These days, at 61, Madonna might be more of a sexagenarian than the sex symbol status she enjoyed back in the '80s, but some recent pics of her vacationing in the Maldives demonstrates that the Material Girl still has the right stuff.

Healing Vacation

Truth be told, she wasn't exactly spotted by those pesky paparazzi. Instead, she shared with her adoring fans some snaps she posted on Instagram from her current vay-cay. While there's no huge entourage to speak of, the star did reveal she's spending some healing time remotely with five of her six children as well as her latest romantic acquisition, 25-year-old pop star Ahlamalik Williams.


Her downtime, or what she called, "nothing more healing than a holiday," certainly caused some eyebrows to rise given the age gap between Madonna and her most recent beau. Put in perspective, Williams wasn't even born when Madonna released her sixth album, Bedtime Stories, back in 1994. He's also two years older than the Blonde Ambition hitmaker's eldest daughter Lourdes.

Where's Rocco?

Lourdes was along for the trip as well as four of her siblings. Noticeably absent was Rocco, her son from her ill-fated marriage to director Guy Ritchie, who pressed the singer to sign the divorce papers before Christmas. Rocco was also the subject of a 2016 custody battle between the couple, which Ritchie won.

So with all that, plus being in the middle of a break of her worldwide Madame X world tour which resumes in Portugal on Sunday, the Vogue gal and her brood really needed this vacation. Still, her vacation will probably do wonders for the Maldives, located southeast of Sri Lanka, which receives roughly 1.5 million tourists annually.

Madonna Was Here

While the Maldives tourist bureau recently launched a campaign with TripAdvisor, chances are a few signs posted online emblazoned with "Madonna Was Here" might spark a few more visitors.