Praia do Norte, Nazaré in Portugal may be famous for having the world's greatest monstrously huge waves (with reports of waves in excess of 100 feet being surfed there), but the longest is in Peru. Imagine surfing waves that just go on and on and on.

Peru is worth visiting for so many reasons, the Inca ruins, pristine tropical rainforests, stunning wildlife, the Andes Mountains, delectable food, and now the longest surfable wave in the world. Hawaii Beach may be famous in the world for surfing but that doesn't mean it's the best place in the world.


The World's Longest Wave In Chicama

Chicama is a small town in Northern Peru located beside the Pan-American Highway. It is located around 370 miles or 600 kilometers northwest of Lima - Peru's capital. This is also a very historic region of Peru.

Chicama would be largely unknown to the world was it not for it being considered to have the longest wave in the world. This elongated surf breaks along a spectacular beach all the way to an old pier at its end.

  • Surf: On a Good Day Surf for 3 Kilometers or 1.9 Miles

On a good day, one can ride this wave for a length of around 3 kilometers or 1.9 miles. But remember that while the wave is in a remote location, it can get rather crowded when the conditions for surfing are the best.

It was discovered in 1965 by the Hawaiian surfer Chuck Shipman. He had just been to the World Surfing Championship in Lima when he spotted the extremely long wave from his plane's window. Once he arrived back in Honolulu he phoned his sighting back to Peru.

Tip: Sunscreen is a Must

  • Recommended: A 3/2 Suit And Booties Are Always Recommended

Even after he spotted it, it took a while for Peruvian surfers to find the exact location of the wave according to Perfect Wave Travel. Later some of Peru's top surfers became the first to ride its long break (the surfers included Carlos Barreda, Oscar Malpartida, and Ivo Hunza).

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When To Surf And Sections Of the Wave

Today within the surfing community, Chicama is world-famous with its legend reaching all corners of the world. Surfing enthusiasts travel to Peru to have a taste of what it is like to surf for nearly 2 miles non-stop.

The Chicama wave breaks year-round but it is best during the winter season (while equatorial, it is located in the Southern Hemisphere so the winter season can be considered from April to October). This is when it is helped by big southwest swells.

  • Best Season: From April to October
  • Warmer Months: November To May

It is so long that it is often broken into 6 different seasons:

  • El Cape: The Cape
  • El Point: The Point
  • Las Do Tetas: The Two Brests
  • El Hotel: The Hotel (So Named Because it is Right in Front of the Chicama Boutique Hotel & Spa
  • El Hombre: The Man
  • El Malecon: The Promenade

Of these sections, El Hombre is the fastest section providing the best barrels. Las Dos Tetas has very long rippable walls.

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Chicama Boutique Hotel & Spa

The Chicama Boutique Hotel & Spa offers the perfect accommodation mere meters from the world-famous wave. They have numerous other attractions and facilities here so one can really enjoy a relaxing as well as adventurous retreat.

Rooms On Offer:

  • Ocean View Double Room: From $160.00 Includes Breakfast Buffet
  • Ocean View Triple Room: From $200.00 Includes Breakfast Buffet

The hotel has an exquisite restaurant with awesome views of the bay as well as a fully stocked bar, a first-class Spa, and a games room. The hotel is designed with the thought in mind that the wave is not the only thing that will make one's trip enjoyable.

One can indulge in their infinity pool, soak in their Jacuzzis, or purify their mind, body, and soul at their spa.

Ancient Archeological Sites Nearby

If visiting here, consider taking an excursion to the ancient Pre-Inca ruins of Chan Chan. Chan Chan was at the center of an advanced and powerful kingdom long before the Incas appeared on the scene - it is the second biggest mud citadel in the world. Other nearby sites of interest include Huaca Del Brujo and Huacas of the Sun and The Moon.

Huaca Del Brujo:

  • Madame of Cao: A Tattooed Mummy That Ruled The Moches
  • Located: 45 Minutes From Chicama

Huacas of The Sun & The Moon:

  • Temple: A Colorful Mud Temple Hosting One Of Most Important Interpretations of All Archaeological Sites In Peru
  • Located: 1.5 Hours From Chicama

Chan Chan: 

  • Citadel: The Second Biggest Mud Citadel In the World
  • Located: 1.25 Hours From Chicama

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