London is a city full of culture and history. As such, there are so many attractions that are worth are visit, especially if it’s our first time in the British capital. However, there are many tourist sites that have become traps for visitors like us. These are the attractions that may be overhyped or overpriced that local residents don’t go to.

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Locals will be more than willing to give you suggestions on where to go instead so you can get your money and time’s worth. Here are some of the most famous tourist attractions in London that are overrated and some alternatives to what you can visit instead.

10 Prime Meridian, Royal Observatory, Greenwich

The Prime Meridian in Greenwich is designated the line that separates the western and eastern hemispheres and is used for navigation. It actually is no longer accurate as modern data has assigned the true prime meridian to be 334 feet to the east of the Greenwich Meridian Line. So the steel marker that is supposed to indicate the invisible line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole does not match the GPS anymore. Visit instead the UNESCO Heritage Site Old Royal Naval College. You can see the beautiful Painted Hall or visit the National Maritime Museum for more insights on London’s history.

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9 Oxford Street, Soho

If you don’t like being caught in the middle of hundreds of people walking in all directions, avoid Oxford Street in Soho. This is usually included in lists of shopping places in London but in reality, you can’t get much shopping done here. It’s because there are so many people that the streets are cramped and you’re likely to lose your companion in the middle of chaos. The stores here have branches in other areas of London so it’s not necessary to go to Oxford. You can instead go to Bond Street, a much calmer and peaceful shopping district. There are antique shops and luxury stores that offer the finest quality of fragrances, jewelry, and leather goods.

8 Harrods

Harrods is almost synonymous with London shopping so tourists, like a moth to a flame, are drawn to it. While it is a feast for the eyes, Londoners will agree that the items here are overpriced. Locals go to enjoy window shopping, but not really buying anything because items at Harrods are more expensive than other shopping malls. If you are looking for a worthwhile shopping and dining experience, you’ll be better off visiting Regent Street. It is home to many flagship stores and shops that will surely meet your wellness, fashion, and lifestyle needs. There are also award-winning restaurants in the area that will surely meet whatever you are craving after a shopping spree.

7 Piccadilly Circus

Do not let the name fool you because there are no bands and definitely no circus in Piccadilly Circus. This area is basically a busy street junction that is, looking around, surrounded by giant billboards that only serve for advertising. There is no value in visiting this place apart from seeing the iconic billboards that is one of the world’s most expensive advertising sites. Visit instead Trafalgar Square and see the different statues and memorials in the public area. This is also where the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery are located. There are no admission fees for the two galleries so this will surely be a wallet-friendly tour.

6 Leicester Square

Leicester Square is another tourist trap that locals will warn you about. The cinema tickets are very expensive at $50, the food at nearby restaurants are not exceptional, you won’t get to see your favorite actors during premiers. The M&M store is nice, but you can get M&Ms in stores everywhere. So instead of heading to Leicester, go instead to any other cinema where tickets are priced reasonably. Visit Regent Street Cinema, the birthplace of London’s repertory cinema, for a wide array of movies from all genres and ages. You will not only enjoy movies at Regent but you will also get a feel of history as this is the first cinema to show moving pictures.

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5 London Eye

One of the country’s most famous tourist attractions is the London Eye. It is basically a large Ferris wheel that allows you to see London from a bird’s eye view. It goes on our overrated list because it takes a lot of time to line up for the tickets, and another amount of time spent lining up for the ride. It is just not worth it if you have only a few days to explore London. If you are looking for a place to observe the city from up above, head to the Sky Garden. You will be treated to a panoramic view of London amidst the indoor urban jungle. You can see almost the whole city and its iconic places here including the Thames and the Shard. The best news about the Sky Garden is that it’s free!

4 View From The Shard

Similar to the London Eye, the View from The Shard is overrated. It’s basically going up a very tall building and looking around to view the city. While it is currently the highest structure in London, there is no need to go to the View from The Shard and pay for tickets that cost up to $38.00 per person if a panoramic view of the city is what you are looking for. There are tourist spots that you can visit for free like Primrose Hill or the Tate Modern Switch House. They also have snack bars where you can order reasonably-priced food and you can enjoy the other attractions surrounding these at a fraction of what you will probably spend at The Shard.

3 The O2 Arena

Everybody will agree that the O2 Arena is one of the best places to go to in London if a concert is held there. Outside of a concert, it may not be worth it to go to the Arena at all. There are entertainment and dining options but these are mostly overpriced booths that sell mediocre food items. If you are after a festival-like atmosphere that is family-friendly and more accessible to go to, you can visit Camden Market instead, the home of several small stores that sell everything from trinkets to clothing. There is a wide variety of food here sold at stalls, and you might just enjoy your takeaway ethnic food a lot more than an overpriced dinner.

2 Buckingham Palace

It is often heard that when visiting London, you must not miss the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace. It goes on for about 45 minutes, complete with music from the military band. However, this is overrated because not only is it a simple ceremony, you might not be able to see the whole thing because of the large crowds. You will be better off visiting Windsor Castle instead. You can join a tour of the castle and see the different chambers and rooms, see the art and museum they have, and stroll along the gardens. The good part is that they also have their own changing of the guards so you are not really missing anything from its counterpart at the Buckingham Palace.

1 Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Last but not least in our list of overrated attractions in London is Madame Tussauds. While it is innovative as it is a famous wax museum, it really is just that. It’s full of wax representations of famous personalities and nothing much more. There are long lines and it’s overcrowded. It will be much better to visit the National History Museum. You will be able to see pieces that are relevant to London’s history and culture. There are exhibits and events that will make you appreciate the flora and fauna of London as well as the innovations made in order to keep scientific projects sustainable.

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