Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, is a feast for the eyes, ears, and palate. Perched at the mouth of the River Tagus and a short jump to the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon offers a picture-perfect scene created over several centuries. The city offers cobbled alleys, ancient castles, awe-inspiring cathedrals, and museums to suit every interest. The hilly city is well-known for its ornate architecture - a mixture of Spanish and Moor - and its colonialist background. In addition, the city created a music genre all of its own, Fado music. Its melancholy, expressive tradition can be heard throughout the pubs and restaurants.


Why Lisbon Is A Budget-Worthy Destination

Lisbon is the place to travel if you are on a budget. Lisbon is home to a variety of top-notch accommodations. It also has a very effective public transportation system which to our surprise is not pocket draining. Do you want cheap drinks and food? Or do you want to shop at cheaper rates than at home? Lisbon is the place for you, that is if you know the right places to eat and shop. Lisbon is home to tourist activities with lots of incredible tours that cost very little money.

One of the most popular trips you can take in Lisbon and is located in the town of Sintra which is home to the Serra de Sintra National Park. It is home to an old castle and other national monuments. Additionally, One of the best museums in Lisbon is the Museu Berardo that contains thousands of examples of modern and contemporary art.

Reducing The Biggest Expenditure

On a holiday in Lisbon, some of the largest expenditures you want to keep in mind are the flights and the accommodations. Holidays all around the world have similar issues. However, in Lisbon, as someone there for the holiday or traveling for whatever reasons, flight and accommodation expenditures can be greatly reduced by booking far in advance.

This works best for the flights because the flight fee is not known to reduce as the date for departure gets closer. To get the flight tickets relatively cheap, you want to get your ticket immediately once the flights are released, many a time, this is about nine months before the departure. And whatever you do, make sure you arrive for the flight as early as possible because, unlike a school bus, that plane is not waiting for anyone. So, if you must, put a reminder for that date on your phone.

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A Relatively Cheap Place To Stay

Like most cities, Lisbon has a vast variety of hotels to choose from during your stay there, however, the prices of accommodations depending on the city where you chose to stay. The Baixa district of Lisbon is a suitable place for you to stay and it is not too far from Rua Augusta. Because of its poor layout, it is not advised that you wander about during the late evening or night.

Depending on the manner of person you are, Bairo Alto which is located on the west side of Baixa is the hub of Lisbon when it comes to nightlife. However, if you intend to stay further away from town, ensure that a train station is close to your hotel.

Time To Travel To Lisbon If You Are One A Budget Trip

When heading to Lisbon, whether you are a tourist or on a business trip, you must know what periods are relatively cheap in Lisbon. During the tourist season which is in summer, accommodations, as well as flights are more expensive due to the inflow of tourists so businesses will want to take advantage of that. However, the spring season is a perfect time to make your trip to Lisbon. During this time, the flights are cheaper as well as the accommodations. If you do not like crowds, this is the perfect time for you because most tourist attractions will be less crowded. During the winter it gets cold, but due to Lisbon's reputation, lots of tourists still find their way to have a great time.

While making your trip to Lisbon, it is advised that you know what is expensive alongside what's cheap. Here is what you should know. If that item is brought from overseas or is imported, chances are that it is expensive. However, if that item is produced locally or within the country, then it will be relatively cheap and easy to afford.

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Places To Eat Inexpensive Meals

As a tourist, it is pretty easy to find places where you can eat inexpensive meals, but this depends on your knowledge of the place. To eat meals at a cheap rate, you should ignore tourist centers. Why? Because tourism generates revenue through meals at tourist attractions and tends to be more expensive. In other words, you should go straight to where the locals eat. Cafes are your best bet because they have a wide array of traditional meals. Off the chance that you need cheap alcohol, supermarkets and cafes are your best friends. They are so cheap to the point that bottled water is more expensive. You cannot get wine cheaper than that.

All being said, Portugal's capital Lisbon is a place worth going to. The fun experience and tourist attractions are second to none. Lisbon must be included on your list of places to go for your next holiday as it will be a fun-filled one. However, as a tourist, being vigilant and security conscious at all times is always best.

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