The 10 Best Steakhouses In Los Angeles

Nothing can match the joy of looking at a juicy tender steak on your plate and adoring the perfect cut and grill marks. The dry-aged, tempting and flavorful delicacy has always remained a favorite among Americans. Over the years, various talented chefs have displayed their craftsmanship by unbelievable innovations in a steak.

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Los Angeles can undeniably be called a hot spot for meat lovers as they have numerous restaurants offering the highest standard exotic cuisines and exquisite steak. If you are craving a delectable steak, then LA can prove to be the perfect destination.

10 Gwen

With iconic Hollywood as its neighborhood, Gwen brings together a world-class butcher shop and a fine dining restaurant with an in-house Charcuterie Program.

The renowned chef Curtis Stone partnered with his brother Luke to open this elegant restaurant in LA. It displays an old-world charm with a modern approach. The five-course meal, referred to as Taste of Gwen, is designed to offer a melt in the mouth experience.

The glass-enclosed dry-age rooms and the smoking fire pit at the center stage gives the guest a glimpse of how the scrumptious meals have reached their plate. The premier steaks here are a result of skillful butchering and the in-depth knowledge of the chefs.

9 JW’s Steak House

The ideally located Los Angeles Airport Marriott has a pleasant surprise in the form of a top-notch steakhouse. JW’s Steak House is known for its perfectly cooked steaks, that are locally sourced and the unmatched bold flavors. The open kitchen offers a sophisticated ambiance and the courteous staff ensures a perfect dining experience.

The diverse menu includes sustainable seafood and even three vegan options in addition to the authentic steaks.

The 15-year-old restaurant has a reputation for servicing its guests par excellence. They even offer three-hour complimentary valet parking so guests can enjoy dining without any hassles.

8 The Palm

The Palm is a classic steak house in Downtown LA that has delectable food for every mood. The history of the Palm can be dated back to 1926 when the first restaurant opened in New York. Since then, it has never compromised on its quality and service and has gained loyal customers from all over the world.

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It has a tradition of treating its guests like family and most people choose to come here for a get-together or a celebration. The signature prime steaks are aged at least 35 days and the juicy tender delicacies are topped with incredible flavors. The portraits of the celebrities on the walls and the mahogany wood furniture add to the luxurious ambiance.

7 Morton’s - The Steak House

With a mission to exceed the guest’s expectations and provide the best steak anywhere, Morton’s Steakhouse stands tall on La Cienega Blvd. in Beverly Hills.

It has won the best Los Angeles Steakhouse Award multiple times. Further, the hospitality and service are also constantly praised by the guests which led it to win the Best People Practices Award.

Since the opening of the first restaurant in 1978 in Chicago, Morton’s has been an epitome of supreme quality cuisine. The appetizing ribeye steak is the star of the menu. The Morton’s Prime platter features all the signature menu in a tray and is ideal for a party.

6 H&H Brazilian Steakhouse

The latest addition to the excellent restaurants in downtown LA, the H&H Brazilian steakhouse opened in March 2019. The organic Brazilian eatery brings authentic and traditional Brazilian barbeque to the American market. It was started by Henrique Huyer who has experience of close to a decade working in a Brazilian steakhouse.

The concept of all you can eat Brazilian Churrasco at $35 has already gathered the attention of steak lovers and the happy hours offer exciting deals for you to indulge in lip-smacking Brazilian Bites. Additionally, grass-fed premium meats, organic salad and an impressive collection of wines make it one of the best steakhouses in LA.

5 La Boucherie

Located on the 71st Floor of Intercontinental, Los Angeles downtown, La Bucherie offers a splendid view of the city as you indulge in its world-class steaks. The French twist makes this American steakhouse unique and it has found a spot in the 2019 Michelin Guide Recommended Restaurant.

A charcuterie atelier is also featured in the restaurant along with stunning interiors. The bar also offers choices from the 2018 Wine Spectator award-winning drinks. The Starlight Booths are a major attraction as it offers an exclusive dining experience. The chef’s table alongside the cheese cave is another ideal spot here for a private event.

4 Arroyo Chop House

An amazing contribution of the Smith Brothers, the Arroyo Chop House is one of the most popular steakhouses in Pasadena, 19 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The fine-dining restaurant was opened in 1997 and is known to be the only restaurant to serve USDA prime beef in the San Fernando Valley.

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The Wagyu steaks served here are extremely flavorful and are aged for a minimum of 28 days. This modern steakhouse also has a wide range of seafood and desserts to choose from. It was voted Best Steakhouse by the Pasadena Weekly and it deserves the title. The live music at the bar also makes sure that you are entertained while you have a delicious meal.

3 Carlitos Gardel Restaurant

The search for authentic Argentine cuisine in Los Angeles ends at the Carlitos Gardel restaurant. Furthermore, the perfect display of Argentine culture and hospitality will leave you spellbound.

The restaurant is recommended by the Michelin Guide and was selected as LA’s No. 1 Restaurant in Open Table, Winter 2018. The vintage Argentine wines complement the signature prime skirt steak very well. Moreover, chimichurri, an essential element of Argentine cuisine is put to maximum use in the form of dressing, glace, and sauce to enhance the flavors.

The romantic ambiance and the live piano music make it an ideal location for a perfect date.

2 Taylor's Prime Steak House

Another classic and one of the oldest restaurants in downtown LA is Taylor’s Prime Steak House. The restaurant has an old-world setup and the elegant ambiance attracts a lot of visitors including celebrities.

Established in 1953 as Taylor’s Tavern, the restaurant has come a long way to become Taylor’s Steak House – a successful and popular eating joint in LA. However, they have still managed to keep the prices affordable, so you don’t have to think twice before ordering your favorite steak. The perfectly cooked culotte is the signature delicacy here and it has a separate clientele base. It has also been dubbed the best steakhouse in LA.

1 CUT By Wolfgang Puck

CUT is located in the iconic Beverly Wilshire hotel. The celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck stunned the world with his fusion cooking techniques while he opened CUT in 2006. His unmatched experience and the innovative menu resulted in the creation of one of the most sought-after steak restaurants in Beverly Hills.

The combination of American, French and Asian cooking techniques gives a twist to the flavor of steaks. The handcrafted cocktails and the corn-fed prime beef aged 21 days is the highlight of this restaurant.

This impeccable steakhouse has been recommended by the Michelin Guide in June 2019. The CUT lounge adjacent to the steakhouse has an exclusive handpicked menu that should not be missed.

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