Long Island wine country is a gem. It may not be as popular as California’s Napa Valley, but the east coast region is an attractive destination for wine lovers both local and from all across the country...even from around the world.

From the sprawling vineyards to the numerous wineries and tasting rooms, the eastern end of Long Island is known for its delicious wines and quaint atmosphere.

There are plenty of places to stay, from cute bed and breakfasts to inviting inns and hotels.


The restaurants in the region are splendid, many serving local foods like fresh fish and produce that’s in season.

If you’re not into Napa or want to experience a different wine region, Long Island wine country is where it’s at!

Picturesque Vineyards – The Landscape Is Lovely

Looking out onto the green and gorgeous vineyards is a beautiful sight to see. The glorious grapes are growing and the upkeep of the grounds is impeccable.

Many of the area wineries allow guests to walk out into the vineyards and get an up-close look at the lovely scenery. It’s truly spectacular.

These vineyards are where wine production begins. Mother Nature is in charge, and the weather determines much of how the season’s fruit will flavor the wine. That’s what makes winemaking so unpredictable, yet interesting.

Terrific Tasting Rooms – Sit Back And Sip

The wineries and tasting rooms are popular for wine lovers. The atmosphere is inviting, and the people are friendly and knowledgeable.

Folks come in to sample the wines and enjoy snacks that pair well with the wines. People love those cheese plates!

Some of the wineries offer club memberships with special perks like discounts on bottles and wine tasting dinners. Plus, meeting like-minded wine lovers is enjoyable.

Sampling the different types of wines allows people to learn their preferences.

Quaint Towns – Try Greenport For A Local Vibe

Greenport is a lovely town on the North Fork of Long Island. The cute shops and restaurants are a big draw for visitors. It gets especially busy when the weather is nice.

The waterfront town is big on boating, and when the weather is warm, people walk down the docks and go to the area beaches. Just walking around is entertaining.

Eating outside is always enjoyable too. Catch some rays while you dine.

There are plenty of places to stay and eat in town. The Sound View has an amazing oceanfront view. Plus, there's a restaurant associated with the hotel.

Fresh Fish And Local Produce – Yum!

The local restaurants love to offer dishes that speak to the area.

Fresh fish is a favorite and depending upon the season, the local fruits and veggies are served.

When people taste the amazing local flavors, it keeps them coming back time and time again. The menus change all the time.

Pumpkin picking season always draws the crowds. The weather is crisp and cool.

Many of the area restaurants have extensive wine lists featuring local wines by the glass or bottle. Some do wine flights so you can sample a few.

Go Romantic Or Get Rowdy – A Lovers’ Getaway Or A Girls’ (Or Guys’) Weekend Of Pleasure

The Long Island wine region is perfect for a couple’s getaway or a celebration. The area is enjoyable for everyone.

Make your trip a romantic getaway or more of a party.

The different wineries in the region cater to specific ambiances, so seek out the ones most suitable to your vibe.

When you understand what the Long Island wine country is all about, you'll appreciate it even more. It may not be as awesome as Napa Valley, but the Long Island vibe has its special "personality." You can visit over and over and see something new each time.

Each time you visit, try a new winery or restaurant. Walk along the shore and stop into the shops and farm stands.

Everyone is super friendly and fond of the region. Some have lived there all their lives.

Drink responsibly, but enjoy yourself, and share your experience with friends.

Next time, you can try Napa!