London has some of the best restaurants in the world. It's probably why global celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian flock to eat at some of these amazing establishments. As London has continued to evolve, it has maintained its status as one of the best places to eat.

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If you're in London as a tourist or are even a local, then you may want to do a bit of star-spotting. There are some great places to hang out if that's your thing and we're taking a look at 10 places in London that celebrities actually eat at.


The Chiltern Firehouse is a mansion of a hotel, which is rated as 5 stars. It's incredibly fancy and as such quite pricey. As you can imagine, many celebrities, therefore, stop by to stay in this amazing hotel.

What's more, the hotel also has a restaurant, where the stars of today can usually be found eating. It offers a brilliant menu with top quality food. As you can see from the name, there's an added twist as this was a former fire station. Stars like David Beckham and Jennifer Lawrence have stopped by here.


The Ivy's name is often associated with prestige. That's because both the interior of the restaurant and the food itself is fit for a king. In fact, royalty has actually been known to eat there on occasion, demonstrating the status of the place.

It's a pricey place just to celeb watch but there have been some truly famous faces within those walls in the past. It's as prominent now as it was back when Madonna used to visit when she was in London.


The name might give it away but this is an American style burger restaurant with a twist. Trying to bring something different to London, the restaurant is well known for its quirky and over the top burgers.

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The burger joint was opened and is owned by Mark Wahlberg and his brother. If you're trying to find Mark amongst the streets of London therefore then this seems like a logical place to look for him. The place often has a few famous faces pop by to try the gourmet burgers.


The Globe Theatre is an incredibly famous part of London in its own right. It has shown so many amazing productions of Shakespeare's iconic works, starring some of the biggest names in the whole of the industry.

The theatre also has a restaurant called The Swan, which obviously feeds some of the celebrity actors and indeed those coming to watch the productions. Major British actors such as Judi Dench, Ian McKellen and Jude Law have all eaten there at some point.


Restaurant Ours is a much trendier place for today's modern celebrities to hang out. While other entries on this list have been around for years and have significant prestige due to their place in the history of London, this is a newer addition.

Ours is a restaurant that is popular amongst reality stars and social media influencers. It's the kind of place that you'll see countless times on Instagram and so is worth checking out, especially if you want a slightly cheaper spot to look at the celebrities you admire.


Sketch is a really interesting place as it's got many different types of rooms within it. Almost designed to be multiple restaurants, it's a truly unique part of London and one that encourages the creative spirit that lives there.

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No normal celebrities visit these parts as this is a place reserved for the real artists amongst them. Painters, poets, and thespians have all visited at some point in time and it's a place that would really help your imagination work overtime.


Annabel's is a location that feels like it's always been a part of London, yet has only recently resurged into the celebrity lifestyle. It is now an incredibly popular location for the stars of today.

The pretty interior is what has stars like Drake visiting this amazing location, but the food is also something really special. As the name continues to garner more prominence it's likely that more and more stars will visit this London restaurant in the future.


Another really quirky location is Sexy Fish. The Oriental-themed eatery is perfect for some of the more modern and perhaps multicultural stars. It's all about the VIP access and special treatment, so you could see some big names here.

The food is different from others on this list, playing into the theme it has set out. It's this difference that has attracted stars like Jennifer Lawrence to try out the unique location; of course, word spreads pretty fast about these kinds of places.


Nobu is part-owned by the incredibly talented Robert DeNiro, therefore immediately making it a hotspot for celebrity culture in London. However, this isn't any usual restaurant for the stars.

Because of the name behind the business, some of Hollywood's top actors have made visits to this incredible restaurant. The food is really amazing and the staff are all excellent. If you want to sit next to someone like Jason Statham for lunch then Nobu may be the best place to go.


As the Tavern name suggests, Berner's is known for taking typical British food and stepping it up a notch. It's probably why it's such a popular location in London, especially for American stars who come to the city to experience what it has to offer.

Multiple stars have been seen in this restaurant and it's actually a really great place for dates it seems. Huge Hollywood names such as George Clooney have wined and dined in those amazing walls, showcasing that it really is one of the best places to go star spotting.

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