Sometimes, a Disney vacation just doesn't feel complete without a set of Mickey ears! Mickey Mouse hats are one of the oldest pieces of merchandise that have been for sale at Disney parks, and as time has gone on, many different versions and iterations have been released. Today, there are more types of ears available than ever!

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While many see these ear hats as just a fun, cute accessory that are perfect for photos, others see these hats as collector's items. Some hats released over the years, however, were limited edition and are almost impossible for even the most dedicated collector to acquire.  Check out some of the rarest Mickey ears below!

10 "Room For One More" Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary Ears

The Haunted Mansion is one of the most iconic attractions at Disney parks, and a bunch of merchandise was released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its opening in 2011. Only those who attended the celebration on September 30 were able to nab one of these limited edition ear hats that feature the classic purple wallpaper that the ride does.

The hat also features the characters from the ride such as Constance the Bride, Hitchhiking Ghosts Ezra, Phineas, and Gus, and Madame Leota. Complete with black fringe, this ear hat is super cool -- and super rare.

9 "Jumping Mickey" Ears

This hat is so rare, that there is not much information on the web about it! What we do know is that it was a part of Disney's Limited Relase Artist Series, and was designed by Susan Foy. Susan is part of the Disney Design Group, and has created plenty of other ear hats that aren't limited edition.

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The "Jumping Mickey" hat is certainly one of her most unique pieces though, not just because of its rarity but because of the cute concept for it. The yellow hat shows a little cartoon Mickey jumping from the back of the hat, through one of the ears, and landing in the front.

8 TRON: Legacy Ears

This hat is so awesome, it's undoubtedly one of the most sought-after versions. In celebration of the movie TRON: Legacy being released, Disney came out with limited edition merchandise.

This hat, in particular, lights up, and each ear represents separate identity discs for characters Sam Flynn and CLU. Only 1,000 hats in total were made, and even when they were first released they were around a whopping $80.00. Good luck finding someone who is willing to sell you one of theirs!

7 Vinylmation "Creature" Mickey Mouse Ears

Many rare ear hats were put on the market with the introduction of Vinylmation, an exclusive set of figurines designed by revered artists that sometimes came with an accompanying hat. Starting in 2008, Disney began releasing various sets that are meant to be collected and traded, sort of like Funko pops.

This hat, called "Creature," was designed by Maria Clapsis and Thomas Scott. Only 800 in total were made. This particular hat was part of the "urban" collection, where artists could get a tad funkier with their designs.

6 Vinylmation "Splatter" Mickey Mouse Ears

Also part of the "urban" collection, only 800 "Splatter" Mickey hats exist. The concept is simple enough, so if you really fell in love with the design you might be able to copy it yourself for much cheaper.

Still, there's something special about the exclusivity of a hat and having one of only a limited amount in the universe. Once again, getting one of your own is not likely to happen, unless you're able to find a hardcore collector willing to part with this rare piece of merchandise. And even then, it definitely won't run cheap!

5 Vinylmation "Flame" Mickey Mouse Ears

Yep, this hat was part of the "urban" Vinylmation collection as well. These ears run even rarer, however, as only 600 in total were made. Designed by Thomas Scott, these ears were released on September 24, 2010.

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Seeing as the other Vinylmation hats were hard to come by at only 800 made each, you can expect this hat to be even harder to acquire at only 600 made.  It's definitely one of the more unique hats, however, especially with the bright white and blue colors. Also, you don't typically associate flames with Disney!

4 Vinylmation "Gumball" Mickey Mouse Ears

This limited edition hat is truly too cute. With each ear serving as its own gumball machine and a little slot sticking out on the front of the hat for a gumball to come out, it's no wonder this hat is a rare one as they were sure to be flying off the shelves.

Only 1000 hats were created and released on March 18, 2011. We have artist Caley Hicks to thank for this particular design. And -- you guessed it -- it's part of one of Vinylmation's "urban" collections.

3 Vinylmation "Viking" Mickey Mouse Ears

This hat is so much fun, and would seem like just a regular Viking hat at first glance! It's only the classic mouse ears peeking out behind the horns that lets us know this is Disney-related.

Somewhere between 800 and 1000 of these hats were made, and they were released on March 18, 2011. Designed by artist Doug Stryer, this wacky headpiece is kind of random -- but super cute! Unfortunately, there's little chance you'll be able to nab one of your own.

2 Alice In Wonderland Ears

To celebrate the release of the live-action film version of Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Disney created only 500 of these Alice in Wonderland themed hats. With a satin interior, an attached playing card, and a key charm (with accompanying keyhole, of course) these ear hats were temporarily sold at certain areas of Disney parks in 2010.

Complete with holographic ears showing scenes from the film, this hat sold out super fast and is considered a rarity for Mickey ear collectors.

1 Disneyland 55th Anniversary Ears

In 2010, Disneyland turned 55 years old. In honor of the park's history, a limited edition hat was sold that was modeled after the first Mickey Mouse ear hat sold in 1955 and featured on the Mickey Mouse Club.

With only 1,955 hats created, there is a special label woven inside of the hat that proves its authenticity. That way, collector's can't be victims of fraud! These were around $80.00 upon their initial release, so they must be considered priceless today!

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