To say that international travel has been complicated during the pandemic would be the understatement of the century. Almost everyone wants to go on a Safari and see Africa's many wild animals - lions, and tigers, and bears (joking about the latter two). But instead of traveling on an expensive trip over to Africa to see these remarkable animals one can go on an African safari north - in Canada. The African Lion Safari is a zoo with large reserves where guests drive their cars all around the enclosures. In addition to African animals, they have animals from around the world.


About the African Lion Safari

Flying to Africa, paying for the safari, paying for the park fees (that can be in the thousands of dollars) is incredibly expensive. But one can see most of the best of the animals on a self-drive safari from the comfort of one's own car at the African Lion Safari near Toronto in Canada.

  • Open: Canada Is Now Open To Fully Vaccinated Americans

The African Lion Safari park is a family-owned safari park about 62 miles west of Toronto (see here for a weekend itinerary for Toronto). They have seven-game reserves that are open for guests to tour and have many of the world's key animals. So this is a kind of reverse zoo, where guests are encaged in their cars (one can not leave one's car) and the animals are free to roam about the reserve.

  • Size: Around 300 Hectares or 740 Acres

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When visiting, guests drive around the park in their own vehicles into the enclosures where the animals roam freely or they can go around in the park's tour buses if they prefer. There are also walking sections where one can see exotic birds and various primates - one can also walk up close to their herd of Asian elephants.

The park also has gift shops and plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained. There are shows by the experienced animal handlers with their elephants and rides for the children. There is of course plenty of dining options onsite. There are bus tours of the reserves for those not confident with driving amongst the animals or afraid that the animals may damage their cars (e.g. giraffes can put their heads through the open windows and baboons climb onto the cars).

Reserves Of The Lion African Safari

Nairobi Sanctuary 

  • Type Of Reserve: Large And Grassy Field
  • Animals: Llama, European White Stork, Watusi Cattle, East African Crowned Crane, Egyptian Goose

Cheeta Breeding Center

  • Type: Several Enclosures Where The Cheetahs Live Together or Separately
  • Animals: Cheetahs

Simba Lion Country

  • Type of Reserve: Large And Grassy Field With A Notable Rock Structure For The Lions to Rest On
  • Animals: African Lions

Timbavati Lion Country

  • Type Of Reserve: Grassy With A Rock Structure
  • Animals: White Lions
  • Special Tour: From 109.00 Canadian Dollars Or $86 USD

For those wanting to get up really close and personal with the lions, there is the special "Wake Up the Wild" tour. This is a privately guided tour with a Game Warden to see the pride of lions at the most active time of day as they enjoy and devour their morning meal. Afterward, the tour takes the guests to within a meter of the rhinos, zebras, and ostriches. Guests are given the opportunity to hand feed the giraffes. The dates for this tour are from July 24 to September (exact dates may vary by year).

Wankie Bushland Trail

  • Animals: Olives Baboons, Bongo, Malaysian Tapirs, Miniature Zebu
  • Caution: Baboons Are Likely To Climb Onto One's Car And Go For A Ride

Rocky Ridge Veldt

  • Type Of Reserve: Grassy With Shelters And Shape Protection And Pile of Rocks For Animals To Shelter and Climb On
  • Animals: Addax, White Rhinoceros, Ostrich, Grant's Zebra, Rothschild's Giraffe, Wildebeest, Eland, Barbary Sheep, Scimitar-Horned Oryx
  • Caution: If The Windows Are Open, The Giraffes May Stick Their Heads Inside The Car Looking For a Treat

Australasia Reserve

  • Type of Reserve: Mix of Trees, Grasses, And Ponds
  • Animals: Tibetan Yak, Nilgai, Indian Rhino, Sicilian Donkey, Himalayan Tahr, Red Kangaroo, Western Grey Kangaroo, Red-necked Wallaby (Separated Are Also Sichuan Takin and Turkmenian Markhor
  • Misnomer: Most Of These Animals Are From Asia and Not From Australasia

North American Reserve

  • Type Of Reserve: Large Grassy Fields
  • Animals: North American Elk, Spotted Fallow Deer, Markhor, And American Bison

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Visiting The African Lion Safari Park

Cost of Admission (Online) - Plus Taxes and Fees

  • Adult: $36.95 Canadian, $29 USD
  • Children: $24.95 Canadian Dollars, $20 USD

Cost of Admission (At The Gate) - Plus Taxes and Fees

  • Adult: $39.95 Canadian Dollars, $32 USD
  • Children: $27.95 Canadian Dollars, $22 USD
  • Open Daily: From May 2 To September 27 (Exact dates May Vary By Year)
For more information about tours, opening seasons and opening hours, and any relevant Covid-19 restrictions, check out their website here . Next: USA Ranked Best In The World For Wildlife Tourism, With Canada At Number Ten