Going on a cruise ship seems like the perfect way for any of us to have a holiday in numerous locations, so it's no surprise that people choose to spend their money on this chance every single year. However, we don't know if people have all of the information about the ship that they're setting foot on, which just isn't right! We want people to be as informed as possible for they set sail, or travel anywhere in this world, so we're going to inform people right here!

Yes, we're going to pull back the curtain and take a look at the behind the scenes world of a cruise ship, offering everyone a chance to see all of the information that the captain and crew on their ship have. Unless some people have actually worked on one of these ships, we don't think that they will know every single one of these facts about the ships they'll be heading onto this year.

So, we think it's about time that everybody got as informed as possible about their upcoming cruise. Want to know all of the secrets about those cruise ships? Well then, we better get started!

25 Captains Dock Far Away On Purpose

Anyone who has been on a cruise will know that sometimes the ships will end up docking further away from the city than would be perfect.

One of the reasons for this is because it saves the cruise company money to dock somewhere smaller, as the docking fees are higher in the major cities.

It's not the worst thing in the world, and we imagine that they must pass these savings onto the people who end up buying the tickets!

24 The Crew Are Having More Fun

We know that this is somebody's holiday, but if you think about it, the crew must be having a better time than the people who paid to be there.

Not only is there a huge turnaround on staff members, meaning that people are always meeting new friends, but things cost a lot less for the crew.

Yes, these people are obviously being looked after by the company that has employed them, and one of the ways they do that is make everything on the cruise ship cost less for them...

23 Captain And Crew Are Genuinely Worried About Pirates

There's nothing to worry about here really, as it's so rare, that to consider it is beyond silly. That being said, we always need to be aware of the things that can happen when people choose to go on a ship.

We don't think anybody should have to take part in something, especially a holiday, unless they have been told about everything that could go wrong. No need to worry though, as statistically it's very unlike to happen to anyone reading this!

22 Comment Cards Matter

Comment cards are given out by a lot of companies at this point, but we rarely think about them having any real effect, especially as they're usually anonymous.

Well, that isn't so true, as the things we write on comment cards can genuinely have an effect on some people's lives.

Make sure that, if somebody looked after you, you look after them by making a note of it on any cruise ship comment card you're given.

21 Captains Would Rather Be At Sea

This one is pretty obvious when people think about it. Cruise ships might make some money from the tickets, but people also buy a lot from them once they're actually on the ship.

It's no surprise then that the companies want to have people on the ships for as long as possible, as that's where people are going to be buying their drinks and other items for their stay on the ship. They don't want people buying that once the ship is docked!

20 Luggage Isn't Always Safe

Unsurprisingly, people like to know that their things are being looked after whenever they're placed into someone else's hands, but that isn't always what happens.

Whenever somebody relinquishes control of their own items, it means that they are accepting that something bad might happen to their things.

There is a chance that they will get damaged, especially seeing as they will be around water for a very long time, not only when they're moved onto the ship, but also while the cruise is taking place!

19 No Cruise Is Eco-Friendly

Sometimes, people will go on a cruise as it saves them money on travel, providing a chance to go around the world without the use of planes and trains.

That being said, that doesn't mean it's the most environmentally friendly way of going around the world to see the sights.

The sad reality is that there's no way of getting around the place in an entirely environmentally manner, so it shouldn't be on people's mind too much before they set sail.

18 Viruses Can Spread Like Wildfire

We all know that viruses are spread from human to human, so the more human beings that are within a specific place, and less room there is for them to spread out, the more likely they are to pass things on to one another.

Cruise ships are a fairly enclosed space that are filled with people, so it's no surprise that if one person gets ill, it won't take too long for the rest of the people on board to get ill as well!

17 The Crew Aren't Well Equipped For A Disaster

Like a lot of other companies in the world, the people hired aren't always the best equipped to deal with the day to day work, instead hired because of how they look and how they get on with the people around them.

In a way, this is a good thing, as it means that when passengers get onto the cruise, they will be welcomed by attractive people that are very charming. They will be able to make sure that you have the best time possible!

