because it is a naturist beach, that means you really are not allowed to bring your kids. In fact, do not even consider bringing your kids to this beautiful stretch of beach. It is kind of difficult to get to Praia do Pinho, but those adults that take the time and put in the effort to get there are going to be rewarded.

The water is clear. The sand is soft. The surroundings are lush. What more could you ask for at a naturist beach that is definitely only for adults? The strong waves at Praia do Pinho are good enough for body surfing, if you dare. You are going to need to cough up some money for a few things like umbrellas and other amenities that you may have forgotten in your haste to get to the beach. But with the sun shining and the waves crashing, you will soon leave all of your worries behind. The carefree nature of a naturist beach is on display at Praia do Pinho. And best of all, there are zero kids around.

16 Kumimi Beach, Hawaii

One of few less busy beaches left in Hawaii, Kumimi Beach is the perfect beach for an escape from the kids. In fact, it is so secluded that you will want to take your own water with you, in addition to any other adult beverages you want to bring. Unlike many beaches, the sand of Kumimi Beach is gold-colored, not white or brown, which provides for a sharp contrast to the blue waters. The sand is gentle and the water is calm. A real treat for those that are not looking for roaring waves and the pound of the surf against the beach. Snorkeling is a favored activity at Kumimi Beach, and couples can easily enjoy a long trip swimming in the water without the need for scuba gear. What could be more carefree and romantic than that? Because it is so secluded from the rest of Hawaii, the beach is not ideal for families with kids, as it will be difficult to get them back to the car or civilization. Therefore, Kumimi Beach is recommended for those couples and adults who do not want children running around spoiling the peaceful calm. Exactly the kind of beach that you are looking for when the world gets too hectic.

15 Bamburgh, England

Bamburgh, in England, may not be the kind of beach that even adults would want to go to. It is very cold because it sits so far north that the sun just cannot warm the sand, and that's hardly the place to go if you are looking for a typical beach getaway, if you ask me. And that means definitely not the kind of place you would take your kids.

Sure, there is a castle, but you cannot get into the castle to meet a king, so the castle really only appeals to those that can appreciate a castle for what it is, and that is going to be the adults in the family.

Pristine sandy beaches lined by dunes with Bamburgh Castle making a dramatic backdrop paints a beautiful picture for those that can appreciate it. Head north along the beach to see Stag Rock named because of the painted stag on the cliff face. While not completely isolated from the rest of the British countryside, Bamburgh is a place that will take a little to get to. But, if you happen to be visiting England and you are without your kids, be sure to take the time to visit Bamburgh beach where you will be surrounded by the stark beauty that is the English coast.

14 Playa Suecas, Panama

If you have never been to Panama, then you may not know that this is a very conservative country. But with beaches on the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, you may find yourself looking for a beach that is only for adults. Well, if you look hard enough, you will find Playa Suecas, a "clothing optional" beach on the Pacific coast of Panama. The beach is pretty small and backed by forests, like most beaches like this. And there is no room for your kids. The idea is to let adults get back to nature, if they wish, and leave their clothes somewhere else. Playa Suecas is the only officially-sanctioned beach of this sort in the area, so it can get quite busy but not overly crowded. There are no amenities at this beach, so be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen. The beauty of nature surrounding you and the calm ocean in front of you creates a picturesque atmosphere for those adults who like to share the beach with other adults and not with kids. Playa Suecas may not be well-known outside of Panama. But if you have a chance to get there, it is worth the extra trouble, especially because it is a great opportunity for adults to adult without kids around.

13 Lovers Beach, Cabo (A Beach For Lovers)

An out-of-the-way beach on the north side of Nevis, Lovers Beach is exactly that, a beach for lovers. Not lovers of beaches. Not lovers of the ocean. Not lovers of the big open sky. Although, you will find all of those things at Lovers Beach. No, Lovers Beach is a beach for people in love with each other who wish to share that love with each other.

And that means no kids because kids get in the way in a world of lovers. True, the love between lovers often leads to kids, but you need a secluded place, away from the rest of the world, to truly appreciate the love that you bear for one another.

Lovers Beach provides just that. Hidden off a dirt track, the beach is only accessible (it seems) to those that seek to truly find and appreciate all that it offers. Yes, there are white sandy beaches and the crash of the surf against them and the sky goes on forever. But only true lovers will appreciate the majesty that Lovers Beach offers the world. Only true lovers who are unhindered by children in tow will reap the benefits of this magical beach.

12 Ifaty Beach, Madagascar

Located on the Mozambique Channel in Madagascar is a beach called Ifaty Beach. It is a white beach channel with palm tree cover—the perfect place to get away from it all. Ifaty Beach is fairly isolated, which is ideal for escaping from the world of kids and enjoying an "adult only" outing. True, this beach is not like the resort beaches that are adult only, but instead, it gives adults a chance to bond with each other without the cry of little ones ruining the silence. Sheltered by a reef, Ifaty Beach has many opportunities for snorkeling, which is a great activity for adults to enjoy at the beach. There are certainly a lot of beaches in Africa, but Ifaty Beach is repeatedly noted as one of the best by travel authorities all over the world. The sand and the surf are a little different than other beaches in Africa. There is something special about this place that is hard to describe, even after one has visited. Ifaty Beach may look like any beach in Madagascar or Africa, but this isolated place draws the kind of adults that seek to escape the problems that vacationing with kids can bring and, in so doing, gain a deeper appreciation for the simplicity of a beach trip.

