Los Angeles is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the entire world. As such it has some of the best vegan restaurants, pop-ups, and even bars in the world. Los Angeles is also host to many large vegan events that range from weekly pop-ups and visits to a local farm to larger scale annual festivals. There are events scattered all throughout the year, so it’s never a bad time to head over for a little plant-based fun. Let’s take a look at some of the amazingly animal-friendly events taking place all over the city.

8 Sundays At The Gentle Barn

While the remaining entries on this list revolve around vegan food and drinks, Sundays at the gentle barn are for all of the animal lovers out there looking to get some quality time with some furry (or otherwise) friends. Every Sunday the Gentle Barn opens its gates to the public from the hours of ten until two in the afternoon so that animal lover from all over Los Angeles can come to visit with the cows, give a pig a much-deserved belly rub, or hang out with some of the coolest turkeys forth miles north of Los Angeles.

7 Friday Night Vegan Pop-up At Block Party In Highland Park

For quite some time now highland park has been home to some of the greatest vegan pop-ups in Los Angeles. Every Friday night vegan vendors from all over descend upon Block Party, a bar in highland park, to serve up some of the most innovative and creative vegan dishes around. Any of dozens of local vendors (including Veggie Fam, We Are The Vegan Hooligans, Avocadamama, and more) are known to show up to dish out there delectable dishes for anyone in or around the neighborhood. Seeing as there’s a bar right inside, it makes for the perfect combination of plant-based fun.

6 Vegan Wednesday Night Takeover At The Other Door

Much like what Block Party is doing in Highland Park, The Other Door in North Hollywood is hosting a group of vegan pop-up vendor every Thursday night. Local favorites like Avocadamama (who is serving up some of the most creative plant-based mac and cheeses in all of Los Angeles) and Maneatingplant (Check out their mushroom bao. And then give them a giant hug for making something so delicious.) are frequent visitors.

So stop by Wednesday nights from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m., grab a drink, grab some mac, and show hump day who’s boss. Before waking up the next morning realizing that there’s still a couple of days left before the weekend. Yikes.

5 Vegan Playground

For two years when the sun is highest in the sky, Vegan Playground descends on Pershing square creating a haven of delicious cruelty-free foods, vendors, music, gallery, alcohol and more. Vegan Playground takes up one square block of downtown Los Angeles real estate in order to bring together a community of people all dedicated to a cruelty-free lifestyle. Should any vegans happen to be following their stomach, livers, or their ears to this annual event, they’re sure to walk away happy, satisfied, full. There’s definitely more than a few who are anxiously waiting for the next year when vegans from all over Los Angeles will descend upon Pershing square once again.

4 Smorgasburg LA

Smorgasburg LA has been a Los Angeles staple for quite some time now. Every Sunday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Row in downtown Los Angeles, vendors of all sorts gather together to feed, clothe, and entice the masses. While Smorgasburg LA isn’t an entirely vegan event, there are plenty of vegan pop-ups to keep vegans happy no matter what they might be craving. Whether they’re looking for one of the most iconic vegan taco pop-ups in all of Los Angeles, Cena Vegan, or looking to scarf down some of the richest, most incredible vegan mac and cheese around, Avocadamama, there’s plenty of options to keep everyone happy.

3 Vegan Sundays NoHo

Vegan Sundays NoHo is a lot like Smorgasburg LA. A large collection of food vendors pack the street (just a short walk from the North Hollywood station, for anyone looking to save on gas) and start feeding the masses as they show up. The main difference here is that all of the vendors, from the food to the clothing to the CBD are 100% vegan.

A little slice of vegan heaven. Attendees will find anything from buckets of vegan fried “chicken” (Eat Love), to burgers, hot “chicken” sandwiches, cinnamon rolls (cinnaholic), dumplings and so much more. With so many vendors to choose from it’s a good thing that they’re popping up every Sunday, because there’s definitely always a reason to come back next week.

2 Vegan Street Fair/Vegan Street Fair Nights

Vegan Street Fair and Vegan Street Fair Nights are annual events hosted in the spring and fall by the same people who are putting together Vegan Sundays NoHo every week. These hardworking vegans are putting the work in year-round so that vegans from all over the world can enjoy the fruits of their labor. As they only happen once a year, Vegan Street Fair and Vegan Street Fair Nights have a much larger group of vegan vendor preparing to fill up several city blocks right outside the North Hollywood station. Anyone looking for drinks, however, will have to wait for the 21+ Vegan Street Fair Nights which takes place in August.

1 Eat Drink Vegan

Eat Drink Vegan, the final addition to our list, is an annual event held in Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. The event, affectionately known as the “vegan Coachella” to many who make the trip every year, is filled with food, beer, wine, cocktails, and pretty much anything a growing vegan needs to have a good time without the constant threat of accidentally ingesting one animal product or another. Ticket purchases include a small glass which can be used and refilled endlessly. So make sure to come ready for some food, sure, but the alcohol is definitely the star here, so come ready to drink.