Downtown Los Angeles is a flurry of activity and new adventures, including a multitude of escape rooms. These escape rooms are filled with mind teasers and clues to solve difficult puzzles within a specific time constraint. Some are easier than others, but they all separate the weak-minded from the intellectually sound.

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These escape rooms involve communication and skill, creating lasting memories you and your friends can hang on to forever. There are so many excellent venues to choose from, but we have compiled a list of the best L.A. has to offer. Keep reading to find out which ten escape rooms you can spend an evening solving with your friends!


This offers five rooms of unlimited fun for you and your friends. The rooms included are The Alchemist, Atlantis, The Detective, The Theatre, and The Pyramid. The games are recommended for children aged 14 and up and younger children are not permitted entry into the rooms. They do offer special kid-level rooms on certain weekends for kids ages 9 to 13. It is $33 per person on weekdays and $39 per person on the weekends and none of their games are horror-filled, so it is perfect for every member of your group.

This is one of the best as it focuses more on the puzzle, rather than the immersion aspect, allowing the escapees a greater mental challenge. The puzzles range from easy to hard, so it is the perfect venue for anyone wanting to attempt an escape of their own.


This unique escape room experience only includes one room to play, called The Lab Rat. The basis of their room is rats performing experiments on humans and your job is to complete the tasks given to you and possibly escape. It is not a scary room, open to ages eight and up, and can accommodate groups up to eight. It is $39 per person or a minimum of $100 if you prefer to arrive in only a group of two.

This room is amazing because it requires you to use all of your senses to complete it and customers claim it feels like you are part of a movie. Each puzzle you solve continually furthers the plot of the story and will leave you wondering what will come next.


This escape room currently offers six rooms for you to choose from and has four more coming soon. The rooms you can sign up for today are Party Hard, Perfumer, Cannibal's Den, Red Giant, Bloody Elbow, and Da Vinci's Challenge. The games coming soon are Project Minotaur, Amnesia, Resurrection, and Polar Station.


There are rooms with nudity and violence, so it is recommended you research the games online before allowing your younger children into certain games. It is $43 per person and you can bring up to five of your friends to play. The decor in the rooms is incredible and customers enjoyed wearing the capes involved in the alchemist, but some involve creepier aspects than others. It was also reported some rooms prefer immersion over the puzzles, but overall customers said the puzzles were of intermediate difficulty and ane exciting way to spend an evening.


This includes one room, but there are two different levels to include all intellectual levels. This is an R-rated escape room which combines the attraction with a house of horrors. It does warn you that your clothing could get stained or damaged during the experience, which is different from anything else on the market. Due to its more adult rated nature, children beneath the age of 18 are not permitted to play. They allow groups of up to eight people and each ticket costs $35 per person.

This escape room is not recommended for anyone not into creepy thrillers, as scary movie enthusiasts reported these rooms to contain aspects even they found horrifyingly real. The storyline was great, but some of the outcomes and effects were a bit much for some players.


This escape room only offers one exceptional room for you to play, but the catch is, they do not offer any hints. You can play with up to six people and the time limit is extended to 90 minutes. The rate is $28 per person all week long and the goal of the room is to help them with their dimensional time machine. They do offer onsite parking and private group rates if you are looking to make an event of it.

This room is great because the gamemaster will work with you to make it as enjoyable as possible, adjusting the theme and puzzles to fit the mental ability of a younger crowd. The props were reported to be subpar, but guests truly found the puzzles to be entertaining and different from what anyone else is offering.


This escape room offers four different rooms for you to explore. The rooms available are called The Basement, The Study, The Elevator Shaft, and The Courtyard. This escape room can be a bit frightening, but it is not considered a haunted house of any sorts. They do not permit anyone under the age of 13 and you can play with six or ten of your friends. There are actors involved in the rooms and they may touch you but you cannot touch them. The price of their game is $35 per person and the experience will be one you won't forget.

This is one of the best as it is horror based, but it is not scary enough to frighten the scaredy-cats of your group away. It is recommended for more seasoned escape room players as the puzzles are trickier than other rooms in the area, but even those who didn't make it out said they had a great time.


This awesome escape room only offers one scenario and it is based on a drug leader in a Koreatown apartment who wants you to dispose of all of the drugs before the cops arrive.


The room gives you 90 minutes to succeed and you must bring your own crew. They offer a 24-hour cancellation policy, but parking in the area can be scarce. The cost of this venture is $40 per person and you need at least four people to play. People have claimed this room's theme is amazing and well-thought out with top-notch decor. They have high tech gear to provide you an out-of-this-world experience, which adds another layer to the classic puzzles.


This fun escape room offers three different ways to play, including The Hex Room, The Psych Ward, and The Fun House. The price is $32 on weekdays and $35 on the weekends and customers have 60 minutes to escape. The rooms can hold five to ten players, but some rooms only hold up to eight. There are age limits for certain games, but The Fun House is open to everyone and includes kid and adult versions. Also, they do offer hints so if you are prone to get stuck then this is the escape room for you.

People love this house for their props and unique way of setting up rooms. One room involves a quiz which determines your role and what sector you are placed into, while others pit the two sides of your group against one another to add a layer of competition into the mix.


This venue has 19 total rooms spread about a few locations, with some of them being called The Abyss, World of Illusions, and Lunar Mission. You have 60 minutes to solve the room and the price is about $33 per ticket. A total of seven players will be allowed in each scenario, but others do have special rules. Each game has an age restriction, with the lowest being 10-years-old, and a few games have a height restriction of at least four feet tall. This is the perfect venue for gamers looking for a variety of options to choose from.

This is considered one of the best as its storyline hooks its players and keeps them entertained along the way. It gives you a clear goal, but the twists they add to the story and the impressive tech they involve, make this a must-visit for any escape room enthusiast.


This escape room is set up like storybook chapters to keep you coming back for more. They currently have three chapters available, including Occam's Apartment, Norcross Art Gallery, and The Morgue. The first two chapters allow up to six players and the third chapter jumps up to eight. The age limit for this venue is 15 due to the addition of graphic content in some of the scenes which are not considered appropriate for young children. It is $33 to play and each room is private, so you will have to gather up your friends in order to participate. They do recommend you play the rooms in order, but they are also made so you don't have to.

This escape room is incredible because it combines puzzles, theater, and storytelling into a masterful immersion of your mind. People rave about the storyline and can't wait to see what they come up with next as they await a fourth chapter to the enthralling story.

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