Everyone who comes to Los Angeles only moves to the city to become the next big Hollywood star, or because they want the chance to get tan on the beach every single weekend, right? Not always! The truth about LA is that it actually has a lot more to offer than it's surface stories might suggest.

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While there are a few stereotypes about Los Angeles that are true, it's a big city with a huge diverse mix of people that bring their own uniqueness to the southern Californian haven. If you're thinking of moving or are wondering about what it's like to be a local in the City of Angels, here are 5 stereotypes about LA that are completely false and 5 that are true.

10 1. Everyone is a health nut: FALSE

Despite what a lot of people might think, not every single person who lives in Los Angeles is an absolute health nut. Sure, there are a lot of people who live in the area who are focused on clean eating and dieting, but the stereotype is usually that most people do it because they want to look good - that's not completely true.

A lot of people move to a big city like LA for a new start, and with new starts also comes healthy lifestyle changes, like clean eating. It's not all about the looks in Los Angeles. There are plenty of people who would gladly choose fast food over a salad for lunch, and sometimes people really just want to have a smoothie for breakfast.

9 2. Almost everyone wants to work in the entertainment industry: TRUE

Unless you're the parents of a family of four, almost every working person you'll run into in the heart of Los Angeles is living there because they want to somehow land a job in the entertainment industry. Whether it's music, screenwriting, acting, or even behind-the-scenes camera work, LA is the land of opportunity and many people make the move to Hollywood just to shoot their shot.

From job openings as extras on television shows to interning at some of the best studios in the country, LA has a lot to offer when it comes to those trying to get their foot in the door in entertainment.

8 3. People don't get star struck: FALSE

A lot of outsiders think that because you live in Los Angeles, you're always running into celebrities. While it looks like that might happen, many times it happens by chance, and it's not always easy for everyone to keep their cool when it comes to running into Brad Pitt on the sidewalk.

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Most people in LA are over the "celebrities live amongst us" ideal, but a lot of non-famous people still live in LA, and they still get extremely starstruck running into their favorite actors or performers at their local coffee shop.

7 4. Everyone owns a fancy car: FALSE

If you tell someone that you're from Los Angeles, the first thought that comes to people's minds is an image of Hollywood or Beverly Hills which implies that you must be a millionaire who lives in luxury housing and owns four Lamborghinis, right? Very wrong.

Not everybody who lives in LA is rich. In fact, housing in LA is one of the most expensive in the country, and not everyone owns a super nice sports car. Drive down any LA street and you'll see used cars fighting for a single parking spot at any given time of the day.

6 5. Many people are friends with celebrities: TRUE

Because it's the Entertainment Capital of the World, Los Angeles is home to so many celebrities from Malibu to Beverly Hills. It's not uncommon that you might find out your neighbor could very well be Katy Perry. Just like you could run into Leonardo Di Caprio at the Starbucks around the corner, famous Hollywood A-listers could also be your neighbors.

When it comes to living near or next to famous people, many times you'll find that they can actually be friendly. Despite their fame, they're still regular people who value privacy, and it's not unlikely that you'll get used to living down the street from them.

5 6. Almost everyone drives horribly in LA: TRUE

Many people who road trip to Los Angeles from out of state find that LA drivers are the absolute worst! It's a sad stereotype, but more times than not, it proves very true. However, it might be because they really have no choice.

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LA streets aren't always narrow, but even when streets are wide, there are usually parked cars on either side, making it the perfect combination for a road rage fest. From frustration on the freeway to trying to find parking outside your house, it can get really complicated driving in LA. People might yell at you - just keep in mind, it's nothing personal.

4 7. Everyone is SUPER vain: FALSE

Many people view LA as a vain, artificial kind of city that is home to superficial people and personalities. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's simply not true.

While the Oscars and the Emmys might take place here, not everybody is about getting recognized for their work. Similarly, while LA is the hub for cosmetic and beauty go-to's, it's not always about the looks for most people.

LA is filled with artists, and more than just "make-up" or "looking good on camera," the nature of looking your best comes from creating art that was mean to be shared with other people.

3 8. Everyone complains about traffic: TRUE

Traffic in LA is a horrible monster that may Angelenos have to fight with every day. It's a city with too many people and not enough road, and it can cause even the most patient of people to get frustrated.

Los Angeles traffic is especially hard for commuters to travel into the city for work. On average, getting to a destination that's only a few blocks away can sometimes take forty-five minutes. For workers who live outside the central city, it usually takes about one to 1.5 hours to get to their place of work. It would be hard not to complain about that.

2 9. Everyone is addicted to coffee: FALSE

You might think enduring two hours of traffic every day would mean that every Los Angeles resident would absolutely need a cup of coffee on their way to and from work, however, that's not always the case. Especially because many people try so hard to stay healthy, a lot of folks tend to cut caffeine out of their systems completely.

While LA is one of the greatest cities to go to experience an abundance of little street coffee shops, it's not always for everyone. However, if you're a fan of both smoothies and coffee, we suggest you plan your visit to LA immediately.

1 10. Nobody can handle weather below 68 degrees: TRUE

Anyone born and raised in Southern California, or anyone who's gotten very accustomed to the forever sunny weather - even during Christmastime - will most likely not be able to handle any kind of cold weather. If the temperature drops below 68 degrees, or if it starts to rain or gets windy, you'll have a bunch of angry Angelenos complaining about how cold it is.

So many people from all over the world make the move to LA just to avoid snowy winters and wet springs. It's not until it gets super rainy and cold that a lot of Los Angeles residents realize how much they take the sun for granted.

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