We all love to try new places, no matter if it is for a coffee or a meal. While traveling, it is important to try out different places so that, when you return, you know what is good and what didn’t make the cut. Lucky for you, Vienna has literally hundreds, perhaps even a thousand different cafes to try, and regardless of which one you choose to visit, remember they all have one thing in common; they celebrate Viennese coffee culture and the history of the city. Whether it is in a traditional setting or has a more contemporary outlook, the core values remain the same.

These 10 coffeehouses in Vienna are sure to make your taste buds come to life, and you may even learn a thing or two in the process, so check them out!!

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10 Café Schwarzenberg

Located on the ‘Ringstrasse,' or the ring-road that protects the city of Vienna is Café Schwarzenberg. It is arguably one of the oldest cafes in the area and unlike most cafes in the area, was and still is popular amongst businessmen winding down after a hard day's work. Aside from world-class coffee, Schwarzenberg offers some of the most authentic Austrian dishes. From warm, hearty winter meals, to desserts, strudels and most importantly, a sensational atmosphere.

9 Café Landtmann

Ranked among the top Coffeehouses in Vienna, Café Landtmann is for anyone wanting a true and authentic casual dining experience in Vienna. You can find this café on the Ringstrasse as well, but it is the overall setting that will leave you wanting to come back. Popular with locals and tourists, the media also love to hang out here with press conferences common. Nevertheless, you can indulge in a traditional Austrian coffee or cake in plush upholstery and great views of the Ringstrasse.

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8 Süssmund Kaffebar

This is not your every day, traditional Austrian café. Rather, it is a more contemporary take on such a historical city and culture. Süssmund Kaffebar has only been in business for 5 years, and it was historical in itself, as it saw the beginning of a new era of coffee consumption in the Austrian capital. This post office turned micro-roastery was the start of something great in Vienna, and, even though it is not a traditional Austrian café, it still comprises of historical elements such as corkboard flooring and brilliant design, with a contemporary twist. What’s more is that the owner, Nikolaus Hartman ensures the coffee is sustainably sourced so you know your drinking an all-round great coffee.

7 Café Frauenhuber

Feel right at home in Café Frauenhuber, with a family lounge room atmosphere, this is the oldest café of its type in the area. Laced with red velvet tables, wooden décor, and a cozy atmosphere, it feels just like a traditional Viennese home. If you are a fan of Beethoven or Mozart, then make sure you tick this one off your bucket list whilst in Vienna, as they used to perform here back in the day! While they no longer perform live here—for obvious reasons—you can still enjoy a cozy and traditional atmosphere while experiencing what it was like in the olden days.

6 Café Prükel

Having been in business for over 100 years, Café Prükel is an icon of the Austrian capital. Over its time in the city, it has become known as the pillar of the Viennese Coffeehouse industry. In fact, it is so successful that UNESCO has given it a Heritage Listing, and, well, it is easy to see why. Decked out in 1950’s traditional Austrian furniture and art, Prükel offers visitors and avid coffee drinkers a genuine experience of Austrian culture.

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5 Café Sperl

We all love a hidden gem. Often it is these cafes which produce the best value for money, as well as the best atmosphere, and Café Sperl is no exception. Located in Mariahilf, you will find traditional wooden furnishings and tall, arched windows which are picturesque of olden day Vienna. Perhaps you are in the mood for a high tea on Sunday? Well, look no further, famous Austrian entertainer Herr Kriener performs between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm every Sunday afternoon, as a celebration of the rich history of Opera in the Austrian capital.

4 Café Central

In business since 1876. Need anything more be said? Over 150 years of authentic Viennese culture. If you want to immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant history of Austria, and indeed, Vienna, then you’ll want to hear to Café Central. Back in the day, Central attracted the likes of Sigmund Freud, Leo Trotsky, and Hugo Von Hofmannsthal, which has seemed to set the scene for popular business nowadays. Although the café was forced to close for almost 40 years due to World War Two and conflicts that followed, it reopened in 1986 with the same style and charm as it did prior to closing. Definitely worth checking out for the sheer history this Café Central has to offer.

3 Zweitbester

Zweitbester pays tribute to the industrial side of Vienna; a side that is often forgotten in Viennese culture. A simple yet elegant setting, this café is very spacious and promotes the hipster side of Vienna. If you want to get even more hip, all dishes are crafted from fresh, organic produce and the menu changed every day, so you know the ingredients will be fresh from farm to plate. Head on down on Sundays anytime until 2 pm to feast on a heart and ethically sourced brunch!

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2 Kleins Café

Kleins Café is perhaps one of the smallest in Vienna, and this actually works in its favor! The interior of the café is small, so sit outside and take in Vienna direct from the source. Also, the location is unbeatable. Looking out to the middle of Franziskanerplatz, lined with cobblestone streets, numerous cathedrals, and next to colorful, traditional buildings, it really does not get much more authentic than that. Try out the traditional Austrian sourdough bread on offer, baked fresh daily, topped with homemade conserves… you can thank us later!

1 Kaffee Alt Wien

Last but not least, Kaffee Alt Wien is a coffeehouse institution in Vienna and actually still remains as a hidden gem. Although it is not one of the oldest running cafes in the area, it represents what Viennese coffee culture is all about; good company, good food, and great coffee. The great thing about Kaffee Alt Wien is that no matter what time of day you pop in, there will always be something to eat, whether it is a slice of traditional Austrian strudel or a big feast, they have you covered!

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