New Cannabis Cafe To Open In Los Angeles Is Country's First

New Cannabis Cafe To Open In Los Angeles Is Country's First

Los Angeles is about to get the United States’ first cannabis cafe.

Since 2016, California has been one of the few states in the US to allow for recreational cannabis use. You just gotta be 21 years old and be able to prove it to go inside a dispensary and order up some green.

However, businesses have been slow to adapt to the new reality of legal weed. While dispensaries are a dime a dozen, cannabis cafes aren’t nearly as common. But that might be about to change with the upcoming arrival of the first cannabis cafe in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

It’s called Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, and it promises to be "America’s first cannabis cafe serving farm fresh food, coffee, juice, and cannabis daily." Everything they serve is certified organic with no artificial substances, and all employees are paid a living wage whether they work in the kitchen, on the floor, or at the farm.

While one might consider stoner food to be chips, burgers, and pizza, Lowell Farm will serve anything but. Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef Andrea Drummer heads up a menu full of fresh ingredients, such as grilled peaches and burrata or crispy brussels sprouts. Although a fried chicken sandwich is also on the menu, which is a little closer to standard stoner fare.

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None of the food has any THC or CBD content. Instead, the waiters also serve a marijuana menu that they suggest pairing with certain menu items--sort of like a sommelier, but for weed. They’ll even roll a joint of your preferred strain right there for you at the table.

Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe
via Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe

This being cannabis, there are a few rules. Cannabis can only be purchased with cash, although regular menu items can be purchased with debit or credit (this is due to the complicated banking rules with weed still being illegal federally). You must be 21 years or older to enter the cafe with a valid government-issued ID.

Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe is open from 10 AM to 2 AM, but last call for weed is at 9:50 PM. You can pre-order a few rolls before you leave, or you can go to the on-site dispensary where you can buy a range of cannabis products for the road. Opening day is October 1st with reservations recommended.

(via LA Weekly)

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