11 Squeaky Beach, Australia

Australia is known for some of the finest beaches in the world. After all, the environment there in the South Pacific is perfect for a beach. But there is one beach in particular that is very unique among beaches in the world, Squeaky Beach. So named because the sand squeaks under your feet as you walk on it. While you may think that kids would think that this would be quite cool to experience, it really is an experience that is best appreciated by adults and adults only.

The "sand" of Squeaky Beach is not the silica that most sand is made up of. Instead, the sand here is made of round grains of quartz that squeak instead of crunch under your feet.

For those couples looking for a rendezvous, there is a network of granite boulders at the northern edge of the beach, which create a set of passage ways for couples to explore and meet each other in. The charm of Squeaky Beach may seem to lie in the squeaky sand and beautiful turquoise waters, but really, it is the lack of children that makes for a great experience for couples who want to be with each other and no one else.

10 Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay, in Tasmania, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And why would you want to share the most beautiful beach in the world with a bunch of rowdy kids, right? Correct answer: You would not want to share a beautiful beach with a bunch of kids. The beauty of a white sand beach back-dropped by pink granite cliffs will take your breath away. Wineglass Bay is a very secluded beach and is therefore very popular among couples. The perfect crescent of white sand with sapphire blue water lapping against it provides a perfect setting for any romantic getaway—sans kids, of course, because you know that the kids are only going to make things less perfect. In fact, Wineglass Bay is a favorite for honeymooners from Tasmania, as well as from around the world. There are a number of great activities to participate in, from fishing to kayaking to rock climbing. And, of course, there is always the plentiful sun to sit back and enjoy. The secluded beach with its lodges and fantastic cuisine will take you to another world. Escape from the stress and anxiety of kids and the rest of the world by taking a trip to Tasmania and Wineglass Bay.

9 Rabbit Island, Italy

Rabbit Island is a tiny island some 105 miles off the coast of Italy, making it one of the most secluded islands that is still relatively easy to access. The perfection of the white sands and crystal water will blow your mind, to be sure. And since there are no rabbits to see, there is no need to bring your kids to see them. Dive into the beautiful water, without worrying about your kids or go for a short snorkel along the beach. You can only access Rabbit Island by ferry, so be sure to plan for a trip that will last the entire day. That means that you are not going to want to bring kids on the trip across the beautiful Mediterranean to Rabbit Island because we all know that kids do not sit well on a ferry. And if you have to leave because of them, that will ruin the day.

Rabbit Island is so secluded that many people do not know about it or they are not willing to make the journey. However, this seclusion of the beautiful island makes it ideal for people on a romantic getaway.

Of course, if you are honeymooning, feel free to enjoy your freedom from kids while it lasts. And if you already have kids, you may want to plan to leave them with grandma.

8 Boston Bay Beach, Jamaica

Boston Bay Beach in Jamaica is all about a trip to paradise...without the kids. This secluded beach is not on the radar for most tourists, mainly because there are not a lot of vendors hawking their wares. That means that you will not have a bunch of people to contend with, as you and the other adults in your party get down to the business of having a day at the beach away from kids. One thing that is nice about Boston Bay Beach is that it has free parking, free entry, and free restrooms. Those are all things that are difficult to find in Jamaica, and when you throw in the fact that a lot of people do not know about his beach, you get a real win with this one. There are a couple of hotels and restaurants nearby, so you will have a place to stay and places to eat, should you choose to make your stay at Boston Bay Beach last any longer than a few hours. Of course, why would you want to leave this pristine white sand beach? Stay as long as you want, knowing that there are not going to be kids to ruin your visit, and the isolation means that there are not going to be a lot of other adults around to mess with your beach adventures.

7 Grace Bay, Turks And Caicos

For a truly clean and beautiful beach experience, try Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos. This very romantic beach destination has consistently been rated one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Grace Bay is protected from swells by a coral reef that leaves the powdery white sand smooth and soft for strolling along. There are no rocks to be seen on Grace Bay, which adds to the ideal conditions for beach strolling.

The beach is about three miles long, which gives ample room for groups to spread out and get away from each other.

The cleanliness and quality of Grace Bay is something that is rare in natural beaches, although the fact that the beach is protected by a Jamaican national park helps ensure that the beach stays clean. And with an amazing resort located at the bay, there are ample accommodations for adult getaways of all kinds. Are you looking for a romantic rendezvous? How about a girls' getaway? Whatever you are looking for in a beautiful stretch of beach, you are sure to find it at Grace Bay, especially if you are looking for a chance to escape from the world of children. Leave the kids at home and enjoy a relaxing time at Grace Bay and beach.

6 Swanbourne Beach, Australia

Adults in Perth, Australia know that Swanbourne Beach is the place to go for a relaxing trip to the beach without a bunch of kids running around. The beach is actually owned by the Australian military, so it is up to the beachgoers to keep the beach clean. And they do a remarkable job of doing just that. After all, if you are going to enjoy the beach, you are going to want to make sure that that beach is worth enjoying. And this beach is actually really worth enjoying. Swanbourne Beach has everything you could hope for—from refreshments at a little stand nearby to some good fun to be had by all. Yes, there are regularly games that go on at Swanbourne Beach—games like tug of war and beach volleyball. Imagine that, a bunch of adults, stripped down, playing in the sand. You do not get any more wholesome than that! But remember, this is not a family=friendly place. It is only for adults—adults who like to be kids at heart and have a really good time with other adults at the beach. So forget your swimming trunks and head to Swanbourne Beach to enjoy some time outside of Perth.