10 Of The Best Places To Take Instagram Pics In LA

What's the best way to show off a trip you're on? By posting pictures of it on social media for everyone to see. Along with making everyone wish that they were on a fun vacation like you, posting pictures of really aesthetically pleasing places wherever you're visiting can be a fun way to look back on your trip after you come home.

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One place that is definitely popular among people trying to get a good selfie is Los Angeles. This southern California city is known for its weather, its beaches, and the celebrities that call it home. If you're visiting, you'll definitely have a lot of things to do, but there's always time to snap a good photo for Instagram.

To see ten of the best places to get a good Instagram picture, keep reading!

10 Venice Canals

Have you taken a wrong turn and wound up somewhere in Italy? Nope, this is the Venice Canals, located just off of Venice Beach. Venice Beach is already a really popular tourist destination for people visiting LA, but if you're looking for the best Instagram spot, you definitely need to head down here.

The canals were almost turned into roads in the 1920s before it was ruled that they couldn't be filled in. Lucky, right? Today, you can walk through this area, take in the beautiful sights, and get that sunset picture you've been after.

9 Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel, located on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills is an incredibly popular hotel that was opened in 1912. This hotel's iconic pink and green color scheme has made it incredibly popular with people from all over the world and it's a favorite spot for actors and rockstars alike.

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Staying at The Beverly Hills Hotel is definitely not cheap. If you're looking to get a room here, it's going to set you back at least $600 per night - or more, if you choose to go for a suite. But, if you're simply looking to take a photo outside of this iconic hotel, there are plenty of pretty places that you won't have to book a room to pose in front of.

8 Colette Miller Global Angel Wings Project

Colette Miller began her interactive Angel Wings project back in 2012. These days, it's just about impossible to visit LA (or one of the other cities where she's left her artistic mark) without taking a picture posed in front of the colorful pair of wings.

In LA, Miller's Angel Wings are located on Colyton Street in the Arts District. These wings have become a staple in Los Angeles and are an incredibly popular spot for anyone that wants to take a really unique picture for social media. Just make sure you bring someone with you to hold the camera!

7 Micheltorena Stairs

Taking a picture on some stairs? Although this may not seem like a very interesting spot for an Instagram photo, the Micheltorna Stairs in Los Angeles are probably the most photographed stairs in the whole city. They're painted fun colors with a heart on the front of the stairs, so who can resist snapping a shot as they run up them?

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The stairs are located on Sunset Boulevard and were painted by an artist named Corinne Carrey who was secretly painting them late at night in order to avoid getting in trouble for beautifying the neighborhood.

6 The Last Bookstore

Even if you're not someone that is super into reading, visiting The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles is definitely something that has to go on your travel bucket list. This bookstore is housed in what used to be a bank, making the venue itself already really unique. That, combined with the fact that the books are stacked up into such unique forms and it's decorated with local art makes this bookstore worth taking a trip to.

Along with selling new books, The Last Bookstore also sells a variety of used and vintage books, meaning that if you are someone that likes to read, this store probably has what you're looking for. Either way, it'll make for a really nice photograph.

5 Santa Monica Pier

Odds are, anyone planning or taking a trip to Los Angeles is already perfectly familiar with the Santa Monica Pier. This location is iconic in terms of places to visit on the west coast and is definitely not somewhere that most people looking to go to LA need to be introduced to.

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But, many people thinking of going to Santa Monica Pier might be only thinking about the rides, the beautiful ocean view, and the restaurants. Those are all great things to see and do at the Pier, but don't forget that it's also a good spot to stop and snap a picture for social media. Whether it's a selfie, a shot of the Ferris wheel, or a picture of the ocean, it'll get some likes.

4 Urban Light

Urban Light is an art installation located outside of LACMA that was created by Chris Burden back in 2008. The 202 restored antique lamps are kept on 24 hours a day and are a mesmerizing sculpture that will definitely draw the eyes in.

These lamps were originally created back in the 1920s and 1930s and were first placed around southern California before artist Chris Burden restored and repurposed them for this large-scale sculpture. Today, they're located outside of LACMA and draw in visitors from all over that show up to take a look (and a picture!) of them.

3 OUE Skyspace LA

Looking for the best view of the city that you can get? How about a unique thrill ride? What if we said you could combine both of those things into one tourist attraction? OUE Skyspace LA does exactly that.

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At OUE Skyspace LA, you can enjoy a drink at the bar and get some of the most incredible views of all of Los Angeles, high above the streets of the city - and above many of the buildings around the city as well. And if you're seriously looking to get your adrenaline pumping after you get the Instagram photo you were after, you can take the 45' long, completely glass Skyslide.

2 Stahl House

Most of us aren't lucky enough to own a beautiful home that's nestled up in the hills, overlooking all of Los Angeles... But who says we can't pretend to be on social media? The Stahl House was built in 1960 and today, it's a famous home and example of modern architecture of the time.

If you're someone that loves that era and is interested in unique, modern architecture and design, then you'll definitely want to add a tour of the Stahl House to your itinerary. This midcentury home offers tours three times per day and is a great place to snap a quick selfie or a shot of the city down below you.

1 Pink Wall At Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a fashion designer and it's definitely no secret to anyone that likes clothing that Los Angeles is one of the best places to go to buy some clothes and accessories from amazing designers. But taking pictures outside of a designer's store instead of shopping there?

While it may seem strange in other cities, it's definitely not unusual in Los Angeles. There are quite a few artistic walls that draw in visitors from all over to stop and take a selfie in front of them. The solid, pink wall outside of Paul Smith is among the most popular ones. But, if you want a selfie in front of this wall, make sure you just bring your camera. They've hired a security guard to enforce their "no DSLRs" rule recently.

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