Let's just admit it: Lobster is to Maine what pizza is to New York. It's an iconic Maine staple and one that many people don't leave the state without trying - with the exception of those who are allergic or just don't like seafood. For the most part, Maine's lobster industry is one of the most well-known fisheries on the East coast, and it's rare to find a restaurant that isn't offering the shellfish in some form.

It's one thing to experience this hard-shelled sea creature on a plate but it's another thing entirely to be aboard a lobster boat. And if anyone thought that they couldn't live out their sea-loving dreams on a lobster boat for a day, think again - Maine offers tours that allow visitors to do just that. Here's everything to know about taking a lobster boat tour in Maine, including what to expect on board.


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Why Take A Lobster Boat Tour In Maine?

Is it the most luxurious way to spend time? Not necessarily, but it is one of the most unique things a person can do while they're in Maine. It's also a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone who doesn't live in New England and offers a chance to be part of an integral fishing industry for a day. The lobstermen of Maine are highly regarded and respected and do jobs that not many others would be able to do on the water.

The industry has been singlehandedly preserved by fishermen traditions that span back centuries, making lobster fishing such a crucial part of Maine's history. Speaking to the analogy of pizza and New York, taking a lobster boat tour in Maine is similar to getting behind the counter of an authentic Italian pizzeria in the middle of New York City. The tools of the trade coupled with an expert education give us a new appreciation for the things that fascinate us - such as an entire lobster fishing fleet.

Maine Lobster Facts

  • Lobster was once seen as a poor man's food and was despised as such.
  • Lobsters must be kept in saltwater otherwise they'll drown in freshwater, thus changing the texture of the meat and causing them to lose their freshness.
  • In the wild, lobsters come in a variety of colors and their shells are heat-sensitive.
  • The shellfish are bottom-feeders, which is why steel traps are used to capture them as opposed to nets or other fishing equipment.
  • Allegedly, a lobster can live up to 100 years.
  • The healthiest part of a lobster is the lobster tail which contains an abundance of omega-3.

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What Will Participants Be Doing On A Lobster Boat Tour?

It's only natural to wonder what one might be doing while aboard a lobster boat, especially when there are so many shows on TV depicting chaos and calamity while fishing out on the open water. In reality, going out on a lobster boat is nothing short of educational and will prove to be a learning experience for everyone on board.

Guests will have the chance to do a variety of things with the crew, which include:

  • Help the crew pull up traps and explore what's inside.
  • Determine what deems a lobster 'good' or 'bad' based on its age and size.
  • Take a look at what else comes up in lobster traps and gets thrown back, such as crabs and starfish.
  • Have the chance to buy the lobster that's caught and cook it yourself or have a local restaurant do it for you.

There are a number of lobster boats that tour participants can take, as well, that will give them a different experience depending on which one they choose. Of those three, boats can include anything from a glass-bottom boat for a truly thrilling experience, to a more traditional Downeast lobster boat. Lobster tours can even be conducted on sailboats to give visitors a true New England experience! Along the way, guests will be sailing past some of Maine's most iconic landmarks such as its historic lighthouses, making for perfect photo opportunities. Additionally, any number of marine life can be seen off the coast, including porpoises, whales, and seals.

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