If you're ever feeling like getting in your car and heading on the four hour trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, then good for you. It's probably one of the most entertaining and enjoyable road trips of that length which you can venture on in the United States, and we aren't just saying that for the sake of it.

Everyone takes a different approach to a journey like this, so today, we thought that we'd put together a few things for you to think about - ranging from general common sense to a few 'niche' ideas for the trek ahead.

10 Who You’re Going With

One of the true arts behind nailing a great road trip is making sure you have the best possible crew to go on the experience alongside you. If you don’t have that locked down, then you may as well turn around and go home (that sounds fairly extreme, but you get the point).

When you’re heading to somewhere Las Vegas, the company you align yourself with becomes all the more important. This city, as we all know, isn’t a place for the faint-hearted and it isn’t the kind of place you should go to with people you don’t trust.

9 The Soundtrack

Behind all great road trips lies a wonderful soundtrack, and that’s no different here. Considering that you’re going to be on the road for four hours, if not a whole lot longer, then you want to try your best to ensure that the tunes are pumping (apologies for using the word tunes).

You could even go for California/Nevada specific material, which would certainly make the trip all the more entertaining.

If you like not having any music on then that’s fine, but you’re in pretty rare company if that’s the case.

8 Stops Along The Way

Route 66 is a pretty famous part of American folklore at this stage, and that’s particularly true of the road life over there. Thankfully, as opposed to it being an incredibly boring series of roads to travel down, there is plenty of culture to sink your teeth into.

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Along the way, if you feel like making any stops outside of filling up for gas or just getting another energy drink, we have a few recommendations for you.

The Bottletree Ranch is as weird as it is intriguing, whereas the Route 66 Museum gives you a better idea of the history behind this destination.

7 The Early Traffic

When you head on out of Los Angeles, one of the first things you’ll probably notice is that more often than not, the traffic is absolutely horrendous. That isn’t just some kind of throwaway observation, either, because quite literally anyone who has been through these roads will tell you exactly the same thing.

You need to try and time this perfectly, because if you go during rush hour, then you could be in a lot of trouble. You should try your best to time it so that this isn’t quite so much of an issue.

6 Supplies To Take

As is the case with any and all road trips, you’ll want to bring a lot of supplies, with most of those supplies being food and drink options. We’d recommend a lot of water for a trip like this, but if you’re heading to Vegas, there may be an alcoholic drink or two available for the passenger(s).

We wouldn’t necessarily recommend driving in the presence of the driver in case you end up distracting him, but as long as there’s no funny business and he/she stays sober, you should be just fine.

5 The Long Desert Roads

There isn’t all too much you can do about this depending on whether or not you want to take more of an off-road route, but either way, long desert roads are tough to drive down and can get pretty tedious at times.

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If you can we’d suggest swapping drivers as and when necessary, and making sure you don’t get too comfortable behind the wheel as you never know when a tricky turn is coming around the next corner.

On the other hand, you might absolutely love driving conditions like this.

4 Open Top Or Not?

It’s a simple question: do you want an open-top (or soft top depending on your native tongue) or not? Some folks tend to enjoy the novelty of the wind in their hair for an entire trip, whereas others would prefer to just do things the old fashioned way.

There’s an argument to be made that an open-top roof gives you more of an authentic American driving experience, but that might not be something you care all too much about – especially if all you’re doing is trying to get from point A to point B.

3 The Heat

Following on from the last point, the heat is something you need to take into consideration, especially if you have a soft-top vehicle. Even if you don’t it’s pretty common for folks to leave their arm outside of the vehicle, and on roads like these, you’re going to get a pretty nasty burn pretty quickly.

Heatstroke isn’t a joke even if you’re someone that tans easily, so just make sure you’re protected on the off chance you become a victim of it.

It’s not a guarantee, but it’s worth thinking about.

2 The Hitchhiker Query

It’s an age-old question that you wonder whether or not you’ll actually have to answer, and it all comes to down to your personal preference and instincts. You could pick up that seemingly innocent-looking hitchhiker on the side of the road, or you could keep on driving.

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There’s a certain risk associated with doing this on any road trip, but the guilt of leaving someone out in the desert can play on your mind a little bit if you allow it to do so.

It’s just worth a second thought, that’s all.

1 Your Vegas Plans

When you’re in the car for this amount of time, it can be important to lay out a plan of all the things you want to get done in Las Vegas. Perhaps you’re there on work or maybe you just fancied a holiday, but either way, it’s not the kind of place you can go to whilst being too unprepared.

Your itinerary may have been sorted weeks if not months in advance, but you need to find ways to pass the time, and looking ahead to the excitement that awaits you is a great way of doing just that.

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