There are stores dedicated to just about everything, all around the world. Whether you're shopping for jewelry, shoes, or even books, there are stores where you can browse and buy whatever it is that you're looking for.

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Los Angeles is a city that is definitely known for having some really incredible stores. If you're visiting LA and want to browse for books, you're definitely not going to be disappointed. This city is full of some really amazing bookstores that avid readers will find it easy to get lost in.

To see 10 of the best bookstores around LA, keep reading!

10 Hennessey + Ingalls

Hennessey + Ingalls is a specialty bookstore that has multiple locations around Los Angeles. It was opened in the early 1960s and is a family-owned bookstore that focuses on books on the arts and architecture. If you're someone that is interested in these topics, you won't find a better place to shop for books.

Even if you're not typically someone who is interested in art, a trip to Hennessey + Ingalls is definitely still something that should go on the LA bucket list of any book lover, purely because of how massive and aesthetically pleasing this bookstore is.

9 Skylight Books

It's easy to see why Skylight Books has become such a popular destination in Los Angeles. This bookstore is definitely one of the best in LA, even if you're not someone that's typically into browsing the shelves for books. It's a bright, airy space with a large tree right in the middle that's hard to look away from.

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This store is run by people who really love books. If you stroll in and are looking for a recommendation on what your next read should be, the employees are happy to help you out with some suggestions.

8 Kinokuniya Bookstore

Instead of simply stocking all the best-sellers as many other bookstores do, Kinokuniya is a really unique store that sells a specialty selection of books. Although this bookstore isn't necessarily one that will appeal to every shopper, people that are interested in what they sell will love it here.

Kinokuniya is a store that specializes in various different types of Japanese paper goods. The store sells a lot of really unique Japanese stationery as well as Japanese language books and manga. There are some English editions of manga, but the selection is somewhat smaller than the Japanese language versions.

7 Book Soup

Book Soup is definitely a paradise for lovers of books. This bookstore opened back in the 1970s and has become a really popular store in West Hollywood. The store's floor-to-ceiling bookshelves carry tens of thousands of books, including some really rare titles and autographed books.

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Along with their books, this store also has a selection of vinyl for the serious collector. If you're looking for a book that you've been struggling to find anywhere else or you just want to read something new, a trip to Book Soup is perfect.

6 Dark Delicacies

Dark Delicacies is a specialty bookstore in LA that was opened over two decades ago. This bookstore is a really unique one because it's completely dedicated to the horror genre, something that is incredibly unique for a bookstore but is definitely something that has helped it to become popular.

This bookstore isn't necessarily one that is entirely focused on books, though. Although Dark Delicacies has thousands of books on its shelves, it has a heavy focus on selling jewelry, posters, and other horror-oriented items. To make it even cooler, a lot of what they sell is handmade by local people.

5 Iliad Bookshop

Iliad Bookshop is a bookstore in Los Angeles that has been open for over 20 years. This bookstore is one that many people go to if they're looking to sell the books they have lying around in order to give them a new life and one that helps hook people up with rare, out of print titles.

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This bookstore has tens of thousands of books and has a really warm, inviting feeling. There are cats that wander around inside the bookstore and chairs where people can sit down with the books they've picked out in order to try to narrow their selection down before they head to the counter.

4 Vroman's Bookstore

Vroman's Bookstore was founded in the late 19th century, making it the oldest bookstore in Southern California. Along with being the oldest bookstore in the area, it's also massive and so easy to get lost in. It was opened by Adam Clark Vroman and, after his passing in 1916, it was left to his longtime employees. Today, the store is owned by the great-grandchild of one of those employees.

Vroman's is a popular destination for book lovers and people that are interested in history. This huge bookstore has a wide selection of all kinds of books, stationery, handmade goods, candles, and more.

3 Chevalier’s Books

Chevalier's Books was founded in 1940. This means this store has a long history in LA and with keeping Los Angeles locals and visitors reading some truly excellent books.

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Along with selling just about any book that you could be looking for, Chevalier's Books is the host of a monthly book club. When the book club isn't meeting, there are events like readings and signings for authors on a pretty regular basis.

2 Small World Books

Small World Books was founded in Venice back in the 1970s by a married couple. Half of the couple would run the bookstore while the other half ran the Sidewalk Cafe, the cafe located right there with the bookstore that sits on the boardwalk.

Today, the bookstore is still open and the Sidewalk Cafe is still a delicious place to get a bite to eat on the boardwalk. If you're in Venice and want somewhere quiet to go inside and get away from the busy boardwalk for a while, Small World Books is a great option.

1 BookMonster

While there are a lot of amazing bookstores around the world that sell brand new books, many people prefer to buy used books. They're cheaper and you can often find a rare book that is not available brand new.

Along with a store in LA, BookMonster also has a website where they sell a wide variety of used books. If you're looking for your next cheap read or want to trade in some books, a trip to BookMonster is definitely something that needs to go on your LA bucket list.

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