Many travelers get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing destinations for their next vacation, but Lonely Planet's latest report will lend a helping hand.

The traveling guide revealed its list of the top 10 countries, cities, regions and value places for travelers for next year. The website details the reasons for visiting these areas, and they offer tips on how to book these vacations accordingly.

Lonely Planet placed Bhutan as the No. 1 country for tourists to visit in 2020, citing it's plans to be "the first fully organic nation" by next year. Bhutan, a nation with a population of less than 800,000, is known for its beautiful mountain scenery.


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Second on Lonely Planet's list for countries was England, known for its rich history. The greater London area is among the most visited cities on an annual basis. Lonely Planet mentioned the England Coast Path - which will be nearly 3,000 miles long upon completion - as a prime tourist landing spot.

Rounding out Lonely Planet's top 10 countries list in order was North Macedonia, Aruba, eSwatini, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Liberia, Morocco and Uruguay.

In regards to the top 10 cities, Salzburg, Austria claimed the top spot. The city, known for its incredible music history, will be celebrating its 100th Salzburg Festival, as pointed out by Lonely Planet.

Washington, D.C. came in at No. 2 on the list. The capital of the United States is home to more than the White House, but to many popular tourist attractions like the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, was third on Lonely Planet's list. Galway, Ireland - known for its lively music performances - came in at fourth. Bonn, Germany and Lapaz, Bolivia were fifth and sixth on the list, respectively. Kochi, India, Vancouver, B.C., Dubai, UAE and Denver, Colorado rounded out the top 10.

Vancouver and Denver, of course, two of North America's cleanest cities, are perfect for those who are keen on the outdoors and sports lifestyles. The two cities are renowned for their glorious mountains - perfect for skiers and snowboarders.

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