16 The Crew Don't Have Good Rooms

A lot of the time, the crew would much rather be in the rooms that the passengers stay in, as they're often much better. The crew are given a small area to sleep, but they're still allowed to entertain themselves when they have the time off, which is good.

This shouldn't really come as a surprise, as they're paying the crew but not being paid by them. The passengers have paid good money, so they deserve the best rooms throughout the ship.

15 Setting Off Late Is Good For The Captain

If people have ever been on a cruise and found that they've left a port later than they thought they would, this is likely down to the captain attempting to save fuel.

Not only is this better for the environment, but the captain makes some money if they manage to save some fuel while they're at sea, thereby saving the company some money.

As long as it doesn't get in people's way, or stop them from enjoying their holiday, we don't think there's anything wrong with attempting to save the environment and make some money!

14 The Staff Are Randomly Tested

Okay, so this is something that should definitely make people feel safe, as the companies want to make sure that every single member of staff is in the right frame of mind to look after the passengers.

This is why they are randomly tested for substances throughout their time with the company.

They have a low tolerance for anyone who is willing to pick their personal life over their professional, which is important when at sea.

13 The Crew Give You Nicknames

Spending this much time at sea must be pretty difficult for some of the people who work on the cruise ship, so they have to come up with ways to stay entertained.

Sure, there are some things that the companies offer the crew to do while they're at sea, but they will also come up with their own games, like giving the passengers various nicknames.

Can we really blame the crew for having some fun from time to time when they're at work? We know that we all have to do it when we're feeling bored.

12 The Crew Gets Asked Stupid Questions All The Time

What we have to remember is that these people have to deal with human beings on a daily basis, something that a lot of us try to avoid if we can!

We're not saying that people shouldn't ask for whatever they want while the ship is out at sea, but they need to be aware that they get asked these questions all the time.

A seemingly innocent question to a passenger is actually something most of the crew has heard a bunch of times.

11 Tip People In Cash!

There are some companies out there that don't want to pay their workers the tips that they are owed, and the easiest way to keep them is when customers pay by card.

We're not saying that all cruise ships companies do this, or even any, but if passengers want to be sure that the tip is going to the person who served them, they should tip in cash.

We're sure that some people won't be bothered by this, but we know that a lot of people want to know where their money goes, so this is information for them!

10 Captains Use Secret Codes Over The Tannoy

If something bad happens, the crew needs to be notified across the ship, but the captain also doesn't want to worry any of the passengers, so they put it out on the tannoy but use secret codes.

For anyone who has worked on a cruise ship before, they will know what these mean, but all of the other passengers will have no idea what's going on so they can carry on having fun.

All in all, it's good to know that people are looking out for the passengers, rather than be worried that they're hiding information from people on the cruise ship.

9 The Crew Knows What All The Passengers Are Up To

At first, it may seem a little disconcerting that a lot of the crew can take a look at most of the ship and see what you're doing, bar the places where people are allowed privacy such as toilets and in their rooms.

That being said, it ensures that things are as safe as possible, and if there is ever an emergency, the captain and the crew will have a camera on the issue fast. We know that would make us feel safe!

8 Follow The Crew

While this may be the first time that you are setting sail to various places around the world, but this isn't the first time that the crew is doing the same!

We would suggest that when people end up docked in a city, that the passengers should follow the crew if they want to see the best places to visit.

Obviously, they probably won't be heading to the famous sights in the area or anything, but they will know the best places to eat and drink for sure!

7 Captains Have Seen People Falling Overboard

When you think about it, it makes sense that by getting a bunch of people into the middle of the ocean before plying them with drinks can end up making quite a mess. Sometimes, that's not such a big deal, just something that can be cleaned up the next day of course.

However, it has also lead to some pretty sad realities, such as people falling overboard before having to be rescued by the captain and crew. Not a great day at work...

6 That Itinerary Is Too Optimistic

The people in charge of the cruise know it's unlikely that you'll be able to get to everything that you want to once you're off the boat.

We know this isn't what anybody wants to hear, but it's just the reality of the situation, so it's probably best to make plans just in case there's not enough time.

Captains have been doing this for years. They know that most people end up spending more time on the ship than they do on the ground.