Maine does not get as much love as some of the other states in the United States of America, but it has quite a few fun attractions to visit. The average person will view places like New York, California and Illinois as the states with the most hot spots worth exploring. It leads to states like Maine flying under the radar as a nice place to visit and have a great time.

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Flights and hotels in Maine are often cheaper than other states which makes it a good value. The smaller crowds at the attractions will provide more fun as well as opposed to the trendy states. We will look at some of the fun yet unlikely places that are located in Maine. These spots will give you a great trip without the usual annoyances that come from traveling in a bigger state. Here are ten unique attractions that make a case for Maine as the most underrated state in America.

10 The Shoe Tree

The Shoe Tree lives up to the name as a tree with many shoes in the branches. Maine has this unique attraction in the Houlton area that stands out visually when spotting it. CBS reported that a local man began placing shoes on the tree as a fun idea with his grandchildren and it turned into a phenomenon.

Countless shoes are strategically placed on the tree to make it an unofficial landmark for anyone in the Maine area. Not everyone will want to see an attraction like this, but it is unique enough to worth checking out for the average person.

9 The World Traveler Sign

A confusing sign in Maine is comical enough to snap a picture for your Instagram feed if you want to make your friends scratch their heads. This sign shows the distance to what appears to be many other countries that are much further away than indicated.

The places on the sign are actually just towns with those names in the Maine area. It is located in the Lynchville area and often gets people stopping for photo-ops. Anyone going to Maine wanting to have unique memories should check this sign out.

8 International Cryptozoology Museum

The Portland area of Maine is home to the International Cryptozoology Museum. Cryptozoology is a subculture that attempts to prove that creatures of folklore exist. This museum attempts to sway you over to that side of thinking with their exhibits.

Various replicas and artifacts relating to this world can be found at the International Cryptozoology Museum in Maine. This is one of the few places you’ll be able to see replicas of Bigfoot and P. T. Barnum’s Feejee Mermaid in the same place.

7 Paul Bunyan Statue

Another folklore related attraction in Maine pays tribute to the giant lumberjack figure known as Paul Bunyan. The story of his superhuman actions make him a beloved character that children will often read stories about growing up.

Bass Park in the Bangor area of Maine is home to this 31-foot-tall statue of Bunyan. It is the tallest statue of Paul Bunyan in the world and Bangor is referred to as his home. This is a statue you won’t be able to find anywhere outside of Maine.

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6 Wiggly Bridge

The name of Wiggly Bridge may strike fear into you based on what it sounds like. An idea of a wiggly bridge does not provide much confidence, but it has become another unique attraction for anyone taking a trip to Maine.

York is the home of one of the world’s smallest suspension bridges. The bridge is only about 75 feet between two green towers and has become a fun attraction for Maine residents. It was named Wiggly Bridge after a group of Girl Scouts walking on it came up with the description.

5 Fawcett's Antique Toy and Art Museum

The Waldoboro area of Maine is home to the unique attraction of Fawcett's Antique Toy and Art Museum. Any fans of toys, antiques and of course antique toys will get a joy out of making this part of their Maine trip.

The museum features countless toy from a resident in his 70s that has collected antiques for many decades now. This is kind of place that adults, children and everyone in between will be able to have a good time checking out.

4 The Desert of Maine

Maine decided to go all in with creating a tourist destination by coming up with The Desert of Maine located in the Freeport area. A 40-acre plot makes up the small desert-like environment for those checking it out for photo-ops and/or curiosity.

There are even fiberglass camels set up for visitors to take pictures on top of. The gift shop and sand museum add more fun to The Desert of Maine to make it among the top tourist attractions in the entire state.

3 Wild Blueberry Land

The name of Wild Blueberry Land likely already catches your attention before knowing what it is which is why it has found such success in the Columbia Falls area of Maine. Anyone with a love of blueberries must visit Maine to check out all the fun here.

There is a bakery that sells everything blueberry related from pies to breads. A blueberry themed mini-golf course adds another dynamic of fun outside of the bakery and gift shop. Food, games and many photo-opportunities all come at Maine’s Wild Blueberry Land.

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2 The Reversing Falls

The Reversing Falls is also known as Cobscook Falls in the Pembroke area of Maine. There is a large rock ledge that makes it impossible for the water to move as smoothly as we are associated with most other bodies of water.

The visuals of a wild waterfall, high swells and whirlpools all make the Reversing Falls a great place to visit. The tide heading in the opposite direction will shift the direction of the water into the opposite direction for the movement of the water to create a reversing waterfall effect. Anyone that loves water will love the Reversing Falls.

1 Umbrella Cover Museum

Museums exist all over the world which leads to states like Maine having to find unique ones that stand out. The Umbrella Cover Museum certainly does that for the visitors to give it a chance when in the Peaks Island area of the state.

Maine resident Nancy Hoffman realized she kept a large number of umbrella covers and set them aside not thinking much about them. It led to the creation of the Umbrella Cover Museum which is described as "dedicated to the appreciation of the mundane in everyday life.” Guided tours take place with Hoffman playing her accordion, which adds to the charm.

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