Some people visit theme parks for the joy of the rides while others visit for the experience itself. At Disney World, both of these are combined to create memories that are bound to last a lifetime. That's one of the perks of attending a Disney theme park - whether it's trying out a new ride or experiencing the magic of Cinderella's Castle after dark, the trip is nothing short of fantastical.

When it comes to Disney's 50th Anniversary Celebration, which has been ongoing since October 2021, there's no shortage of magic adventures to be had. With more new rides slated to open later in 2022, park guests who time their visits correctly might just be in for more than one surprise. From EPCOT to Magic Kingdom, roller coasters to 4D adventures, here's what Disney is offering guests during its 50th anniversary.


New Rides To Premiere At Disney Parks For the 50th Anniversary Celebration

As with any theme park, new rides are a thrilling motivator for fans who love to get their adrenaline pumping. Luckily for thrill-seekers, Disney Parks is bringing to life everyone's favorite movies in the form of some unique rides premiering just in time for the 50th Anniversary Celebration going into 2022. With several top contenders to choose from, visitors will want to nail down their tickets now - or at least make time to visit all four parks. When it comes to thrills, the 50th Anniversary at Disney is delivering on all accounts!

TRON LightCycle Power Run

While fans were hoping that this ride would open in time for early visits to Disney's 50th Anniversary Celebration, word has it that it's now slated to open later on in 2022 or 2023. The anticipation, however, will be well worth it, considering the adventure that is packed into this TRON-themed attraction. The anticipation was only built up even more after the ride premiered first at Shanghai Disneyland about five years ago, and now fans visiting Florida's park have the chance to ride this roller coaster for themselves.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Marvel fans nearly flipped their lids when they found out that not only was a new roller coaster coming to EPCOT, but it was a roller coaster celebrating a beloved Marvel favorite. Guardians of the Galaxy has inspired a whole new fandom since its premiere, and fans will surely love riding through the galaxy on this epic coaster. While the hype has been sufficiently built to the max, those visiting Disney at the end of May - just in time for Memorial Day Weekend - will be the first to experience it.

  • Where: World Discovery, EPCOT
  • When: May 27th, 2022

Jungle Cruise

This ride has undergone many changes since its conception and while it is open right now, additional updates are expected, according to The Dis Insider. Jungle Cruise takes fans on a fascinating journey through the jungle featuring comedic banter and truly wild animatronics. While the ride features ongoing updates, including those to its original script, fans can still enjoy the magic of this highly-regarded ride during their 50th Anniversary visit.

  • Where: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom
  • When: Currently open at the time of writing

New Attractions To Premiere At Disney Parks For The 50th Anniversary Celebration

In regard to new attractions that aren't necessarily adrenaline-filled rides, Disney has plenty of those in time for its 50th Anniversary Celebration, as well. These include interactive shows, as well as unique exhibits specific to Disney Parks and, are worth seeking out. For those who prefer a less-stomach-churning attraction, these are the perfect way to experience the magic of Disney without getting on a roller coaster.

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

The new Ratatouille-inspired ride at Disney is unique in the sense that while it's not a roller coaster, it still feels like it could be. With virtual boarding similar to that of Rise for the Resistance, park-goers can expect a 4D experience that's thrilling and entertaining. After riders are 'shrunk' down to the approximate size of Remy, the culinary adventure truly begins.

  • Where: EPCOT
  • When: Opened as of October 2021

Moana's Journey of Water

While this attraction was originally postponed, rumor has it that the new anticipated date for opening, according to The Dis Insider, is late 2022 or 2023. Fans of Moana will be able to experience a nature-inspired world like no other, complete with real, interactive water elements. Although not a ride, this walk-through attraction will even appeal to fans who haven't seen the movie thanks to its incredible sights and sounds.

  • Where: World Nature, EPCOT
  • When: Late 2022 or 2023

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While the new rides and attractions that have opened or will be open during Disney's 50th Anniversary Celebration are cause for great excitement, there are also updates to older rides, as well. All four Disney Parks are featuring interactive experiences and events for visitors straight through the 18 months of its celebration, so visitors have plenty of time to plan their trips.