If you’re looking to travel somewhere that lets you drink a cocktail and roast s’mores at the same time, you’re in luck. Campgrounds across the U.S. have been upping their game to make this favorite summertime activity as glamorous as possible.

Whether you're looking for a West Coast beach retreat, a mountainous hideaway, or a cultural excursion, we've got you covered.

Here are some of the campsites across the United States that know the great outdoors is best served with a little luxury.

10 New York: Terra Glamping

This East Hampton pop-up features safari-style tents, memory foam mattresses, and furniture that belongs in a five-star hotel. It also features continental breakfasts every morning and campfires every night.

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Being only 2.5 hours from the Big Apple, Terra Glamping is the perfect escape for New Yorkers looking to get away from all the bright lights. The campsite is all about unplugging, so if you’re okay with leaving the wi-fi at home for a few days, it’s definitely worth it.

9 Maine: Sandy Pines Campground

If you mix character, comfort, and luxury, you’ve got yourself Sandy Pines Campground. These camp tents boast charm-filled themes including Wildflower Retreat, Nautical Nights, Coastal Comfort, and Wanderlust.

This getaway is all about giving campers a relaxing northeastern experience, which is why its located near lobster boats, trolley rides, and a music theatre. Those wishing to spend more time on the property can swim in the heated pool, lounge around the Grand Lodge, and pick up anything extra they need from the general store.

8 Ohio: The Mohicans

If you’ve ever wanted to spend a night in a treehouse, now is your chance. The Mohicans offer guests the opportunity to stay in one of six beautifully crafted cabins in the sky. Each has a rustic-elegant feel, giving each room major fairytale vibes.

This setup has caused The Mohicans to become a prime wedding destination – so if you’re looking to hold a reception or bridal shower on site, the staff is set to make your dream event a reality.

7 Florida: Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo

Have you ever dreamed of having a personal concierge, private bathroom, and gorgeous patio all inside your own camp tent? If so, glamping at this resort is a must.

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In addition to offering decked out rooms that do include a minifridge, the ranch offers tons of wild activities including horseback riding, airboat rides, an archery range, and rodeos. There’s bungee jumping for those looking to up the thrill even more and golf courses for those wishing to slow it down.

6 California: Treebones Resort

The Treenbones Resort features a village of upscale circular tents (known as Pacific yurts) on the beautiful California coast. Better yet, the campground features a sushi bar for when you’re hungry and yoga studios for when you need to relax. It’s all about that wholesome experience.

The resort additionally offers whale watching, hiking, beachcombing, massages, pools, and hot tubs. If zen is what you’re asking for, this is the answer.

5 Arizona: Under Canvas

This glamping company aims to help travelers unplug from the stresses of everyday life — and what better place to do so but from within the Grand Canyon? The scenery is just as breathtaking as the camp tents. Helicopter tours, jeep safaris, and white water rafting are also part of the package.

Each luxury tent includes its own bathroom, plush beds, and special features. The Stargazer tents, in particular, give guests a breathtaking view of the night sky from the comfort of their room.

Under Canvas also offers glamping experiences in other national parks including Zion, Mount Rushmore, and the Great Smoky Mountains.

4 Georgia: Georgia Glamping Company

This southern resort offers Instagram-worthy campsites at an affordable price. Each modern tent is big enough for all your friends and even includes a mini bar! The attention to detail at this place is astounding.

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If you’re looking for something a little more indoors, check out the campsite’s new trendy retro RV setup. With a kitchen, TV, and trendy dining area, you might forget you’re in the wilderness. Who’s ready for an adventure?

3 Montana: The Resort at Paws Up

This luxurious resort takes every camp activity to the next level and then some. Delve into gourmet campside snacks created by certified s’moreologists, or kick it up a notch by sampling delicacies and drinks at the wine cellar. There are hot air balloon rides, honeymoon camp suites, and, yes – there are also butlers.

The campgrounds additionally feature special seasonal activities. In the winter, you can go dog sledding, skiing, and snow tubing. In summer, you can go mountain biking, fly-fishing, and cattle driving.

2 Texas: Collective Hill Country

These gorgeous stylized campsites bring all the comfort right to your tent. Do you want a relaxing massage? Would you rather indulge in an elegant breakfast? It’s all just a call away at the Collective Hill Country retreat located at Montesino Ranch.

If you’re ready to take on a cultural experience, wineries, art galleries, and music venues are just a short distance away. If you’d rather just hang out in your room, we don’t blame you. After all, it’s got to be difficult to leave a bed topped with 1,500 thread-count linens.

1 North Carolina: Asheville Glamping

If you want to sleep under the stars but don’t want to leave the air conditioning behind, look no further than Asheville Glamping’s beautiful camp domes. These whimsical accommodations feature mountain views, chic-rustic furniture, and a full view of the night sky.

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The camp company additionally offers luxury tents and vintage trailers – some of which even include their own private hot tubs. Those wishing to remember how much fun they had with their gal pals or best buds have the option to take advantage of the campsite’s photoshoot services.