A lot of folks tend to have bucket list type of stuff that they want to accomplish, and we can completely understand the logic behind that. It gives you a set goal to try and shoot for, and most of the time, a lot of the items on the aforementioned list involve travelling to different places.

You're bound to find some locations that you enjoyed so much you'll want to go back there, but that isn't quite the point, is it? You've got a lot of locations which you probably wouldn't even dream of visiting again. That's not just us talking a load of rubbish, either, that's virtually fact.

We love travelling and we're fully aware of the fact that most of you reading this do too, which is why we just want to try and paint a bigger picture for all of you. You're well within your rights to ignore us entirely, but we'd hope you stop and think about the entries, if only for a second.

25 Taj Mahal - Way Too Dirty

The world knows that the Taj Mahal is an incredibly important monument, and the world also knows that it always will be. However, if you’re in contact with or know of someone who has ever been to the Taj, then the odds are that you’ve heard about the negative side of things.

From the homelessness to the garbage floating around the streets, it really isn’t a pretty sight. Sure, it’s great to be able to say that you’ve been to the Taj Mahal and we’d never begrudge anyone of that, but it’s a long way to go in order to see it more than once.

24 Stonehenge - Is That A Main Road?

Stonehenge, you’re just a bit of a letdown.

The nature of the structure is fascinating considering just how far back it goes, but that’s where the compliments begin and end for us. So, so many people queue up to see it up close and personal on a day to day basis, with there even being kids that’ve waited years in order to get a close-up glimpse.

Alas, there’s one key problem: you can see it from your car on the road located a few hundred feet away. So, if you’re living in England and fancy driving your car right past then go right ahead, knowing that you wouldn’t have to exert the kind of physical energy you usually would in walking towards it.

23 The Great Barrier Reef - Once You’ve Seen It...

Team Great Barrier Reef is all in on the idea of actually going to the Great Barrier Reef, but we can guarantee that many people thinking about it haven’t taken the cost into consideration. As you’ll need to go Down Under then you’d likely need to take a couple of layovers, and by the time you actually get there the price has probably added up quite a bit.

Even if you live in Australia we can imagine you’re probably fairly sick of hearing about it, as if there’s nothing else about your country worth seeing. In truth, we kind of fall into that category, but that’s almost certainly just us being a little bit uneducated.

22 Alaska - Is There Anyone Out There?

We’re confident that Alaska is inhabited by some truly wonderful folks, but when you rarely end up seeing them, do they even really exist in your world? Human interaction keeps the cogs turning regardless of how much you want to believe that you’re a loner, and we’re confident in saying that the majority of you out there are also big believers in that ideology.

Alaska is cool if you want to escape with your thoughts once every so often, but it’s quite a distant and cold place to go in order to accomplish that goal. Once, twice, three times maybe, but no more.

21 Bora Bora - Far Too Expensive

Bora Bora is an utterly stunning island in French Polynesia, known for being an incredibly luxurious holiday spot. We aren’t just talking about your everyday summer getaway, either, because this place reaches the levels of being ‘special’ twice or three times over.

We aren’t here to suggest that you shouldn’t go or anything, but when you consider that an all-inclusive holiday for two people for a week will probably set you back around five figures, it makes sense to consider some alternatives.

It’s just a bit too expensive and unless you’re rich, you aren’t going to pay for it all more than once.

20 Yellowstone National Park - A Bit Spooky

The reason behind not going there more than once? It’s just weird.

Yellowstone is spoken of in hush tones around the United States of America and beyond, which is a bit of a shame. Still, while the national park itself is pretty lovely, there are some negative connotations to go alongside it too.

What’s the big one, you ask? Well, if we’re really stretching, then we’d say the giant volcano that could kill hundreds upon thousands of people in the blink of an eye.

But of course, people who go there aren’t going to think about that straight away, right?


19 The Berlin Wall - No Need For A Second Look

The remains of the Berlin Wall, which served as a divide through the middle of the city, is still a massive attraction to this day. Thousands of tourists flock to the destination in order to capture a piece of history, but upon getting there, you soon realise it’s just a little bit eerie.

Purely out of not wanting to feel so down again, a lot of travellers don’t actually come here more than once.

Sure, you may be coming with a different group of people, but you’re probably going to have even less fun than the first time which is saying something.

18 Death Valley National Park - Unbelievably Hot

It’s too hot.

You know when your friends dare you to do something stupid? Well if you ever get dared to come here then say yes, experience it for 15 seconds at the most, and then go scuttling back to where you came from. If you don’t, and you’re unprepared, then you open yourself up to a series of possible risks.

The fact that it’s called Death Valley should probably be more than enough to serve as a warning sign, and if you haven’t figured out yet that it’s on the West Coast, then we feel a bit bad for you.

17 El Tajo Gorge - A Bit Risky?

The Puente Nuevo, in the El Tajo Gorge, is one of the most terrifying ‘landmarks’ you could ever have the misfortune of coming across. It’s scary, it’s unnecessary, and it’s been the site of many tragedies over the years. If you’re someone who is into that kind of thing then you may be interested in popping by every so often, but on a consistent basis? No thank you.

Some folks even suggest that they have epiphanies here and while that’s all well and good, you can also have those whilst you’re sitting on the toilet. That’s a situation I’d much rather find myself in than snooping around the El Tajo Gorge multiple times.

