Check IT Out: 10 Places In Maine Every Stephen King Fan Should Visit

Stephen King, the king of horror. With countless books written between the 1970s and today, as well as movie adaptations, this author has established a huge fan base around his literary works. Any fan of Stephen King knows that Maine is the place to be. Maine appears in many of his novels and while King has written in fictional towns within the state, it’s not hard to find it’s real-life parallel.

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With everything from movie set locations to Stephen King inspired bookstores, there’s no shortage of tourist attractions in Maine for his fans. For anyone planning a visit to Maine, here are some spots that every King fan won’t be able to resist. 

10 Mainely Murders

A name like Mainely Murders is sure to catch the attention of any Stephen King fan. This genre-specific bookstore in Kennebunk, Maine is dedicated to suspense, crime, detective and mystery books. With more than 10,000 books available in stock, it is more than likely that you’ll find your fictional fix.

Given that Stephen King is originally from Maine, this bookstore has become an attraction for King fans and has been added as a stop on many King-related tours. What better way to celebrate this author than to browse a mystery-themed bookstore in the state that he grew up in.

9 Corner of Jackson and Union Street

While Derry is a fictional place, Bangor, Maine is the non-fiction equivalent and holds many parallels to Stephen King’s It. This corner exists in both Derry and Bangor, making it obvious that this is the town that inspired the novel in the first place.

The corner of Jackson and Union Street is truly a place of terror. It is home of Pennywise the clown. On this corner lies the sewer where Georgie met Pennywise for the first time, and where he was killed, making the real sewer in Bangor extremely famous amongst the fans of the novel. If you're lucky, the sewer might just have a red balloon peaking through it.

8 Pet Sematary Creed House

Pet Sematary is a novel by Stephen King which was made into a movie in 1989. King wrote the script himself so to stay true to the movie. The movie is about Louis Creed and his family who’s cat tragically passes away and his experience burying this animal in an ancient Micmic graveyard.

Hancock, Maine was a filming location for the movie. The house that they filmed as the Creed family house, as well as the surrounding fields and highway, can be visited. While the house itself is private property, the entirety of the area is familiar and sets the eerie scene that you’d expect from a King movie set location.

7 Mount Hope Cemetery

On the topic of Pet Sematary, another filming location that can be visited is Mount Hope Cemetary. Unlike the Creed house, Mount Hope Cemetery is in Bangor, Maine. The cemetery is the backdrop of a key scene where Stephen King makes a cameo at Gage Creed’s Burial.

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While this is a very cool location for Stephen King fanatics, be mindful that it is still a cemetery with real headstones and you may run into people grieving or visiting their loved ones. It is important to be respectful and conscious of photography.

6 University of Maine

Stephen King attended the University of Maine, graduating in 1970 with a B.A in English. While studying at the university, he wrote weekly articles for the school newspaper called The Maine Campus. This University is also where he met his wife, Tabitha. They both attended the University and met in the Fogler Library. They wasted no time, marrying in 1971 only a year after King’s graduation.

The University of Maine is an important location in Stephen King’s personal narrative of his life and has been the place of several memorable moments in his story.

5 Stephen King’s House

Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine. He now owns a mansion in Bangor, Maine which has become a very popular tourist attraction. The house is empty, not housing the Kings any longer, which adds to the ominous feel that the exterior of the house already provides.

The town of Bangor is known to be the real-life Derry, Maine of It. When King moved to the town, he was inspired and consequently, It was born. This house was home to him and Tabitha but also his thoughts, ideas, and literary works, making it the perfect destination for any fan looking to connect with the author.

4 Gerald Winters and Son

This bookstore in Bangor, Maine is owned by a Stephen King fan. He describes the moment he read The Stand by Stephen King as a defining moment in his literary journey. It was King and his books that got him hooked on reading.

His shop offers books of all sorts as well as first editions and limited editions. The goal of this bookstore is to help their clients’ reading needs, even if that means searching for a book on the other side of the globe. This bookstore is the creation of a fellow Stephen King fan, so why not stop by and say hello!

3 Thomas Hill Standpipe

Thomas Hill Standpipe in Bangor, Maine is a historic landmark. It is also the inspiration for the Standpipe in Stephen King’s It. Much like the corner of Jackson and Union Street, this is a real landmark you can visit that has actually appeared in the novel. It's a great way for fans to see King's vision in real life. 

This is where Stan first encounters Pennywise, making it a recognizable place for fans of It. Be cautious visiting Thomas Hill Standpipe at night. There haven’t been any reported drownings there…. yet.

2 R.M Flagg Kitchen Store

Does the name Randall Flagg ring a bell? It should for any Stephen King fan, considering that this character has appeared in numerous novels. Randall Flagg never fails to be the villain that we need. This character appears in The Stand, The Dark Tower series and The Eyes of The Dragon.

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R.M Flagg Kitchen Store in Bangor, Maine is where Stephen King took inspiration for the name Randall Flagg. Having lived in Bangor, Maine, King passed by this shop on his way to the University or just driving around town. Randall is a famous King character, making R.M Flagg is a very unconventional but cool tourist spot for fans of the novels.

1 Paul Bunyan Statue

This statue can be found in Bangor, Maine and is a distinct landmark in It. It is a huge statue of Paul Bunyan with an ax in one hand. In the novel, this statue comes to life. This scene also makes an appearance in the It movies, both chapter 1 and 2. This novel is one of King’s most famous and successful stories.

Seeing this statue after reading the books almost makes you wonder what would happen if it came to life right in front of your very eyes. Visiting this landmark takes the words of his book off the page and brings it to life.

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