Humans have been on the earth for quite a long time. During their existence, humans have evolved, procreated, fought, and achieved some great things. In the midst of all these happenings, they also built cities. While some were mighty and others were little, these cities served their purposes to help the people build their civilizations and further multiply on the earth. No one, however, thought some of these cities would become lost without a trace. But the world has sadly had to deal with the loss of many of these great cities. Today, many have been found, and that’s worth celebrating, but there are still many cities out there that may forever remain hidden in the eyes of the world. Some have been lost for so long that doubt has begun to set in. Perhaps these cities were legends and not real. No one knows. And the more they stay hidden, the more people conclude that they are legends and not based on truth. Eventually, a time might come when they will no longer be alive in human records or memories. Before then, however, the search continues, and those curious enough can join in on the search for these lost cities that have not been found to date.

8 El Dorado

The legendary lost city of El Dorado has inspired explorers and treasure hunters from all over the world for many years. What makes it so inspiring is its attributes. This city is said to be a place of an unimaginable wealth of gold. This city was to have been lost shortly after some Spanish Conquistadors arrived in the Andes Mountains to search for the kingdom after hearing that its king occasionally covered himself with gold dust. Over the years, several explorers, including Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, Gonzalo Pizarro, and Francisco de Orellana, have searched for this city but have not found it. No one knows for sure if this city is actually real but perhaps being lost is the reason many people doubt its authenticity. In the search for the city, many other lost cities have been found, so the hope is still alive that one day this city will be found. Paititi is another name used to refer to this lost city of gold, and its location is believed to be in the Peruvian Andes.

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7 The Lost City Of Kalahari

There is speculation about whether an ancient desert city existed. The city is believed to have been lost in the sands of the semi-arid Kalahari Desert, which has an area of 350,000 square miles and encompasses Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. The search for this city all began in 1885 after an explorer named William Leonard claimed to have discovered remains of a lost civilization in the Kalahari Desert. Subsequent searches for this city have been carried out, and so far, nothing has been discovered. Unusual rock formations, however, were found in one of the searches, and this has led experts to question whether the originator of this legend perhaps saw these formations and mistook them for the walls of a city.

6 The Lost City of Thinis

There are so many lost cities in Egypt, but Thinis was highly important as it served as the capital of Egypt during the first dynasty of Ancient Egypt. According to historical records, the city fell after the capital was transferred to Memphis. To the Egyptians, the city was known as Tjenu, and its mentions by several authors have led many to believe the city indeed existed. This city was mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and in the writings of Manetho - an Egyptian priest. But despite such references, this city which is believed to have been located near Abydos, has still not been found.

5 Lyonesse

According to a legend, a very prosperous land stretching from the western part of Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly was lost after it was swallowed by the sea on a particular night. This land is known as Lyonesse, and it was said to have consisted of beautiful people, fertile land, and more than a hundred churches. According to the legend, the land only existed because it had a legendary purpose to fulfill. Stories of bells being heard by those on the West Coast of Cornwall have circulated ever since. The city has been mentioned in Celtic Mythology as well as the Arthurian Legend and the love story of Tristan and Iseult.

4 Atlantis

Atlantis is perhaps the most popular lost city in the world that has inspired many people around the world. The legend, as told by Plato over 2,000 years ago, tells that a mighty civilization whose founders were half god and half human was swallowed by the sea along with all its gold and inhabitants. This legend, although interesting, has been concluded by many to be a fictional work of Plato’s imagination and that no actual city of the sort ever existed. Still, the legend of Atlantis remains with the world and is one of the most epic legends ever told.

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3 The Lost Desert City Of Ubar

There is a legend that has circulated in Dubai for a long about a desert city buried in the sands of the Desert, never to be seen again. This city, known as Ubar, according to the legend, was destroyed by God, which makes it even more interesting. In recent times, it has been dubbed - the Atlantis of the Sands.

When the ruins of Shisr were discovered, it was believed to be the lost city of Ubar, but no one knows for sure if it really is or if a city known as Ubar ever even existed.

2 Thule

Thule was a mythical lost city first revealed to the public by Greek explorer Pytheas. In his description, he claimed the sun does not set on this land during the summer months and that the sun does not rise during winter. Certainly, this description matched perfectly with the Nordic countries where polar night and midnight sun occurs. At that time, the Mediterranean civilizations did not know about anything of such, which was why it inspired many Greek poets and philosophers. After much debate, many concluded that Pytheas was perhaps referring to Iceland or Greenland, and that should have been the end of the myth, but many still believe that there is a land out there that fits perfectly to the description of the Greek Explorer.

1 Aztlan

Aztlan was the mythical hometown of the Aztecs, who have been dubbed one of the greatest Native American civilizations the world has ever known. There have been several descriptions of this city, but one common description was that the city was an Island where the land was filled with ducks and herons; the waters filled with beautiful fish, and the air filled with beautiful red and yellow birds, which sang beautifully. The city was said to have been lost and forgotten after the people migrated to the place now known as the Valley of Mexico. The location for this city has been said to be in Western Mexico or perhaps some parts of Utah, but the ages-long search has yielded no result so far.