16 Machu Picchu - Fog Central

Wanna physically exhaust yourself in the name of seeing something that you could quite easily Google? Be our guest – but the fact of the matter is that Machu Picchu can often be really difficult to get to. Plus, once you get there, you’re hit directly in the face by the neverending fog that lasts throughout the course of your stay.

It’s fun to explore for a while but in the end, you’re left thinking to yourself “what did I really accomplish here and would I ever do it again?”.

Some of you may not be quite so regretful and perhaps you’d instead choose to move on with your life, but even so, we can all but guarantee you won’t be going back there again unless you were begged.

15 Mount Everest - Can You Make It To The Top?

We’re gonna try and put this as simply and efficiently as we possibly can: why on earth would you ever want to go up Mount Everest more than once?

The general belief is that only 3,000 or 4,000 people have ever actually made it to the top, and there’s a decent chance that you’ll fail in your attempt. Even if you don’t, then we’d put a lot of money (ironic because you need loads of cash to even climb it), on you never doing it again. You may elect to go and climb another mountain of similar height and difficulty if you like to challenge yourself, but that’s about it.

14 Olympics Opening Ceremony - Once In A Lifetime

Unless you’re a media member of some kind or you quite literally work in coalition with the Olympic Games, then going to the opening ceremony of either the Summer or Winter Games is probably a once in a lifetime thing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, either, because we’d argue it would likely make your experience all the more enjoyable.

It’d give you a memory that would last a lifetime, and it wouldn’t be the same if you went to another one. Why? Because it’d either be worse or better than the first, and you won’t want to try and rank these things. They only come around once every two years and the world needs to learn to embrace it.

13 Las Vegas - Viva!

If you’ve got the kind of money necessary to travel back and forth to Las Vegas, Nevada on a barrage of holidays, then be our guest. Unfortunately, there are very few folks that fall into this category and even you do, we aren’t convinced that you’d want to return all too often.

Casey Neistat has a rule in which he doesn’t spend any longer than 24 hours in Vegas at a time because the place is best served for debauchery and you need to pace that kind of thing out. If you don’t then it can create problems for you, especially if you’ve either got a very important job or you’re in a loving relationship.

12 Singapore - Asia Lite

File us under the category of being big fans of the Singapore skyline, because it truly is incredible. However, we’re not convinced that we’d ever want to see it again. Why?

Mainly because it’s just so unbelievably expensive over there in comparison to the rest of the world, and in addition to that, it doesn’t really give you the best representation of Asia as a continent. There’s no doubt in our mind that everyone should try and get over there at least once in order to see how unbelievably advanced it all is, but that’s about it for us to be honest.

11 The American Midwest - Not For Us, Thanks

While the American Midwest is full of some great cities, what we don’t like is the unpredictability of the region. In some areas, you’ll get blisteringly hot weather and in others, you’ll get freezing snow or pouring rain. In some places, you’ll get a really nice selection of folks, and then in others, you’ll get the kind that your Mom always taught you to avoid back in the day.

If you’re going to do this then we’d suggest a road trip of some kind to get the full experience, and then if you want to go back, just pick out one or two places that stand out above the rest. Otherwise, you’ll find it’s quite an exhausting process to repeat.

10 Mount Rushmore - Quite Old School

As much as we love and adore learning about the history and facts behind certain things, we aren’t entirely convinced that we love Mount Rushmore. Whilst we love what it represents it’s not exactly the kind of place you can go back to, with one of the reasons being that it’s hidden away in South Dakota.

Now South Dakota is an okay state, but nothing more, nothing less. It just kind of exists and it’s a hassle to even get to so that you can ticket it off of your bucket list.

Moaning and whining is an ugly trait, but come on now. Give us this one.

9 Brazil - Fading Popularity

Party time or desperately attempting to avoid the criminal culture.

Those, alongside sports like soccer, kind of reflect the face of Brazil as a country right now. The best way we could describe it is tiring, and we really, really don’t want that to be a reflection on the people in any way, shape or form.

They want a brighter future for themselves and their families, and it’s hard not to admire that. Unfortunately, until everything settles down, we think it’s best to just stay away.

Go for a holiday by all means, but make sure you know your stuff.

8 Antarctica - How To Get There...

This one kind of explains itself.

The majority of folks who go to Antarctica are either explorers or scientists of some kind, which often means they live there for large periods of the year. So then, when they return to their loved ones, the last thing they’ll want to do is plan out their next trip there.

Obviously there’s a chance we could be way off base here, but it must be pretty lonely and scary all things considered. They would’ve trained for the kind of environments that they were going to be facing and that makes all the sense in the world, but we’re just sticking with the odds here.

7 Magaluf - Weirdly Life Changing

Magaluf isn’t the kind of place you go back to more than once in our mind, because there’s a good chance you’ll come back as a shell of your former self. Why?

Because the majority of individuals that travel there are doing so with the aim and overall ambition of partying the night away (and most of the day).

You tend to go there when you’re young and not when you’re older, with the idea being that you start to mature as the years go on. That isn’t always the case, but the point stands and will do for many generations to come.

6 Amazon Rainforest - Relatively Dangerous

The Amazon Rainforest is dangerous, pass it on.

Even those who train for these conditions need a break for a few months at a time, so just imagine what it’s like if you’re a tourist. So many unknown things lurk deep in the forest, to the point where it makes I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here look like a bit of a picnic.

You’ve probably all seen the TV shows regarding the rainforest, and to put it as simply as we possibly can, the depictions that you see are unbelievably accurate.

It’s just up to you to determine whether or not you’d go out of your way to return.