The vibrant city of Louisiana remains a top destination spot in the U.S. Every years, thousands make their way to this sacred part of the south to revisit its rich and complex history, iconic musical scene--which we thank for bringing forth the beloved musical genre of Jazz-- a colourful festival of Mardi Gras and more. Food also plays an essential role in representing the uniqueness of Lousiana. It is, after all, where kitchen staples like cayenne pepper and tabasco sauce find their roots. The city's many, savoury dishes attract the palates of many and so all-year-round. Thus, in case you were thinking of visiting Lousiana soon, you will definitely want to check out what the city's top restaurants have to offer.

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Here is a list of 10 Restaurants you must visit in Louisiana along with their most popular (and must-try) dish. Your tastebuds will thank us later.

10 Mosca's

Mosca's represents a fusion between Lousiana's finest cuisine and Italian delicacies. Set in Westwego, Louisiana, this cozy spot is full of locals who get together regularly so they can enjoy the restaurants' best plates which include Chicken a la Grande and Oysters Moca. Cooked to perfection and seasoned thoroughly, this is the best remixed Italian food you will ever taste.

9 Carrollton Market

Top-notch service is not the only good thing you can get from Carrollton Market. The restaurant's chef and owner Jason Goodenough has done a fine job in maintaining his small, upscale restaurant by beautifully incorporating a melange of French, Italian and Spanish flavours in his most-wanted dishes. Of the latter, we include a classic dish made up of an uncommon yet delicious pair--foie gras and cinnamon roll. This just might be the dish that changes your life.

8 Gautreau's Restaurant

Also located in New Orleans, Gautreau's Restaurant is a neighbourhood favourite. The subtly positioned French-American restaurants find itself nestled in what used to be a pharmacy. Herein, its owner Patrick Singley has been running an impeccable dining experience for years. Of all the delicious foods available, the duck confit is considered to be the best in the city.

7 Charlie's Steakhouse

Looking for succulent, tender and high-quality steak in Lousiana? Look no further than Charlie's Steakhouse. This New Orleans restaurant benefits from a steak-only menu which only accounts for steaks and sides. In fact, the place does not even hand out menus to its visitors because steak is the only main course available herein. The decor of the steakhouse goes beyond modern designs with its 1930's aesthetic. Hence, you may enjoy a fine steak in a place with the old-fashioned class.

6 Saffron Nola

Yet another Lousiana restaurant that fuses the delicious tastes of different cultures. Saffron Nola takes classic southern cuisine by adding an Indian twist. Loyal customers get to enjoy a series of amazing dishes such as lamb chops, goat masala and several shrimp dishes. The go-to dish appears to be a zucchini lentil pancake made with sweet dates. Perhaps you can head on over for something sweet and savoury without missing out on the Lousiana food experience.

5 Jamila's Mediterranean Cuisine

This Uptown Tunisian-Mediterranean restaurant is bound to become your second home. With its amazing dishes ranging from Lousiana's very-own customary crawfish to probably the best lamb chop, you will ever taste in your entire life. Led by husband and wife Jamila and Moncef, this restaurant is a hidden gem full of flavourful surprises.

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4 Barrow's Catfish

Following the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, this restaurant has resurfaced on the Lousiana high-quality cuisine scene and so with a bang. The Barrow family has run this place for almost two generations and the latter has made them pure masters of their craft. Herein, you can enjoy their twist on Lousiana dishes such as fried shrimp, gumbo and a highly recommended potato salad. Their most iconic dish, however, is evidently the catfish which is served nice and crisped to perfection. Everything is well seasoned and steaming hot. Located right in New Orleans, Barrow's Catfish is an absolute go-to.

3 Domilise's Po-Boy & Bar

Po-Boy is undeniably one of Lousiana's most iconic recipes. And as such, there have been several speculations as to who makes the best po'boy in town. The traditional sandwich which consists of meat (usually beef or fried seafood) is served on a New Orleans-styled bread with crisp edges and a moist center. If you haven't gotten a chance to try it yet, well you might want to head on over to Domilise's as they have become experts in the art of making the best po-boy you will ever taste--they are willing to bet on it. Proof of it lies in higher than the usual price of the dish which can only explain its deliciousness. Additionally, Domilise's has attracted all from politicians to famous celebrities who were curious to try this famous po-boy.

2 Marjie's Grill

Now, this is the place you will want to visit if you are looking to know how Lousiana food can be so well infused with Vietnamese flavours. Marjie's grill offers a selection of mouth-watering choices for you to enjoy. Its owners, Marcus Jacobs and Caitlin Carne, have successfully created a set of dishes that perfectly combine Lousiana and Vietnam. Key choices on the menu include crispy pig knuckles which can be enjoyed with a chilli dipping sauce. Yum, yum and more yum.

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1 Heard Dat Kitchen

Throughout this list, we have included a lot of restaurants that merged a variety of different cultures together. Heard Dat Kitchen is far from that--instead, it is the best choice for anyone looking to simply taste some real, authentic Lousiana food. Its menu is riddled with everything customary including seafood, red beans, rice and more. It is true Creole-style food made to comfort the soul---or as they call it in the South, "soul food." The clientele favourite appears to be the traditional grilled cheese and gumbo combo, a flavourful take on the typical grilled cheese with a Lousiana dish as a style. Evidently, you can't go wrong with either.

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