Las Vegas is an active city at night, with a wild reputation for casinos, parties, and nightlife. If tourists hunt for fun, Vegas is definitely a city to explore! However, many are not aware of how beautiful Vegas is during the calmer daytime hours. The city has a lot to offer from canyons and hikes to luxury resorts. Listed below are the best must-do activities in Vegas that only locals know about.

10 Fly In Bootleg Canyon Zipline

One of the most interesting activities to enjoy in Las Vegas is the Bootleg Canyon Zipline. The zipline time is being categorized into three; the daytime zipline tour, sunset zipline tour, and moonlight zipline tour. Passengers must have a minimum weight of 75 lbs. and a maximum of 250 lbs. It is also required to wear tennis shoes; open-toe shoes and sandals are not allowed. Passengers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

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9 Get Wet While Wildin’ With Kids

A perfect activity to try with the kids is trying the rides water activities in Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas. This water park is located at 7055 S Fort Apache Road in Spring Valley, Nevada. The park features three tube water slides, a wave pool, the 6 lane mat racer, and a paradise that falls for children. It also offers great services and facilities with electronic security lockers, parking, lost & found, shower facilities, water fountains, free sunscreen stations, etc. The park also hosts various summer events, which makes it more fun and exciting.

8 Visit M&M’s World

A haven for children and the young at heart is M&M’s World, Las Vegas. Visitors can customize and imprint their messages in the candies they’ve created. Aside from such fun activities, there are also various goodies, toys, and souvenirs available for purchase in the store. The interior of the building is also really interesting and would excite every visitor because of the colorful surroundings. There are only five M&M’s World around the globe, with other locations in Shanghai, Disney Springs, London, and New York.

7 Try Go Karting With The Family

Karting in Las Vegas is a popular activity, especially for the locals. This is a fun experience to enjoy with the whole family because kids are also allowed. There are numerous Kart Racing tracks around the city, may it be indoor or outdoor. Indoor karting is much more expensive than outdoor, the price for indoor karts ranges from $50 to $72, while the price for outdoor tracks ranges from $12 to $31. This activity is really perfect to get out of the crowd.

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6 Indoor Skydiving

If tourists are afraid of heights yet still desire to try skydiving, Vegas is a perfect place to fulfill everyone’s bucket list in skydiving. Indoor skydiving gives visitors a skydive experience in a more controlled environment. The session lasts for over an hour including all the safety measures and briefing. Guests will have a chance of flying for 2 minutes, they can also purchase the 10-minute flying package. The indoor skydiving is located near Encore and Riviera hotels, specifically at 200 Convention Center Drive. This activity costs $70 to $324 per person.

5 Explore National Atomic Testing Museum

The National Atomic Testing Museum is one of the most interesting museums in Vegas because it brings back the people to the time where the nuclear weapons of the Americans were tested in the desert of Nevada. This museum is a great way of educating people on how these objects and weapons are highly dangerous and how impactful it is. Admission prices for one adult are $22, while $44 for two, and $88 for four adults.

4 Get Mesmerized At Neon Museum

A perfect place for the gram is the Neon Museum, which was founded in 1996. The museum operates from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM. It was built to collect and preserve various iconic signs in the city for education, arts and culture, and historic enrichment. Becoming a member of the museum will give lots of benefits, including free admission. Children below 6 years old are free, while non-members have different admission ticket prices that range from $16 to $50.

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3 Explore Eldorado Canyon And Gold Mine

If tourists are adventurous enough, exploring Eldorado Canyon will be an interesting activity. Here, tourists will be given a chance to hunt for some hidden treasures by exploring the gold mines. To have a productive tour, book guided tours to learn more about the history while trekking. Tourists can also try an ATV ride from Vegas to the canyon which costs $186. The Eldorado Canyon also provides perfect spots and views for photography.

2 Take A Ride In A Hot-Air balloon

Riding a hot-air balloon allows the tourists to have a bird’s eye view of Las Vegas’ beautiful landscapes. The hot-air balloon journey takes an hour depending on the weather. What’s great after the flight is a glass of champagne and a certificate given to the passengers. The ride costs around $190 per person, it also depends on the time of the flight. It is safe to ride the hot-air balloon, the only risk is the weather condition, but once the weather is bad, flights are getting canceled.

1 Take A Hike Through The Canyons

Vegas is home to wonderful National Parks, some of these include Antelope Canyon and Valley of Fire State Park. The latter features Aztec stone formations, fire waves, beehives, and various exotic rock patterns. Meanwhile, the Antelope Canyon is known for being one of the most popular and most visited slot canyons around the globe. It features exceptional rocks, arches, unique textures, and wonderful natural colors. The natural light also adds a dramatic effect to the canyon which creates a picture-perfect moment for every hiker.

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